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Fun 2011/06/03 23:30:34
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We didn't think it was possible but Rebecca Black has officially been upstaged -- or down-staged, rather. Tonje Langeteig is an aspiring singer from Norway and her new single really, really sucks.

Take a gander and decide for yourself whether she's worse than viral vixen Rebecca Black.

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  • meg 2011/06/04 08:22:25
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Rebecca Black's voice is so incredibly terrible it is really hard to forgive. Every time I hear the wretched song "Friday" I get a throbbing pain in my ear drums and a migraine. However the this song, I Don't Wanna be a Crappy Housewife, is at a whole new level. Let's just say it would be impossible to make a parody of this song, because it already is a parody without even meaning to be.

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  • elsewhere 2012/03/15 18:49:19
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    That has to be a joke.
  • eddie 2012/01/09 00:48:53
    it was made by the peole from lonely island as a joke, they play the rappers in it
  • eddie eddie 2012/01/09 00:49:53
  • zizza09 2011/10/08 09:04:17
    totally is!!! if it's u or ur friend i'm sorry....
  • Sheled Umlal 2011/08/07 01:32:08
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Sheled Umlal
    Don't wanna be a crappy housewife, eh? Break out of that circle young, girl!!
  • dani 2011/07/24 09:51:26
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
  • Stryder 2011/07/19 01:23:03
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Two wannabes trying to outsuck each other.
  • Sammy 2011/07/18 23:38:09
  • Mimi_LuVZ_YUh 2011/07/07 19:29:35
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    what...i dont want...:/
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/07/01 05:55:52
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    This twit has no clue about how things work. and her voice tells it all
  • Lexi 2011/06/26 04:58:59
    thay Both Suck
  • Uchiha8Madara 2011/06/25 16:51:48
    dear jashin-sama this is hurting my freaking ear drums....ohh the pain! she needs singing lessons dude! >.<
  • Wikidnezz ;D 2011/06/23 23:32:25
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Wikidnezz ;D
    Umm... Ok then?
    Hi to you too?
    Wow... That's a lot of people... Gah! I had more at a birthday party
    Nice beat but ummm... Chang your voice?
    Wait... What is she saying? I don't wanna be a crappy housewife? Oh right that's the song?
    What are you trying to be a whore with an ugly voice? 0.0
    You remind me of Vicky... She's 7! 0.0
    Rappers now? Wow even I could do better...
    Higher now? Gah! 0.0
    That's where my thoughts ended... Yes I do think a lot but Ugh... I never heard Rebecca Black but if she's worse then I'm just gonna have to go kill her :)
  • Inge 2011/06/22 15:15:36
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    My thoughts while watching the video:

    Way to make it look like there are a bunch of people waiting to see her.
    And who goes out on that time of day anyway?
    Ohmygosh how hard can lip-synching be?
    I hope they ment for those wannabe hip-hoppers to look like total douchebags.
    I would totally kill that guy in a rap battle.
    Oh she can go higher °_°
    Even though that was a very cheap clip, it was still a waste of money.
  • Florenc... Inge 2011/06/26 11:53:31
    Florence Doucet
    In Norway there is midnight sun in the summer, so she could be going to the club at say 11 pm and it would still be bright outside. lol
  • Inge Florenc... 2011/06/26 11:56:07
    Ö That's cool ! I'd rather have dark nights though x)
  • Florenc... Inge 2011/06/30 00:07:06
    Florence Doucet
    Yeah, the bright summer nights do make it hard to sleep....
  • synful90 2011/06/20 13:37:16
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    MY EARS!!! NO MORE!!!! ears funny bleeding ears
  • Kave-Man 2011/06/20 12:43:04
    It's dumb, pointless and bad sure, but remember, she is singing (or yelling I think is a better description) in English, which is not the local language in Norway (it's a Germanic language just so ya know) and I don't wana bash my head against the wall like I did with Friday so no comparison. If you think this is worse then Friday, go listen to Friday again. You will reconsider.
  • MontanaNich 2011/06/20 02:41:52
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    "I Don't Wanna Listen To This Crappy Ass Song!" Is what this song should be titled.
  • MikaylaLogan 2011/06/19 15:46:19
    ..... ok then that was a waist of 3:27! i think friday by rebecca black isnt that bad i dont get why every one is being so mean to rebecca black!!! now this song i dont even no y they made that !!!!!!
  • Strikhedonia 2011/06/19 14:11:51
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
  • JakeisHere 2011/06/19 05:41:53
    This song is amazing.
  • wewehello 2011/06/18 15:00:29
    Rebecca Black's voice isn't that bad it's just the song... But this is just .... no comment.
  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2011/06/18 04:29:17
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    I guess the T and A is supposed to make up for the horribleness...
  • TeamAlice99 2011/06/17 23:00:04
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    This crappyest thing i have heard in my life! Its tourcure!!!! :(
  • ʂıoвнaп ♡ 2011/06/17 19:18:39
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    ʂıoвнaп ♡
    This song is, i think, just as bad as Rebecca Black's POS song. This seems like a total joke of a song, but at least Tonje seems to have some type of dignity.
  • Florenc... ʂıoвнaп ♡ 2011/06/22 18:58:14
    Florence Doucet
    Lol, are you sure Tonje has some dignity? I think she sold it to record that song.
  • ʂıoвнaп ♡ Florenc... 2011/06/22 18:59:42
    ʂıoвнaп ♡
    Well, she probably has more dignity than Rebecca Black.
  • Vision of Verve 2011/06/12 18:59:50
  • Mindy 2011/06/07 13:03:08
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    oh dear... i really really hope she's done this as a joke. this is BAD, REALLY BAD! worse than 'friday'? i don't know, i wish i could erase the memory of both of them
  • Estick 2011/06/07 03:45:34
    I kinda like the beat and melody. Sure the vocals are lacking, but it's kinda meant to be a joke. I like that the track is giving a nod to the eurodance tracks of the 90's...

  • American Nate 2011/06/07 02:54:55
    American Nate
    It's really really bad, the song doesn't make sence at all and she sucks at singing even with auto tune, lol she still is no where as bad as Friday with Rebecca Black, I mean Friday is famous because its so bad. This song is just stupid trying to copy her song with a rapper at the end, she just wants to be the next bad singer, shake my head, stupid Rebecca Black starting a trend
  • MissDiva 2011/06/06 23:00:09
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    This song is definately one of the worst I've EVER heard. It's still hard to say this is worse than Rebecca Black, because Becca Black is REALLY suckish, and this is tragic, so... I'm not sure!
  • basketcase<3 2011/06/06 21:31:16
    Rebecca Black seems so..naiive. This lady is an adult, she should just know better. I feel bad for the woman.
  • Splinter76 2011/06/06 21:16:31
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Jesus, Mary and Joseph... what in world is this crap???? "Friday" is drivel and is crap, but this is just annoying on a whole new level.
  • Dannie 2011/06/06 20:43:34
    It's like, with this song, I understand it. I get a meaning and a feeling from it. I don't like this, i find he auto-tuned voice annoying and scarce of emotion, but the beat and the electronica vibe are actually fairly likable to me. With Friday, I listened to it one time and was like "... What did I just waste four minutes of my life watching? What was this song even really about? Oh my God, those girls have braces, wait, how old are they?". If you want to write a song you need an emotion or an idea, which Friday had none of.
  • MagickMuffinWaffle 2011/06/06 20:16:23
  • Manda 2011/06/06 20:06:36
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    R-Black's song is more relatable i suppose.....this is weird. if i really had to choose between the two, i would pick Friday....
    There are parody vids on Youtube that are SOO much better than this!
  • Sarah :3 2011/06/06 19:46:17
    Oh my god, what am I listening to?!
    Sarah :3
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