Was their really another women besides eve during the adam and eve ( beginning of time )?

Falcon123 2007/09/22 22:29:43
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  • rhee 2009/03/18 12:20:14 (edited)
    Dont know never gave it any thought .. but if there was maybe she caused all the trouble God BLESS
  • ThatGirl 2007/09/25 08:15:25
    You mean were there 3 intead of 2? No. Read the book of Genesis, or the whole bible for that matter. Every Christian should at least once in their adult life when they are fully capable of understanding it.
  • Falcon123 ThatGirl 2007/09/25 20:39:13 (edited)
    which bible, the one they took 1/2 of the books out called the king james version. And when the guy had a deadline and mispelled alot of words? In order to fully understand the bible you would need 7 major uncut versions to better understand the whole and true meaning of what is and what was. I dont like to read something someone has cut to make me believe what his vision is. Kinda like me telling my friend to tell his mom to tell her sister to tell her cousin to tell her friend something. It would defienately be all turned around. and the bible has been around for many many years. I would need facts and not translated in his version for me to read. Just my opinion. But i truely belive in god, just have hard time with bible.
  • ThatGirl Falcon123 2007/09/25 20:42:59
    Well, in that case, read as many versions of the bible you can get your hands on. That may help you have a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus and the word of God. You can also get involved with a bible study group to be able to discuss things with others. :o)
  • Falcon123 ThatGirl 2007/12/27 23:06:47
    did you know when the roman catholic church came about, the church decided to bring in alot of the beliefs of peganism in order to convert alot of the people. Or did you know that the romans built the roman catholic church for tax purposes and when they found that it was making money for them the romans built more. Making more profit and thats mainly how the catholic church became so big. I wish more catholics and cristians would know historical or any base on how their religion came about. But from most that i have ran into, plainly dont know any answers, just that they were brought up this way.
  • ThatGirl Falcon123 2007/12/27 23:28:32
    Yes, I know about the Pagan, Greek, and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, and how they fit into Christianity. I also know the New Testament was mostly fabricated to bring pagans over to Christianity, and to bring some sort of peace and prosperity to Rome. And it was Constantine that brought the greatest amount of respect and love for Jesus Christ, and ultimately secured Christianity as the main religion of Rome. I also know that a lot of the symbolism we as Christians recognize are derived from Paganism, the greatest being the Halo and/or nimbus, which in Pagan culture symbolized power and divinity, but in Christian culture symbolizes Christ.

    Even knowing all of this, I have unending faith and love for my God and his son, Jesus. Nothing will ever change that.
  • rhee ThatGirl 2009/03/18 12:23:12
  • Backlashjack 2007/09/23 03:20:35
    Come on now?
  • Falcon123 Backlas... 2007/12/27 23:09:39
    lilleth was the other women's name before eve. She left adam because she didnt want sex and went against god's word. she is known for the mother of demons.
  • Backlas... Falcon123 2007/12/27 23:55:32
    Yah I smoked some of that good shit once too!
  • chris Falcon123 2008/03/10 11:01:08 (edited)
    are you sure her name isn't Sarah, because I think the woman your speaking of is sleeping in my bed. just kidding. But I did enjoy reading you comments.
  • chilton~T~ 2007/09/23 03:16:25
    I've heard Lillith, but it isn't scriptural.
  • whatever 2007/09/23 01:40:51
    just another woman??

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