Was Nadia Suleman(octo mom) selfish for having so many kids when she can't take care of them?

marieblossom24 2009/02/13 23:21:31
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she lives on welfare,foodstamps and lives with her parents.
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  • Derek 2009/02/14 00:55:56
    only four words can describe this: money, money, yeah, yeah
  • Dizz 2009/02/13 23:46:07
    So not only do our tax dollars go to buy a corporate jet, but we get to help pay for kids that we can't see? wow, society at its finest
  • Lou 2009/02/13 23:39:26
    A glutton for punishment or attention also, I don't know which. She is very sure that all the attention is going to get her gifts galore, government aid, probably a new house with enough rooms to lay all their little heads in style, and food stamps enough to feed them. Would not like to be their garbage man, having to pick up all those dirty diapers once or twice a week. It is what you call a stinking shame for a woman, with no husband, living with her parents, no job, or any other visible means of support to go bring another bunch of children into this world for the taxpayers to support.
  • sglmom 2009/02/13 23:30:47
    Mentally Ill, Selfish to the extreme, very SAVVY About the rules/regulations for Public Aid (Workman's comp, Food Stamps, Aid to Children, Educational Assistance/Financial Aid for those not working, etc) ...

    Combination of many factors. But she sure was VERY SAVVY About the Public Aid Benefits and KNEW Enough to apply (and how to apply) to get them for sure!
  • sully 2009/02/13 23:30:18
  • The Sane One 2009/02/13 23:29:08
    The Sane One

    She could not support the children that she already had; there was absolutely NO reason for her to try to become pregnant with any more children.

    If she receives a DIME of public money, her children should be taken from her and placed into foster homes; she should be surgically sterilized and be permanently banned from ANY sort of public assistance programs.

    She is the poster child for abusing the system set up to protect those in genuine NEED of public assistance.
  • Elaine~!*♥suicidalprep♥*!~ 2009/02/13 23:28:49
    selfish. stupid. those kids arent gonna have the priveledges others do and thats not fair. where is she even gonna put the kids to sleep. its rediculous.

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