Was asked today to join a Boycott group this makes no sense I see nothing to boycott here.

Woman of many faces~ijm 2010/01/20 05:02:59
would someone enlighten me please? enlighten
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  • Fef 2010/01/20 09:21:41
    I find it suspicious that someone planned a boycott on the same day that they planned to launch an attempt at a competitive site to SodaHead.

    I've seen this playout many times before. A few whiners say they want to start a new site because they can't play by the rules everyone else agrees to abide by.

    They start a site, it has a flurry of activity (maybe 15-50 people) for a few days, then it slowly dies off because they start abusing each other and get bored of the lack of quality content they generate. Then they beg to come back to SH after spending their time defaming this site (and risking civil lawsuits).

    They think people will miss them, but after a few days, people enjoy their absence. A few 'loyalists' will mention their names in passing or put their "comrades" names in their nickname for a show of solidarity. But they feel silly after a few days and change it to something more meaningful.

    SodaHead continues to grow and new people fill in the gaps....

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  • lostsoul 2010/01/27 23:01:32
    Boycott?? Either visit SH....or don't.....there are plenty of people here.....I don't think a few will be missed.....especially if they are lefties!
  • ♥ Angelic Laughter ♥ 2010/01/26 13:40:26
    ♥ Angelic Laughter ♥
    Why did someone downrave you????
  • Woman o... ♥ Angel... 2010/01/27 23:43:31
    Woman of many faces~ijm
    I think it was a accident ... accident
    or could mean they like me! ....Lol
  • ♥ Angel... Woman o... 2010/01/28 01:50:42
  • chilton~T~ 2010/01/25 04:32:49 (edited)
    Sorry, no clue.
    I wonder how many have already tiptoed back in under aliases to see what kind of reaction they got?
    And why did this question merit a DR? That's just silly.
  • Woman o... chilton~T~ 2010/01/25 10:18:07
    Woman of many faces~ijm
    Don't know... I guess they don't like me .
  • chilton~T~ Woman o... 2010/01/25 16:12:43
    Maybe that's a good thing....lol?
  • Woman o... chilton~T~ 2010/01/25 22:34:57
    Woman of many faces~ijm
    I love your avatar!
  • Ken 2010/01/23 17:39:14
    SH is awesome, it's Super Awesome now that these idiots are boycotting.
  • cat 2010/01/23 04:26:16
    Boycott what? Who? I was ask to boycott the view.
  • Semper Fi 2010/01/22 18:44:45
    Semper Fi
    I was asked to talk to some of my friends, who these very same people had blocked, about joining the boycott.

    talk friends people blocked joining boycott
  • Gr8hope 2010/01/22 18:32:50
    Why would you boycott SodaHead? If you disagree with something here, you have a forum to dispute it. You are a coward or do not have facts to back up your disagreement if you cannot discuss it within the guidelines.

    Now, as for Walmart, I hate Walmart. But I shop there all the time because the prices are so much better. Boycotting Walmart would hurt me much more than it would Walmart. They have plenty of customers.
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2010/01/22 18:16:54
    I wasn't even asked!

    I wear de-orderant.
  • Woman o... K-ZOOMI... 2010/01/23 00:43:41
  • very Conservative "me" 2010/01/22 17:37:58 (edited)
    very Conservative "me"
    You can absolutely believe they are up to something. Funny though, as with Fox news, the people chose it because they know truth when they hear it. Same with this site. If it had been full of lies, I wouldn't be here. And lies are the only thing you'll get from a progressive because even they know their truth is too disgusting to be swallowed by anybody.
  • TexanInHawaii 2010/01/22 16:54:56
    Oh, they'll be back in some form or another...they can't resist this place!!! LMAO!!!!
  • Woman o... TexanIn... 2010/01/23 00:44:49
    Woman of many faces~ijm
    Lol...but you are right
  • jscusmc69 2010/01/22 15:22:17
    I thought it was funny that the WHINERS really thought they were going to accomplish something WITHOUT any type of majority. BUT thats the way those who think there CRAP doesn't stink think and WE have plenty of those here on Soda Head--no different than any of the other quasi- political blogs and MSNBC/Newsvine is the worst!
  • Racefish 2010/01/22 13:38:05
    Boycott what?
  • KevHead 2010/01/22 09:14:41
    no kidding ...
  • Angel Among Us ♥†♥ American Patriot
    I wasn't asked but these days I come and go as I please, boycotters or not.
  • shadow 2010/01/22 05:22:38
    I am always amazed at the arrogance of the whiners. They think that just because they bless us with their presence that they are meaningful to the world.

    Just a suggestion - If you do not like the SH site - leave! I make the same suggestion to those who would "change" America, Americans and The Constitution.


    As for children on SH or any other site seeing or reading things that they should not... I suggest you be a better parent and go out and play ball with your kids and keep them out of places that are for adult conversations or restrict their usage by engaging yourself as a parent.
  • Mike56 2010/01/22 03:01:28
    Why nobody asked me to boycott? :)
  • rightside 2010/01/22 02:29:08
    Just SH in general?
  • MAMMY51... rightside 2010/01/22 06:49:38
    They are boycotting, what they perceive, as unfair treatment of them, when it comes to the TOS.

    They expect people, to take their boycott, serious. It a VERY serious matter to THEM. Yet they chose this poster to symbolize their solidarity. Half of them, have dropped out of the boycott.
    tos expect people boycott chose poster symbolize solidarity dropped boycott
  • rightside MAMMY51... 2010/01/22 17:49:15
    Too bad nobody is listening.
  • MAMMY51... rightside 2010/01/22 18:09:32
  • Sister ... MAMMY51... 2010/01/22 18:17:52
    Sister Jean
    and to celebrate Opening of their own site!!!
  • MAMMY51... Sister ... 2010/01/22 18:25:46
    LOL, If they only understood, the WORK, a sight like this takes, they would NEVER, complain.
  • Sister ... MAMMY51... 2010/01/22 18:27:04
    Sister Jean
    they will know when there new one fails
  • MAMMY51... Sister ... 2010/01/22 18:35:58
    I would be willing to say, it's already failing, more and more of them, are showing back up on this sight everyday.
  • Charge 2010/01/22 02:15:22
    What are they boycotting? Do they know? LOLz
  • Woman o... Charge 2010/01/22 02:19:12
    Woman of many faces~ijm
    Lol.. not sure
  • Charge Woman o... 2010/01/22 02:29:56
    Ya, if you go to some of these LWNJ profiles they all have the same avatar... what a bunch of sheep.... lol
  • Woman o... Charge 2010/01/22 03:09:53
    Woman of many faces~ijm
    it is silly ..
  • Common Sense 2010/01/22 01:59:22
    Common Sense
    I also received this invite, and didn't know what to make of it. I guess I just don't share the same sentiment.

    Sure there are some dispicable haters on this site who defend their views (both liberal and conservative) with deep-seeded anger and malice. But at the end of the day their opinions are just that. OPINIONS. I'm not losing sleep over any of it, it's my choice to participate. If I don't like it, I'll leave.
  • Sassy22 Common ... 2010/01/22 15:54:46
    Very well said!! Perfect name for you "Common Sense" That is what we all need to remember to use when shit gets stirred up around here, or anywhere else in life. A lot of the hateful Libs don't have much of it though. They seem to love slinging mud and hate when facts and common sense are used.
  • DixieGirl 2010/01/22 01:21:06
    Boycott what? people's opinions?
  • Wanda5245 - Citizen Activis... 2010/01/22 01:08:51
    Wanda5245 - Citizen Activist Who Wants Spunkysmum Back On SH
    Evidently not all of the haters are boycotting SodaHead; I see that your question has a DR from one of them.
  • Woman o... Wanda52... 2010/01/22 01:14:00
    Woman of many faces~ijm
    That's okay ... it didn't even hurt ...Lol
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