Wal-Mart Greeter!

Will on the road again 2011/06/27 14:50:05

Charley, a new retiree-greeter at Wal-Mart, just couldn't seem to get to work on time.

Every day he was 5, 10, 15 minutes late. But he was a good worker, really tidy, clean-shaven, sharp-minded and a real credit to the company and obviously demonstrating their "Older Person Friendly" policies.

One day the boss called him into the office for a talk.

"Charley, I have to tell you, I like your work ethic, you do a bang-up job when you finally get here; but your being late so often is quite bothersome."

"Yes, I know boss, and I am working on it."

"Well good, you are a team player. That's what I like to hear.”

“Yes sir, I understand your concern and I’ll try harder.”

Seeming puzzled, the manager went on to comment, “It's odd though your coming in late. I know you're retired from the Armed Forces. What did they say to you there if you showed up in the morning so late and so often?"

The old man looked down at the floor, then smiled.

He chuckled quietly, then said with a grin, "They usually saluted and said, ‘Good morning, Admiral, can I get your coffee, sir?’”

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  • La 2011/10/14 07:38:30
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2011/08/21 03:29:39
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    That is great.
  • bye friends im leaving SH 2011/07/02 09:47:55
  • BryanRozells 2011/06/30 15:48:05
  • GreyHeart 2011/06/28 12:30:14
  • Tucker 2011/06/28 12:00:10
  • Tamara McMillan 2011/06/28 05:38:07
    Tamara McMillan
    That would be the right answer I imagine for that situation! From an Admiral to a door greeter is a step down I'd say. . . he must have been bored with retirement.
  • MO.gal 2011/06/28 04:46:58
  • Selketskiss 2011/06/28 03:33:58
    If this is true I think it is sad state of affairs...but still cute...
  • GeorgiaGirl 2011/06/28 01:24:32
    I love it! ROFL
  • Greywolf 2011/06/28 01:10:47
    so true , the difference between officers and enlisted. lol good one..sad that a retired Admiral would need to work at a Wal Mart.
  • Linnster 2011/06/27 22:49:15
    Yes, sir!
  • _softballchick13_ 2011/06/27 22:04:42
    Loved it!
  • Fisher 2011/06/27 21:51:03
    great one...love it.....thanks
  • White Orchid 2011/06/27 21:39:50
    White Orchid
  • D.C.Willis 2011/06/27 21:30:16
    LOL, that is good!
  • AnaMancini 2011/06/27 21:17:35
    Hahahha.. thats a good one.

  • mrscas 2011/06/27 20:59:33
    Thanks for the smile Kimmel....... :)
  • Stacie 2011/06/27 20:55:16
  • Keen Tojones 2011/06/27 20:38:36
  • Jareth Majere 2011/06/27 20:29:54
  • FYI 2011/06/27 20:13:48
    It's good to be the king, or admiral.
  • Patriot 2011/06/27 19:59:06
    Ha Ha Ha that's awesome!
  • bboppitybop 2011/06/27 19:33:19
    Hahahaaaaa LOVE it!!!!
  • Hawk.Ice 2011/06/27 19:25:26
    ha ha lol
  • MAMMY51♥POTL~PWCM~JLA♥ 2011/06/27 18:52:27
    LOL Rank has it's privileges.
  • debadow 2011/06/27 18:32:11
    Never get tired of that story!
  • Modest but real. Yah heard me? 2011/06/27 18:22:48
    Modest but real. Yah heard me?
    And that becomes the prime example of indiscretion towards detail, let Obama be late bringing the troops back and you want his nuts in a device for cracking; not that its not apparent now..... My point is be punctual no matter what your title is funeral diirectores must be punctual and there clients aren't in a hurry at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cracking apparent punctual title funeral diirectores punctual clients hurry deceased
  • Will on... Modest ... 2011/06/27 18:28:17
    Will on the road again
    You did notice that this was in the fun/humor section right?
  • Modest ... Will on... 2011/06/27 18:35:56
    Modest but real. Yah heard me?
    I'm not him when it comes to a bunch of lolli gagging and hee hawing ...............im more strictler on issues like that, just wasnt funny to me but didnt mean to piss in your fruit bowl.. grrrrrrrrrr bah hum bug!
  • Will on... Modest ... 2011/06/27 18:41:17
    Will on the road again
    I can live with that.
  • Modest ... Will on... 2011/06/27 18:57:51
    Modest but real. Yah heard me?
    I apprecaite your acceptance without the vitriol so from this point forward my respect is given to you; no matter if we disagree or not but your authenticity has been noted!
  • White O... Modest ... 2011/06/27 21:41:47
    White Orchid
    I have MORE Respect For This Admiral Than Obladder ANY - DAY - OF - THE - WEEK ...LOL
  • Modest ... White O... 2011/06/28 00:27:39
    Modest but real. Yah heard me?
    The fact remains he's an admiral and Obladder is pissing you off because unrefutably he's the commander and chief of the free world so stay with The admiral and ill mash with Obie for a couple more, at least....... have your way but 100 years from now history will still be black in the white house....... thats the real beef so stop sugar coating your conceits..... If it was Bush White Orchids wouldnt have a problem but he's the reason were in this state of calamity as is, when it was Clinton whites were mad but he tripped his self up and then when it looked like the undertow was going to stay on top yaw f*****ed the election up.. you want more Bush played with Bin Ladens money and got folk killled but black boy running straightenmed that out so whose the real villian here, huh!
  • White O... Modest ... 2011/06/28 07:05:03
    White Orchid
    Cut the crap with the race thing already its sooo old now And Don't Acuse Me Of That Ugly , You Don't Know me And IF I were trust me i'd let YOU KNOW IT , I'm Not Afraid To Speak my mind make No Mitsake , YOU Seem To Be The One Talking Color Here And Comparisons ... So Shut Up Now And Learn to stick to the subject at hand get over yourself bud ... your a waste of my time ... POOF ! BE GONE ! LOL !
  • Modest ... Modest ... 2011/06/28 12:39:06
    Modest but real. Yah heard me?
    And Orchid dont be a bitch now and flag me because you dont want to hear the truth thats the punk bytch way out but thats a proper descriptive for you, and who gives to rats nah i aint even stooping to your belligerent methodology, !!!!
  • Old Nellie Bones 2011/06/27 18:07:11
  • NekoChan 2011/06/27 18:05:45
  • Xerxes 2011/06/27 17:37:41
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2011/06/27 17:31:52
    That was Brilliant. HAHAHA!

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