NicoleBabi 2012/03/31 01:15:27
Wow I can't wait to see Undertaker kick Triple H's ASS once again... I'm going to miss him after this because knowing how he really this match against Triple H he wants to retire....

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  • Jerry 2012/04/01 19:33:17
    Don't be surprised to see, Undertaker bald, before He faces Triple H today at Wrestlemania XXVIII, I've subcribed to the event today, and I am keeping it for myself today as well, enjoy the whole 6 hours, the 2 hours preview with matches, and the 4 hour Main Event! ............ after today, Undertaker, still undefeated, but, Heartbreak Kid, better not interfere......... " stay clear of the Super Kick " ....... Undertaker, maybe He will get a Hell's Gate from the Undertaker........ ;-)
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/04/02 03:12:10
    haha i was lol but im super dupe that he won
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/04/17 05:19:54
    Hi Nicole, i have been away from SodaHead, because of extensive computer problems that are now, finally resolved, i do see that you commented on my same day Wrestlemania posting, my prediction in advance was correct, and, i have a permanent video of the whole event, it was the greatest Wrestlemania of all, i'm sure, you're in total agreement, the streak, continues......... 20 wins, of course, 0 defeats.... Undertaker  still Wrestlemania Champion  20 and 0 Wrestlemania 28
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/04/17 17:01:56
    yeah i can but you could tell triple h wanted undertaker to finish him
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/04/20 05:36:22
    Yes, now that Wrestlemania 28, is history, I do hope Undertaker, enjoys his life married to Michele, they both love riding their custom chopper cycles throughout the countryside, " I wonder, what his ex wife Sara, is doing now " , You knowing everything Nicole, do You know the answer to this? I'll catch up with You soon, online, " enjoy SodaHead, with Your Friends " ............ " Jerry " Undertaker and his wife Michele
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/04/20 06:01:39
    to tell u the truth i dont lol
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/04/29 04:36:55
    " I would really want Our Undertaker to regularly show up at all of the pay per views, but also, Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smack Down, and, i believe, Tuesday, Super Stars " ......... now that John L. has messed up everything with " People Power "......... NOT..... give me your input on this Nicole........
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/04/30 03:42:08
    MAN i hate Larynitius i wish Teddy was still in charge and ya it would be great to see him at the pay per views and Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/04/30 22:40:44
    I can't believe, that John Cena beat Brock Lesnar, I didn't subscribe to the pay per view, but i did get the results, Brock did cause some serious shoulder damage, and facially lacerated John, on Sunday night, I do hope to have the Undertaker back to straighten up all the WWE wrestlers, at the top of the list, his half brother, Kane. Oh by the way, did You know, that Kane used to be a wrestling dentist, formerly named Isacc Yankem? I know the Undertaker's real name, do You know the real name of Kane? Please get back to me on this question, above all, enjoy All the WWE Wrestling! jstroupcircclerkwaterv@gmail....
    " Jerry " yankem undertakers real real kane enjoy wwe wrestling jstroupcircclerkwatervgmail jerry
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/05/01 01:43:18
    Ya he did.. so do i Jerry he really needs to come back there need to be fear back into the wrestlers n keep his brother in check...no i didnt know he was a dentist that is a scary thought lol... ya its Mark Calloway and Jacob Glint...
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/05/04 05:06:56
    Jacob Glint......... wow, I knew about Mark Calloway, but Kane's true name I did not know......... thanks, Nicole. By the way, if You want to e-mail back and forth on WWE or past WWF wrestling, also, other Federation wrestling, like Impact on Thursday night here, I'm leaving my g-mail address, take care, Nicole! .... jstroupcircclerkwaterv@gmail.com
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/05/05 01:37:52
    Thats kool Jerry but i dont watch Impact i just watch Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smack Down
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/05/05 22:58:44 (edited)
    I gotcha, well, enjoy the Wrestling, " we got to get rid of that John Laurenitus, maybe the Undertaker will come back, and pile drive him "..........we can hope anyway! Undertaker s Pile Driver
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/05/06 05:15:20
    haha ya hopefully, and i dont think we saw the last of Larynitus but i do think we did see the last of Brock
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/05/06 05:23:03 (edited)
    You're right about Brock, " He had a good chance of being part of WWE, but He blew that, with His decision and physical cheap shot to Hunter Hurst Helmsley's back.......think about it, Nicole, somewhere down the line He could have been matched up against Our Undertaker......ohhhhh well......... The Undertaker now  after  Wrestlemania 28
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/05/06 18:12:31
    haha ya but i think undertakers done...i mean i dont want him to be but hes already old and has been getting slower in the ring.
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/05/06 22:58:47
    I hope You're wrong, He's My All Time Favorite Wrestler!
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/05/07 01:51:24
    so do i
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/05/07 02:05:22 (edited)
    Just wondering what He is doing today, " let's see ".......
    ........... I can't find any recent photos of Him, since Wrestlemania 28.......... I'll keep trying, I have not looked outside of Soda Head........
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/05/07 17:58:32
    that i dont know he might be relaxin and recuperating from Wrestlemania 28
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/05/07 21:41:53
    and...........He and Michele, are definitely counting his money, from that great pay per view.......
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/05/08 12:37:22
    haha probably lol... i do hope he comes back but only time will tell
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/05/09 05:49:33
    yeah, I am hating how John Laurenitus is trashing Monday Night Raw, and Smackdown, Triple H, needs to return, Fire this fool, and give the shows to Teddy Long, He is a much better Manager of Both shows........ WWE Teddy Long
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/05/09 16:32:26
    yeah he is and i hate how he is treating Teddy its so disgreating
  • Jerry NicoleBabi 2012/05/09 16:34:16
    Yep..........Nicole, " Have a Great Day " !
  • NicoleBabi Jerry 2012/05/11 01:50:20
  • Bob DiN 2012/03/31 02:54:56
    Bob DiN
  • Duke----The Non Racist, Fun... 2012/03/31 02:28:16
  • NicoleBabi Duke---... 2012/04/01 00:48:58
    Niiice lol

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