Tough and Buff: Attractive or Unattractive?

Haley Smith 2011/09/09 04:23:34
Doesn't matter.
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  • beck 2011/10/31 01:08:42
    eye candy, anyone?
  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2011/09/09 15:20:59
    Doesn't matter.
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    Big muscles are nice to look at, but I prefer more boyish guys, possibly lightly toned and slim. <3
  • Haley S... Anonymo... 2011/09/10 21:11:15
    Haley Smith
    Agreed! I find that attractive as well!
  • Anonymo... Haley S... 2011/09/10 23:04:17
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    Probably because we're young :)
  • The heartless 2011/09/09 13:30:53
    The heartless
    Sorry tough and buff does nothing for me.
    tough buff ville valo sexy magazine shoot 2011
    However he does....yummy..
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/09/09 10:02:52
    Lady Whitewolf
    That guy up there looks YUM!
  • Haley S... Lady Wh... 2011/09/10 21:11:36
    Haley Smith
    He sure does!
  • kristinalinswin 2011/09/09 05:14:09
    First of all, I want to state that muscles, while eye catching, are not fun to cuddle up to at night. Secondly, I prefer my man to have a little belly. Something for me to hold on to. Eye candy is just that. Eye candy. Won't keep you warm at night. Isn't that a song? lol.
  • Crime Time 2011/09/09 04:56:20
  • ¬©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2011/09/09 04:46:26
  • Evil Temptress 2011/09/09 04:27:31
    Doesn't matter.
    Evil Temptress
    Sometimes I find a man attractive after getting to know him then start to find different aspects of him sexy. There are physical traits that draw my attention, I generally like muscles but not steroided over muscled muscles. Mostly offensive football player type or basketball bods. But a beautiful bod attached to someone ignorant or a total ass, ugly.
  • Haley S... Evil Te... 2011/09/09 04:51:04
    Haley Smith
    I am the exact same way! Glad to know I'm not the only one! :)

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