Top Ten: Single Action Revolvers

Butch Cassidy 2011/01/14 10:35:48

SLIDESHOW: Top Ten: Single Action Revolvers

Ruger Super Blackhawk
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Ruger Super Blackhawk

  1. Ruger Super Blackhawk

    Ruger Super Blackhawk

  2. Colt Single Action Army

    Colt Single Action Army

  3. Freedom Arms Model 83

    Freedom Arms Model 83

  4. Beretta Stampede

    Beretta Stampede

  5. Uberti Cattleman

    Uberti Cattleman

  6. Magnum Research BFR

    Magnum Research BFR

  7. Cimarron Lightning

    Cimarron Lightning



  9. Taylor's and Company Cattleman

    Taylor's and Company Cattleman

  10. Taurus Gaucho

    Taurus Gaucho

Top Ten: Single Action Revolvers
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  • Scott 2011/01/30 16:56:04
    I am fond of Rugers myself although Colts are my favorite just because they are the original from which the rest are based on . The Ruger has been made in so many variations over the years ( I have owned many ) , you wait to see what will come next every year and it is always something cool . The others listed are cool also , the finish on the Beretta is super , The Freedom Arms is awsome , etc.
  • The Govenor 2011/01/17 04:31:20
  • Puddinhead 2011/01/15 13:20:24 (edited)
    I had a Ruger super blackhawk 357,gave it to my nephew and he loves it. He said I was his favorite uncle,too. he he he
  • snkypete 2011/01/15 05:30:06 (edited)
    Have a Uberti copy of cap & ball 1861 .44 cal. Army Colt , lots of smoke , lots of noise , real mess to clean up (black powder) , but lotsa of fun! One good thing, you can load it up without the ball and unless some moron sticks their face directly in the muzzle, it is safe to use as a noise maker on 4th of July or New Years.
    Suprised no mention of Smith & Wesson's "Scofield" , a real classic. I noticed most of what you have pictured are copies of Great American hand guns. Nothing original . To each there own.
  • oldsoldier 2011/01/14 16:49:07
    longest  barrel revolver i have no idea who makes that!
  • snkypete oldsoldier 2011/01/15 05:31:27
    Might be Smith & Wesson
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2011/01/14 12:24:33
    I've owned a Blackhawk Convertable for years. I've reloaded some pretty stout loads for it and it still shoots like a dream. It's really nice to be able to shoot both .45ACP and .45 Colt, but if you expect accuracy from my gun, you've got to size all the rounds same as the groove diameter, which is .450" . Cylinder chamber throats are .451"on both of its cylinders. A bullet anything larger will get shaved, splatter lead and long range accuracy fails. My only wish is that it was chambered for .454 Casull, then I could shoot three rounds downrange instead of just two.

    Next single action I'd like to have would be a Blackhawk convertable in .357 mag and 9mm. That'd be another three round pistol. It probably has groove diameter issues also.
    convertable 357 mag 9mm thatd pistol groove diameter issues
  • John "By God" American 2011/01/14 11:16:41
    John "By God" American
    I have a Ruger, but I like Colt's, too.
  • Butch Cassidy 2011/01/14 10:36:59
    Butch Cassidy
    I am partial to the Rugers.

    partial rugers Ruger vaquero

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