Top Ten Epic Fail Moments LOL

Lana 2010/10/12 19:57:24
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SLIDESHOW: Top Ten Epic Fail Moments

  1. Speedo Fail

    Speedo Fail

    This looks like it would hurt...

  2. Cyclist Fail

    Cyclist Fail

    Great timing, random cyclist.

  3. Food Packaging Fail

    Food Packaging Fail

    There's a frog in my salad. Awesome.

  4. Direction Fail

    Direction Fail

    No, no. Your *other* right.

  5. Hard Hat Fail

    Hard Hat Fail

    Is it just me or does this defeat the purpose?

  6. Kittie Fail

    Kittie Fail

    This cat's just having a bad day...

  7. British Fail

    British Fail

    You're supposed to *act* immobile. Not actually be immobile!

  8. Beverage Fail

    Beverage Fail

    The guy who's pouring the drink isn't supposed to have his eyes closed, too... one of my favorite funny pictures

  9. Sign Fails make for funny pictures

    Sign Fails make for funny pictures

    "Going to Super Hoes, Mom! Want anything?"

  10. Driving Fail

    Driving Fail

    Looks like this car is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Top Ten Epic Fail Moments LOL
These are just my person favorite "epic fail" moments. They're in no particular order but they're all hilarious. Funny pictures are the bestest. LMAO ... Enjoy!

funny pictures
funny pictures
funny pictures
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