Top Ten: Best shotguns for waterfowl hunting

Butch Cassidy 2011/01/15 03:49:23

SLIDESHOW: Top Ten: Over-under hunting shotguns

Browning Citori
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Browning Citori

  1. Browning Citori

    Browning Citori

  2. Mossberg Silver Reserve

    Mossberg Silver Reserve

  3. CZ Mallard

    CZ Mallard

  4. Ruger Red Label

    Ruger Red Label

  5. Remington Premier

    Remington Premier

  6. Beretta Gold

    Beretta Gold

  7. Fabrique Nationale FN

    Fabrique Nationale FN

  8. Mossberg Silver Reserve

    Mossberg Silver Reserve

  9. Stoeger Condor Supreme

    Stoeger Condor Supreme

  10. WInchester Deluxe Field

    WInchester Deluxe Field

Top Ten: Best shotguns for waterfowl hunting

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  • mana kai 2011/01/15 22:46:34
    mana kai
    I never specifically hunted waterfowl, but thought a Remington 10 ga pump or auto was the best: bigger and more loads for farther shots, and a chance at getting more than 2 ducks.
  • Doc. J 2011/01/15 18:14:17
    Doc. J
    I don't hunt any more, just can't bring myself to kill anything that dosn't need to be killed.
    (It's kinda a personal thing.)

    However, if I was to ever take up waterfouling again, I'd save up my pennies and see If I couldn't get my hands on even a used PURDEY shotgun O/U. kinda personal waterfouling save pennies hands purdey shotgun ou Purdey over under shotgun
  • santa6642 2011/01/15 15:53:46
    I use an 870 and a 1100 both work for me..I would also like to join your Gun club, always interested in fellow shooters.
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2011/01/15 14:54:19
    I gave up duck hunting years ago. Tired of getting stuck building the blind and freezing my ass off. It was fun while it lasted, but now I'm old and grumpy. I always wanted an 11-87 or an 1100, but old pump guns worked well for me.

    Need to take some pics, my 12 was made in '41 and the 10 is 20 years older. guns worked pics 12 41 10 20 years older

    guns worked pics 12 41 10 20 years older
  • BlackREBEL$OULJA 2011/01/15 04:02:22
    i have a gun group if you like to join ...i will send you a friend request and invite if interested.
  • Butch C... BlackRE... 2011/01/15 04:16:46
  • BlackRE... Butch C... 2011/01/15 04:29:53
    your in sent invite great group and great people.
  • Butch C... BlackRE... 2011/01/15 05:17:34
    Butch Cassidy
    hat tip to ya
  • Butch Cassidy 2011/01/15 03:52:28
    Butch Cassidy
    I am a Browning man.

    browning Browning over under
  • lonewolf 2011/01/15 03:52:23
    sorry don't water fowl hunt

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