Top Ten: .380 Pistols

Butch Cassidy 2011/01/13 08:53:30

SLIDESHOW: Top Ten: .380 Pistols

Kahr P380
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Kahr P380

  1. Kahr P380

    Kahr P380

  2. Kel Tec P3AT

    Kel Tec P3AT

  3. Ruger LCP

    Ruger LCP

  4. Diamond Back DB380

    Diamond Back DB380

  5. Taurus TCP

    Taurus TCP

  6. Magnum Research Micro Eagle

    Magnum Research Micro Eagle

  7. Sig P238

    Sig P238

  8. NAA Guardian

    NAA Guardian

  9. Smith and Wesson Bodyguard

    Smith and Wesson Bodyguard

  10. Cobra Patriot

    Cobra Patriot

Top Ten: .380 Pistols
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  • Supergun 2014/04/05 23:05:01
    The Sig P238 is probably the best of the best. The Bersa Thunder Plus (holds 15) is another jewel.
  • Supergun 2014/04/05 23:01:59
    I purchased the Sig. 380 P238. This is one of my favorite pistols.
  • Rick 2013/08/08 20:54:21
    I carry the Bodyguard 380. Nice little gun for everyday carry. The laser is useless (too hard to activate) but the sights are OK. With the right ammo (critical defense) it'll stop what needs to be stopped and it's light enough to stash in an IWB holster and forget about it. These should NOT be pocket guns, unless you think sitting opposite someone with the barrel pointed at them is a good idea. Get a holster.
  • vellaellers 2013/07/21 23:10:18
    My new 380 has a cylinder, not fully automatic but I love it!
  • bilito 2013/03/13 11:09:29
    i have 9mm= 360$,
    40glock=470$ and 380.=800$
    there are the individual prices but getting the 3 we have to deduct some $ and leave them for 1500$
    here is my mobile=(682) 628-6628
  • David Hoff bilito 2013/03/23 21:11:27
    David Hoff
    hey, are you still selling?
  • me ce bilito 2013/06/15 23:47:18
    me ce
  • Norman Jackson 2013/03/02 17:18:43
    Norman Jackson
    What? No Bersa Thunder?
  • Thomgarner 2012/09/19 20:10:34
    I personally carry a Sig P238, and have owned more than a couple different 380's. My two favorites are the Sig P238 (my current carry) and my Walther PPK. I was surprised that the Walther was not listed in the top 10. For ease carry I prefer my Sig.
  • WOODMAN34 2012/07/27 18:10:43
    There are several of the ones pictured that I would not carry. I do carry a .380 but it is a Bersa thunder Series 95. I have several and the one I carry I shoot 100 rounds each week with it. I also have a LLAMA X380. There are a lot of small firearms out there but these are my favorite.
  • Patric 2012/07/23 18:20:16
    I purchased the Ruger LCP, bought 2 , one for our son.. I did not like the trigger pull of the Ruger , so I purchased a Sig Sauer P 238 , really like the gun ,, I will probably retire the P238 when I can find the P938 in the SAS model...
  • Rockin'Ron Patric 2013/07/25 05:22:37
    I purchased the Ruger LCP for 2013. Ruger modified the trigger pull and made it so much better. It breaks the hammer using about 40% less pull. I like it very much. I too have several SIG's P238 but I prefer to carry the LCP.
  • Patric Rockin'Ron 2013/07/28 20:25:53
    I guess it comes down to the ,,

    the firearm you have with you ,, is better than all the firearms left back home in the safe...
  • CMR 2012/07/23 15:07:45
    Ruger SR9c, here, but for ultra-compact, the Taurus TCP is great - accurate, reliable and less felt recoil than any other ultra-compact .380 I've shot. The Sig P238 is an awesome little gun, but I'm not comfortable carrying cocked-and-locked in a pocket pistol.
  • santa6642 2012/07/22 18:34:33
    Wow is she a pretty one., But I prefer my Glock in 40 cal. I also carry a kahr 40 in an ankle holster for back up.
  • Callaway 2012/07/21 17:40:39
    I prefer the Beretta 84 never an issue of feed or ejection with the Beretta system, the one drawback is it's kind of pricy. 380 is a little light some of the 40's and 9mm are now coming close in size and weight and offer considerably more pep for the pop.
  • WOODMAN34 Callaway 2012/07/27 18:23:56
    With the technology of today bullets like the Hornady Critical Defense round, they are getting the stopping power of larger rounds. The smaller gun is easier to carry and hide. It has less recoil.And It is also easier to hide in your hand.
  • Callaway WOODMAN34 2012/07/28 05:16:40
    The ability to control or felt recoil is not an issue for me having shot 44 mags for years and having a bear paw for a hand. I'm just not a massive fan of the round if given a choice for that matter my 45acp Officer Special is quite easy to carry and concealable if that's whats called for. Matter of personal choice.
  • bones327 2011/01/27 01:31:23
    I am interested in the effort to open up this discussion to other types of hand guns. I would love to hear what other hand guns people carry and what they recommend.

    Is the 1911 (acp .45) a type to consider? What brands and types do you all recommend? How about 9mm?

    I own a .38 Special S&W; model 64-2
  • Butch C... bones327 2011/01/28 07:29:33
    Butch Cassidy
    The best gun is the one that shoots yer enemy before he shoots you
  • WOODMAN34 Butch C... 2012/07/27 18:43:17
    that's not the gun, that's the shooter
  • Erok bones327 2012/07/23 11:40:44
    Sorry this is so late as i just saw this link to the right.Personally I think for a carry weapon a 5 round .38 is extremely concealable and dependable as wheel guns won't jam or mis-feed. I have a citadel .45 semi auto 1911 that is wonderful and shoots great but is a little harder to hide than a snubby revolver......just my opinion. Good Luck!
  • Patric bones327 2012/07/23 18:24:18
    there is a lot to be said / argued of what caliber is best for personal defense,

    I think the gun that I will have with me , in what ever caliber , is the best firearm for me,
    my STI in 4o S&W sitting the safe does me no good.
    my Kimber Grand Raptor 2 , in the safe is no good either.
    my other hand guns, or long guns offer me no protection when they are locked in a safe 20 miles from me..

    the one that I have with me is the best one.. and I practice with all my guns ,

    pity the poor fool who's last words.. wish I would have had a gun with me today....
  • WOODMAN34 bones327 2012/07/27 18:42:10
    The 1911 is the #1 in stopping power, BUT, You must remember that you are responsible for that bullet until it stops,Even if it goes through 2 or 3 people. I love my Colt 1911 and did carry it but it is to bulky and for sure to powerful. The .38 is not a bad Idea but it to is bulky and you only have 5 or 6 rounds. I still like the smaller 9mm or .380's. If you still want to carry a .45 Glock has what is called a .45 gap. It is just like the .45 acp. but has a shorter case, About half the size. Very good for self defense up to 50 feet.and it is not to big to carry. Go to gun shows and gun shops and look around. You can also find an N.R.A. instructor in your area and they will help you decide.
  • Android 2011/01/17 21:20:44
    I like it. I have gun.
  • Tom 2011/01/17 16:16:39
    Great slideshow.
  • Andrew 2011/01/17 06:41:25
    cool, if your into guns.
  • Captain Kirk~POTL 2011/01/17 02:06:26
    Captain Kirk~POTL
    I carry that NAA Guardian 380 on my ankle for a back-up to my 40 Glock!!
  • Claymore Cactus 2011/01/17 00:57:11
    Claymore Cactus
    I like the Taurus TCP:

    taurus tcp
  • JohnDavidBurling 2011/01/17 00:33:54
    The 380 is a nice pistol, I bought one for my wife, but its not a fire arm for anyone serious about shooting, you can not burn that many rounds through them before you start dealing with jamming issues.
  • Patric JohnDav... 2012/07/23 18:25:57
    hmm, that is interesting..
    neither my Ruger LCP nor my Sig Sauer P238 have jamming issues..

    might be your firearm , your magazine or your choice of bullets that give you jamming issues.
  • WOODMAN34 JohnDav... 2012/07/27 18:47:47
    My carry Bersa has had over 2000 rounds through it and I have never had the first jam. I have several of them and rely on them all.
  • Bottle ... WOODMAN34 2012/12/15 17:11:48
    Bottle Rocket
    I have the XDM 9mm & absolutely love it but looking for something a little more concealable. Is this the Bersa Thunder 380 you're referring to that you've fired these rounds through? I understand its actually very reliable & can be very effective with the DPX ammo??
  • danjac1263 2011/01/16 22:31:28
    If your a registered republican and anyone gets shot with a 380, the liberal nuts will blame you and Palin.
  • (●̮̮̃•̃)(͡๏̯͡๏)(•̪●)Winchester™♠
    i prefer this one...
  • Patric (●̮̮̃•̃... 2012/07/23 18:26:44
    nice, did not realize that they , hand guns , were permitted there....
  • WOODMAN34 (●̮̮̃•̃... 2012/07/27 18:48:30
    Pimp gun!
  • casanova frankenstein 2011/01/16 20:08:01 (edited)
    casanova frankenstein
    Had Walther PPK -Later got bersa for half the price -Shot better super accurate, sold PPK MY 2 CENTS
  • casanov... casanov... 2011/01/16 23:34:20 (edited)
    casanova frankenstein
    I love 10mm glock 29 if i can carry it concealed =But a 380 acp in my pocket on the street beats the hell out of a SW 29 44 mag at home stuck in my mattress when i need it.
  • vellael... casanov... 2013/07/05 20:10:35
    thanks I am going to see a 380 tomorrow, this helps me a lot! I think I will like the gun,my seller is a dealer and it is one of her personal guns. I am small in hand and just want to feel protected. This should do it.Thanks again!

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