Top 10 Ugly Hairdos: Really Bad or You've Seen Worse?

Peter Griffin 2011/04/06 00:52:48

SLIDESHOW: Top 10 Ugly Hairdos

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Top 10 Ugly Hairdos: Really Bad or You've Seen Worse?
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Why would you want your hair to look like that???

Prepare to be amazed, people.
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  • Red 2014/02/28 03:26:13
    I've seen worse (Post picture.)
    Wow its kind of cool to see that you guys continue to keep me relevant.... this pic has been up since 2010 when they stole it from my twitter... still love that do... and would do it again too... :-)
  • star 2011/04/15 22:13:27
    I've seen worse (Post picture.)
  • angel.kriss 2011/04/08 03:00:42
    Really bad!!!
  • Princess Amethyst 2011/04/07 12:53:48
    Really bad!!!
    Princess Amethyst
    All of them are total walking disasters that they make Lady Gaga look like a normal person. At least she still looks cute (in a weird way).
    total walking disasters lady gaga normal person cute weird lady gaga
  • Flea Princes... 2011/04/08 02:13:32
  • KeshiaD... Princes... 2013/12/10 11:19:48
    I really love this one!
  • Tigger Too 2011/04/07 10:24:44
    Really bad!!!
    Tigger Too
    Yep, those were some pretty hideous hairstyles. That first chick, the black gal who had her head shaved except for that little curly-Q at the very top, she should have just gone all the way bald. {I like the tattoo on her scalp though.} Actually, the dude with the thin line of beard that went up around his head like a headband was kind of clever. The WORST hairdo in history EVER was Billy Ray Cyrus' mullet back when he did "Achy Breaky Heart." That one-hit wonder should be inducted into the Hair Hall of Shame!
  • KeshiaD... Tigger Too 2013/12/10 11:20:08
    The first one was very cute.
  • rosesvengeance BN-0 2011/04/07 09:36:02
    Really bad!!!
    rosesvengeance BN-0
    3 and 9 are just sick!
  • Quintessentila 2011/04/07 07:07:49
    I've seen worse (Post picture.)

    Nicki Minaj. What she does to her hair would make Amy Winehouse cry.
  • haileyrawrr926 2011/04/07 06:18:48
    Really bad!!!
    those are terrible!!
  • ReasonOverFaith BN - 0 2011/04/07 04:08:29
    Really bad!!!
    ReasonOverFaith BN - 0
    There are some truly awful ones out there
  • Princes... ReasonO... 2011/04/07 13:09:53 (edited)
    Princess Amethyst
    YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK... Jesus Christ where did you find this freak's picture? He looks like a spider on top of a human torso
  • ReasonO... Princes... 2011/04/07 16:24:54
    ReasonOverFaith BN - 0
    The internet!
  • angel.k... ReasonO... 2011/04/08 02:44:19
    eeeeeewww...'m gonna have nightmares...><"
  • ReasonO... angel.k... 2011/04/08 04:20:30
    ReasonOverFaith BN - 0
    Its pretty bad hahaha
  • angel.k... ReasonO... 2011/04/08 04:38:43
    not "pretty bad" its juz fuckin cREEPY >.<"
  • ReasonO... angel.k... 2011/04/08 13:27:22
    ReasonOverFaith BN - 0
    Hahaha true
  • quinton... ReasonO... 2011/08/05 22:47:28
    that looks like a Monk on Crack
  • bricklyn 2011/04/07 02:25:56
    Really bad!!!
    tr is not just the hair, but the entire image that is disgusting. How more unemployable can you possibly get
  • HRGROCK 2011/04/07 01:57:50
    Really bad!!!
    slide eight i thought it was a rock with a wig Q>O
  • I don't care 2011/04/07 01:34:01
  • Flea 2011/04/07 01:21:53
    Really bad!!!
    I think that's why they're called "dread" locks...

    dread locks dreads
  • keya Flea 2011/04/07 22:42:59
    ewww thats discussing who would want that as there hair
  • Flea 2011/12/04 02:40:58
    I was just going to say those arn't dreadlocks. Yes it is sort of, his hair is matted to a degree that does not define actuall dreads, It appears his hair has also molded partially, it looks nasty he should cut his hair.
  • KeshiaD... Flea 2013/12/10 11:20:51
    Why would someone want to look like they have clumps of fecal matter in their hair?
  • Dory_Maee(: 2011/04/07 01:17:35
    Really bad!!!
    baha The first pic scares me.
  • PresleyInzodda 2011/04/07 01:16:50
    Really bad!!!
    slide 8 looks like the stuff my guinea pig peas on
  • Jassi Marie 2011/04/07 00:39:31
    I've seen worse (Post picture.)
    Jassi Marie
  • Phoenix 2011/04/07 00:23:47
    Really bad!!!
    ugly hairdos weird
    That looks like she put abunch of black goop in her hair and had someone run it over with a steam roller ... o_O
  • Princes... Phoenix 2011/04/07 13:03:57 (edited)
    Princess Amethyst
  • Lidia P... Princes... 2011/06/11 03:16:49
  • Brynell... Princes... 2013/04/28 00:55:59 (edited)
  • zoeboy Princes... 2014/05/14 18:37:18
  • zoeboy Princes... 2014/05/14 18:55:23
  • kallan.... Phoenix 2013/08/13 18:33:18
    It looks like black mold smacked onto a wall, ew, worst one yet.
  • Sheeda Phoenix 2013/11/05 00:13:02
    This isnt a woman, this is a man. I have seen him in person at the restaurant I worked in. This is a middle aged white man. He lives in Shreveport/Bossier in La. Unless there are two people walking around with this exact style. It's worse in person.
  • Liv 2011/04/07 00:21:29
    Really bad!!!
    wtf is the second to last one ? o.o
    is it gonna eat me? Dx
  • kidrightwing 2011/04/07 00:17:32
  • LarryStylinson 2011/04/07 00:04:09
    Really bad!!!
    Number 9 looks like it has sh*t in it.

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