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Hanging Out...Talking about food...Hamburgers, Cokes, Fries, Shakes...whatever...just having a good time! :)

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Public Fun 233 2008/03/20 18:55:49


Tommy's is open for business!!! LOL Just hang out and have a good time! :)


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  • Alyster † "In God We Trust" † 2013/02/02 21:47:23
    Alyster  † "In God We Trust" †
    Cheeseburger fries, covered in honeyglazed ham bits and nacho cheese with pieces of barbaque sauce covered hamber squares.
  • lonewolf 2010/10/20 21:42:38
    hey bro. how are you. great weekend very good lobster
  • DeniseHolton 2010/07/06 12:12:54
  • God bless American freedom 2010/05/12 12:15:33
    God bless American freedom
    I had the most delicious hamburger yesterday at "Five Guys" in Argyle at Riverside in Jacksonville Florida. I would have had the fries but they give at least two potatoes in the helping of fries and that is far too much food for my tummy because their hamburgers are huge as well. One of the most endearing portions of American culture is the hamburger and the friendship discussions around a table in a relaxed and free setting where anything at all can be said. Anything.

    I sat at a window seat to watch the passersby and a few people I knew saw me and came to sit with me and ordered their own also impromptu. I cannot express to you all how marvelous it is to see the smiles of dear faces and hopeful hearts .. I was reminded of the blueness of the sky, the brightness of the star, our sun, of the fluffiness of the clouds wafting by overhead casting occasional shadows ... the simply joy of friends in heaven.

    I believe in God. I believe that God created mankind to join together in laughter and truth and sometimes in sorrow so all of us can learn to generously love one another ..and gathering over sustenance is a part of that learning using pleasure to group us all alongside one another.

    God bless the Hamburger and the person who invented it .