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Xx.:AlyxAnesthicsz :.xX 2011/05/13 15:15:24
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Okay.. this question is giving me a headache, help please...?

The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold.

Is it a(an):

trochaic tetrameter
anapestic tetrameter
dactylic pentameter

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  • gigero 2011/05/13 15:41:38 (edited)
    anapestic tetrameter
    I have no idea, but based on the wiki for tetrameter, anapestic tetrameter seems to fit the sentence the best, but not completely.
    But don't take my word for it, if you read on and understand what these things actually mean it's probably not too hard :)
  • shpongledgirl 2011/05/13 15:32:51
    I have a headache now too... @.@
    Wtf is this.
  • Xx.:Aly... shpongl... 2011/05/13 16:25:36
    Xx.:AlyxAnesthicsz :.xX
    My online Senior Lit class... omg x.x I wanted to die it gave me a headache... I slept through 3rd period in Mrs. Dunn's office.... I'm glad she was out to lunch >.>.... <.<... because she probably would never have left me alone @.@
  • shpongl... Xx.:Aly... 2011/05/13 16:30:01
    That's terrible.

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