This man predicts our future and what should happen in the US. Thoughts?

Morgan 2013/06/12 01:31:05
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  • schjaz 2013/07/10 16:44:30
    omg! yep. get rid of the progressives.
  • Carlos benoit 2013/06/12 21:27:45
    Carlos benoit
    Most of what he says is true and has happened - but does he have an answer?
  • Morgan Carlos ... 2013/06/12 22:28:10
    An answer to what?
  • Carlos ... Morgan 2013/06/16 19:59:53
    Carlos benoit
    To stop the oppression perhaps.
  • Morgan Carlos ... 2013/06/16 20:34:34
    He had some ideas of what we could do to stop the problems before they happened no one really did anything to stop it from happening. I don't know if he has any ideas now...I mean...if he's still around.
  • JJ 2013/06/12 18:40:26
    These things are already trying to come about. What is happening now, is but a forerunner to more reality coming down the road. We have allowed these things to begin because we have thrown out our blessings that God had given us. Right now, many are alright, while others [ read the news or look on the internt ] are going through their own hell [ look at the IRS ]. God is our only answer to getting back on track...obeying his 10 Commandments.
  • akPhilly 2013/06/12 16:20:10
    I wonder if in countries where they have to worry about other things if they do this. I mean, alot of people probably don't have the luxury of sitting around, talking about what may or may not happen or speculating about it because they're too busy trying to stay alive & deal with what's going on right now in whatever country they live in. People go on & on about the government & politics, & alot of times it's speculation of what may happen down the road. I've been hearing about what's supposedly going to happen for my whole life, & meanwhile, most of us live pretty decent lives. Especially compared to alot of people in the world. I watch what goes on in other countries, & I feel lucky to live in the US. People may say, 'well, you're not going to feel that way when....' It's always when, or if. Stuff that may or may not happen. I don't know, I just feel like alot of people take things for granted.
  • robinswebnest 2013/06/12 13:20:12
    Everything he said is even more true today, than it was then. We had someone who predicted with extreme accuracy, everything that our current administration has done....down to excessive government and government control. Yet, we still do nothing.
  • Morgan robinsw... 2013/06/12 13:28:17
  • robinsw... Morgan 2013/06/12 13:40:01
    You may be right. It is a well known fact that the public has a case of 'short term memory'. Add to that, there is a HUGE amount of apathy about voting. I cannot tell you how many people have told me 'whats the point, my vote doesn't mean anything'. They are right, their vote means nothing BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T VOTE.
    You cannot be heard if you don't say anything. And that is exactly what voting means.
  • Major Mel 2013/06/12 10:41:43 (edited)
    Major Mel
    There is no doubt that the man, Robert Welch, was correct. For a long time many people thought that The john Birch Society was a wacko fringe element. By no means was this true, at least not initially. Sadly, what I've noticed is that there are elements [people] within this organization which seem to me to be government 'plants' and/or 'provocateurs,' whose goal is to keep as many genuinely patriotic Citizens and original united States Constitutional supporters involved with activities which are tantamount to a huge waste of time and energy guaranteed to result in nothing in way of a long term positive nature or any real substantive change for the better.
  • Lerro DeHazel 2013/06/12 02:03:02
    Lerro DeHazel
    I wonder where he is . . . ? . . . ?? What did he say??
  • Morgan Lerro D... 2013/06/12 02:06:55
    Sorry I've been having problems getting the video up
  • Morgan Lerro D... 2013/06/12 02:07:15
  • Lerro D... Lerro D... 2013/06/12 02:21:10
    Lerro DeHazel
    I just heard it and it's pretty accurate all right. Thank you.
  • Morgan Lerro D... 2013/06/12 02:21:55
    You're welcome
  • CA Gal 2013/06/12 01:51:59
    CA Gal
    No link but I do know that since the beginning of time, man has predicted the end of time. It's something some people feel they need to do. It's silly, and we are better served focusing on today!
  • Morgan CA Gal 2013/06/12 02:08:04
    I've been having problems with getting the video up sorry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?...
  • Frank S... Morgan 2013/06/12 02:20:56
    Frank Stephens
    It worked fine for me. I did hear this a few years ago and wondered why we didn't listen in 1958. We've arrived at exactly where he said we would. We have lost many Constitutional rights and our nation is bankrupt.
  • Stardust CA Gal 2013/06/12 02:18:57
  • Sick Boy 2013/06/12 01:47:08
  • Morgan Sick Boy 2013/06/12 02:08:10
  • Sick Boy Morgan 2013/06/12 02:12:45
    Sick Boy
    Cool, thanks!
  • suzzy 2013/06/12 01:42:26
    something is missing in your post !!!
  • Morgan suzzy 2013/06/12 02:08:17
  • suzzy Morgan 2013/06/12 02:15:17
    thanks for the link
    illuminati in action following their bible protocol .......
    nothing new .. and more to come
  • LADY LIBERTY SILLY WORDSMITH 2013/06/12 01:38:55
  • Morgan LADY LI... 2013/06/12 02:08:26
  • Stardust LADY LI... 2013/06/12 02:19:29
  • Stardust 2013/06/12 01:38:09
  • Morgan Stardust 2013/06/12 02:08:21
  • Morgan Stardust 2013/06/12 02:08:48
    I've been having problems with getting the video up. Sorry.
  • Stardust Morgan 2013/06/12 02:19:56
  • Morgan Stardust 2013/06/12 02:20:46

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