Things to do in an elavator!

Jenni 2011/11/10 00:20:01
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  • Samantha Anne Crispin 2011/11/19 02:08:24
    Samantha Anne Crispin
    Scarlette Johanssen gives blow-jobs in elevators!! :)p
  • relic 2011/11/10 18:45:30
    I will never be bored on an elevator again!
  • Bob 2011/11/10 08:22:17
    this is amazing!
  • vetogod 2011/11/10 05:37:09
    i do this when I am almost about to get off I run out waving my arms while yelling aliens probed me in there haha reactions are pricless
  • Reverend Hell 2011/11/10 02:10:00
    Reverend Hell
    I know everyone is thinking this, so I'll say it-
    13: Fart quietly then look at someone else with a look of disgust.
    14: Fart in the elevator just before you get off at your floor
  • Link 2011/11/10 02:03:58
    I kinda like the idea of making love in an elevator...
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2011/11/10 01:13:56 (edited)
    Oh, good ones. There have been others that I've done though...

    1) If there's elevtaor music playing, scream "this song makes me want to kill people." Then make a fist, raise your arm and make a stabbing motion screaming "wee wee wee wee" (or however the psycho music sounds) while hitting them on the back. Or if there isn't elevator music, do the instumental version of a song you like.

    2) Look at the buttons angrily, then point and say "this is so boring." Then wen someone else in the elevator asks why say "this only goes up and down, it doesn't even go through the ceiling. I swear, after you see Willy Wonka, any other elevator sucks!"

    3) As soon as the elevtor starts going up or down start screaming. Then when someone asks what's wrong scream "AHHHH, I'M PRETENDING IN ON THE TOWER OF TERROR!"

    4) When you see someone of the opposite sex (or same sex if you prefer) wink at them and sing "love in an elevator" (not the whole song, just that line). Then when they give you an odd look laugh and say "you thought I meant you, ha! Yeah, I don't think so."

    5) When someone walks onto the elevator say "Hi, I'm (insert your name here) and you're my best friend." Then cling to them until one of you gets off. If you get off first then turn to face them before you leave, hug them and say "It was so great having a best friend, I'll miss you so much." And if they leave first, hold onto them and scream "NO, you can't leave. You're my best friend!!!"
  • Jenni Nellie-... 2011/11/10 01:45:16
    Haha I like 1 and 5 the most :3
  • Jimbo 2011/11/10 01:09:21
    Open a newspaper, step over to your friend's side next to you, psst in the person's ear in front of them, step back pull the paper up as if reading it.
  • wolfshadow 2011/11/10 00:56:17
    I've done half of those... but I wasn't an Admiral...
  • lonewolf 2011/11/10 00:22:08
    lol you didn't put what i've done. xxx
  • Jenni lonewolf 2011/11/10 00:28:37
    Dirty Birdy! :3
  • lonewolf Jenni 2011/11/10 00:31:59
  • Reveren... lonewolf 2011/11/10 02:11:22

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