The truth about white tigers...

ShinyUmbreon01 2012/04/23 03:20:04
Just trying to spread the word about white tigers. It's sad that not many people know the truth about these beautiful but sorrowful animals. :(

This was taken from a friend of mine's journal on deviantArt about white tigers. It's very accurate about the truth behind white tigers:

The white tiger, considered a beautiful "gem" of nature. Although, there
is nothing natural about this so called "endangered species."
The white tiger is not a species, it is not even a subspecies of tiger. It is a genetic mutation due to the inbreeding
(its pretty much incest people) of Bengal tigers, Siberian tigers, or
even worse; Bengal to Siberian tigers. Inbreeding can only be
accomplished by breeding sister to brother or daughter to father. Eww?
The white tiger serves no conservation purposes, it takes away from
purebred cubs possibly being born to help the endangered tiger species.
top it all off, the white tiger has birth defects, and many of them.
All white tigers are cross eyed. When depressed or confused, they can
become cross eyed, even if they don't appear to be. White tigers also
have club feet which is like having two left or right feet, or having
your left foot on your right leg, and you right foot on your left leg.
Doesn't that sound like fun? White tigers can also have cleft palates,
spinal deformities, and organ deformities.
But it isn't just the
white tigers that are affected my these tragic genetic mutations, but
also their siblings. When you inbreed two tigers in order to produce a
white tiger, you are not always successful. You may get what appear to
be normal tigers. Although their coat is not white, they still carry the
mutations listed above. Normally, these tiger cubs will be killed. Cold
blood murder just because they do not have white coats. These tigers
are know as "throw away tigers."

Now that you know the true
horrors of the white tiger. I hope you are just ashamed as I am that man
would do this just to make a quick buck. Animals are not here for our
entertainment. We are all creatures of god, just like them. Or, we all
evolved from the same organism many many years ago. Doesn't that mean

So what can you do to help? Educate others, the more
that know the better. Also, NEVER pay to see white tigers. Although they
are beautiful(I will admit) wouldn't you rather see a healthy, normal
tiger? All you have to do is simply say NO! to places that breed white
tigers or have them on exhibit.

white tigers
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