The True Story of Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage is actually the old couples grandson.

Courage, as a young child was a momma's boy, his working father having little time for him. Courage learned how to cook and act from his mother, an aspiring theater actress. Later on in the young boy's life his mother dies, his father takes out his anger and pain on Courage. Beating the child and forcing him to prove his manliness and bravery by doing various sports in their backyard.

The father gets a little to angry and beats the small child into a brain damaged stupor, then kills himself. The son's grandparents take his still alive but permanently meek, slightly mute, son into their home.

The old man blames Courage for his son's death and hates him, while the old woman is crazy and thinks that Courage is actually her dead son, brought back to life because of her undying love.
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  • jmaclab 2012/12/09 09:00:57
    IIt could be metaphoric the idea of grandparent figures could have popped up with the creator or one of the writers but I don’t know about the other dysfunctional stuff.

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  • margaret.frey.129 2015/04/24 12:30:44
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  • Robert Coates 2013/05/20 05:01:00
    Robert Coates
    I never really thought about the meanings of things like cartoons but now I started reading forums and I'm realizing that a lot of my favorite childhood shows may actually have a deep dark history. If you think I'm an idiot for partially believing these theories then read them for yourself. Sincerely, Robert Coates.
  • Sheridan McFalls 2013/04/02 01:20:21
    Sheridan McFalls
    That's pretty interesting.
    I'd say it's more of a philosophical show. It explains how society works. There's the blissful, neutral common people (Eustace, and Muriel) who live together in harmony,Muriel represents the type of people who are kind, loving, trusting, and selfless. Eustace represents the people who are the opposite. Then there're the people who feel that they need to go the extra mile to help these blissful people (Courage), who save them from all the problems that the scheming, manipulative people try to trick them into (villains). These villains are often symbolic of the trade which they represent( Example: The episode where Eustace got a prescription for a hair-growing liquid. They put Eustace through useless tests then prescribed him this medicine, which had terrible side effects. The blissful, gullible people are constantly taken advantage of by the schemers, and there's Courage, the other type of people, who set out to save these blissful people. Though these 'savior type people' try to warn the blissful ones, the blissful always misunderstand them, either threatening and hurting the saviors (as Eustace does), or blowing them off as though misunderstanding them or simply not believing them (Muriel).

    There are many more and even deeper meanings throughout the series, but this is the overall idea I believe. The episodes each have a different idea/ meaning to them.

    But that's just another opinion.
  • jmaclab 2012/12/09 09:00:57
    IIt could be metaphoric the idea of grandparent figures could have popped up with the creator or one of the writers but I don’t know about the other dysfunctional stuff.
  • madison 2012/11/23 14:17:24
    so why is courage pictured as a dog even though he's still alive boy
  • zach.rhine.35 2012/08/14 13:24:17
    that explains too much......have any of you read the Winnie the Pooh theory, or the smurfs theory? the smurfs theory is talking about the smurfs being little blue nazis, and this is shown in many ways, one of which being (this is true).......Smurfette was a brunette until papa smurf "perfects" her by making her blond....
  • memorieslostinphotos 2012/05/29 07:35:03
    everyone knows this is fake right?
  • Rebecca Perez 2012/04/08 01:04:04
    Rebecca Perez
    but why is he depicted as a dog?
  • alexis.... Rebecca... 2012/06/15 05:36:01
    Dogs are loyal, as he was to his mother.
  • DyNASTY 2010/05/28 16:03:01
    holy crap!
    Thats kinda twisted!
  • ♣ Nina ♣ 2010/05/28 10:59:03
    ♣ Nina ♣
    i love that show. i watch it all the time
  • ~Zaley~ 2010/05/28 00:57:39
  • too much pain 2010/05/27 22:44:11
    too much pain
    the poor kid thats just sad and they blame poor courage is he still alive?
  • Saяahღ 2010/05/27 22:27:55
    That.. is sad and pretty creepy.
    i was terrified of this show when i was younger for some reason. Now i know why

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