The question of hell....scare tactic for the faithful or reality?

Curmudgeon 2011/01/16 05:02:15
It's a scare tactic for the faithful to keep them in line...
It's pure fantasy with no basis in reality
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Many people I come across tell me their fear of hell (or some form of it) is one of the reasons they believe in a god. For the life of me, I can't figure out why. As a desire to avoid ending up in hell is not really a good justification to worship a certain god.

My problem is since I have no belief that any god in human history is real, I have have no real fear of the hell(s) they have created for people like me to suffer in. It doesn't keep me up at night, and it couldn't if I tried as it's just not real to me.

As why would a god set up this horrible place of punishment and than make its existence so vague and uncertain that hundreds of millions of thoughtful and well meaning people don't believe that it even exists?

Surely a god with any sense of justice would not want to trick people into hell; as you'd imagine god(s) would make the danger obvious to everyone. Otherwise, it all seems just a little devious and evil to me.

It's almost as if hell is meant not only to scare and motivate true believers but also work as a cruel trap to snare all those who made the mistake of being skeptical and thinking critically about religious claims.

Most of all how can one justify burning someone forever for believing in the wrong god, or doubting a claim? Think of yourself, if someone you knew did something to piss you off would you ever consider to punish them forever for it?

By the way, with over one billion Hindus alive today will they eventually go to both the Christian and Muslin hell at the same time or will they somehow split eternity between them both?

No believer seems to have that answer, for all their assurances of the existence of hell.

Finally, I ask believers this;

How is it you can believe in the existence of a good god and a bad hell. I'm aware of how important it is for most believers to think of their god as not only good but very good. But how can such a god operate a torture chamber?

Believers simply cannot have it both ways; either your good god is not real, or your hell is not real.

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  • 8mariedawn6 2011/01/16 06:52:18
    It's a scare tactic for the faithful to keep them in line...
    First I do not agree with the answer i just checked but you did not have OTHER> Well let me tell you something i was the same as you at one time did not belive nouthing till i saw it for my self.I got involved in some dark crap I have seen things that you think are just in movies.Demons Yes there their I saw them first hand and it was the scarcest I have ever been.I also can tell you that no one could help me get ride of these things out of my house.My mom did not see them When I came face to face with it I started praying to Jesus and I then was saved with in seconds this bests was gone from my house I felt the peace of the Lord.After it was all over and I opened my eyes from praying to the Lord there was a cross made out of moonlight on my wall a big cross.It was gorgias to me.You do not have to belive this if you do not want to but The lord is there and Satan and the demons are all around also.Good luck on your journey threw life.
  • Lynn 2011/01/16 06:47:59
    It's a scare tactic for the faithful to keep them in line...
    Yep. I dont need fear to encourage me to be a good person.
  • sodabox 2011/01/16 05:20:58
    It's a scare tactic for the faithful to keep them in line...
    Odd how the old testament doesn't even mention hell isn't it? Kinda important thing to go leaving out, right? Then in the new testament, Jesus presents hell and himself as the cure. How convenient! He even talks more about hell then heaven! XD
  • Curmudgeon sodabox 2011/01/16 05:24:33
    Yes, that is very odd as it ALMOST seems like hell was created just so Jesus could present himself as the cure. But we both know that's not the case. ;)

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