Thank You, Haters: A Dedication (Rave Party)

Melizmatic 2011/12/07 22:57:14
Nobody Pisses People Off Like You Do, Melz.
I Wanna Be Like You, Melz; It's awesome to be so damn 'important'.
You're Public Enemy #1 with Me, Melz.
Haters Make Make You Famous, Melz.
I Have Haters Too, Melz! I Must Be Just As Cool as You!
Gimme RAVES, Melz!!!
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Oh, Sodahead; my crazy, amusing, deranged, whimsical, naive, and utterly delusional Sodahead ~ how I adore thee.

You never fail to keep me entertained.

laughing gif

With the seemingly never ending barrage of certifiable lunatics, e-thugs, trolls, morons, hatriots, pompus know-it-alls, 'thumpers, attention whores, conspiracy theorists, jokesters, and a smattering of a few folks who are actually fun, this place is a regular laugh riot, pretty much 24/7.

theorists jokesters smattering folks fun regular laugh riot pretty 247

From 'rabid virgin brides' to obsessed fan girls, every flavor of cuckoo is represented here; and whatever or whomever people choose to hate, from the POTUS to Rhianna, they can find an entire legion of like minded-haters to join in their perpetual circle jerk of malice.

circle jerk

(And they say 'angry sex' isn't a good thing.)

This post is dedicated to all my favorite whackadoos who keep me perpetually laughing and make my tedious work day go so much faster:

Thank you.

Thank you for investing so much time & energy into a total stranger whom you've never even seen, let alone met, and all because my opinions "make you so mad."

Thank you for making me such a 'notorious' presence on a website of this magnitude; without such irate and persistent haters as yourselves, I would have surely just faded into the background unnoticed by now.

notorious presence website magnitude irate persistent haters faded background unnoticed

Thank you for constantly assuring me of just how very important I am to you, via piggyback comments and personally dedicated hate threads, all for little old moi.

Thank you for going completely bat-shit when I decide that you are just not worth conversing with; that reassures me that I hold a truly special place in your hearts, that you would get so upset at being denied my obviously invaluable commentary.

Otherwise, you would surely just move on.

(For anybody out there who's a little too dense to get my drift, that means that I block anyone who annoys me. Anyone.)

bat-shit decide worth conversing reassures hold hearts denied invaluable commentary

Thank you for making me legend ~ wait for it ~ dary as an online persona, by attributing powers to me that I have never held; I don't work for the site, I'm not a moderator, and I don't have the ability to get anyone's comments deleted or their account deactivated.

But because of your constant rumor-mongering, many people THINK I do, and that's damn near just as good, if you ask me.

After all, for many people here, perception IS reality.

deleted account deactivated constant rumor-mongering people damn people perception reality

So again, for all that and more; I say thank you.

Thank you for all your attention ~ nay, your total obsession, and most of all for your vehement loathing of all things Melizmatic.

people perception reality attention nay total obsession vehement loathing melizmatic

It just makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside to know that I have affected your lives so deeply, and without even trying.

And while its true that none of you will ever mean as much to me as I obviously do to you, take consolation in the fact that I actually even deigned to notice your existence.

Please everyone, join me now in celebrating SH's most valuable commodity; the people who are so miserable, warped and lonely that a site like SH seems to have become just as important to them as real life.

commodity people miserable warped lonely site sh important real life

And by all means feel free to offer a token of gratitude to
your own haters; after all, everyone needs to know that they are appreciated.
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  • Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2011/12/07 23:24:09
    Nobody Pisses People Off Like You Do, Melz.
    Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru
    No one pisses people off like you. I have my haters, but nothing like your's....I am sooooo Jealous....LOL...Maybe if I hone my killer instinct a bit, I'll get there.

    envy kitten riding a turtle gif

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