Yo'Adrienne..AFCL 2012/09/03 17:57:36
Ed Morrissey

The cast and management at MSNBC really, really want their viewers — all 20 of them now, I believe — to understand that the Republican Party is raaaaaaaaaaaacist, and that the GOP convention is nothing more than a bunch of white men talking and applauding. They are so desperate to sell their meme latent Republican racism that they simply averted their eyes every time a speaker that didn’t fit their lone talking point took the stage:

When popular Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, the GOP nominee for Senate, took the stage, MSNBC cut away from the Republican National Convention and the Hispanic Republican from Texas’ speech.

MSNBC stayed on commercial through former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis’ speech, as well. Davis, who recently became a Republican, is black.

Then, when Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuno’s wife Luce’ Vela Fortuño took the stage minutes later, MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews opted to talk over the First Lady’s speech.

And Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval? Noticeably missing from MSNBC, too.

Mia Love, a black candidate for Congress in Utah, was also ignored by MSNBC.

Say, wouldn’t the practice of ignoring people of color be considered raaaaaaaaaaaacist? And what did MSNBC use as a replacement for all of these speakers last night?

In lieu of airing speeches from former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, a black American; Mia Love, a black candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Utah; and Texas senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz, a Latino American, MSNBC opted to show commentary anchored by Rachel Maddow from Rev. Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes and Steve Schmidt.

No doubt, they were trying to keep their 20 19 17 viewers up to date with all of the antics of raaaaaaaaaaaacist Republicans, and so had no choice but to block out Republicans like Mia Love, Ted Cruz, and Artur Davis. I’ve seen news reports from Communist countries that had less Orwellian message control than this.

Why did they just happen to block all of these speakers? Obviously, it’s not a coincidence. They’re afraid of two outcomes by showing these speakers, the first of which is the exposure of the intellectual vapidity of their repeated accusations of raaaaaaaaaaaacism. The second is the possibility of acknowledging that conservatism appeals to a broad, diverse section of the electorate, which might encourage more people of color to consider its policies, especially with the powerful personal stories told by Mia Love and Ted Cruz. Instead of dealing with that reality, MSNBC chose to deliberately misinform their 15 14 12 viewers. Fortunately, the MSNBC lineup (with the apparent acquiescence of Comcast) is so busy marginalizing themselves that it really doesn’t matter any more.
*******************Ted Cruz doesn't much care for MSNBC --*******************

In an interview with
TheDC's Alex Pappas in Tampa, rising GOP superstar Ted Cruz lashed out against
MSNBC --- and the media generally:

"I think the mainstream media has a
story they want to tell. And facts that get in the way — that are inconvenient —
they do their best to ignore. I don’t think it was accidental that MSNBC chose
not to cover so many of those speakers on the first night because it conflicts
with the story they’re trying to tell. You have to remember, Chris Matthews is a
man who confessed on air that Barack Obama sent a tingle up his leg. And so for
that network to pretend to have journalistic objectivity, we have reason to
doubt that. Their selective coverage — I don’t know anyone who was surprised."

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  • Racefish 2012/09/04 17:36:54
    No surprise.
  • Mae 2012/09/04 07:23:25
    With all the ways the dems and MSM throw around their accusations of racism against the GOP, they themselves come across as the biggest racists & bigots of all! Los Angeles' mayor Villaregosa came across as incredibly racist when he made that remark that the GOP can't just trot out a few brown faces in their convention...yada, yada. RACIST! Then there's that pesky detail that the Dems don't have any Latino speakers lined up for their convention. So who's the more inclusive party, then?
  • Charles R. Anderson 2012/09/04 06:11:50
    Charles R. Anderson
    Managing the News as propaganda is quite effective for a time, but then the People begin to catch on and they vote with their feet. Fortunately, the facts are generally out there somewhere and the Internet usually makes it reasonable to find them.
  • Iamfree 2012/09/04 05:47:42
    If Fox ignored minority speakers at the DNC convention, can you imagine the shrieks of outrage?
  • bye 2012/09/03 21:35:02
    I'm so tired of the racist card being tossed about for nonsense
  • Ken 2012/09/03 19:04:45
    The media and the Democrats can't afford for you to see the truth.
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/09/03 18:01:54
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Everybody with a brain knows better.

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