Tangible evidence to Support alien intervention on prehistoric man

logical thinker 2011/12/23 18:49:14
wow it all makes sence now
your the anti christ... HERESY, BURN HIM
interesting, but this is what i think about evolution
please stop.... the world is not ready yet for the truth
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Do you agree or are you still ignorant.

Charles darwin might be rolling over in his grave, but it is very possible that mankind came about from extra terrestrial invervention. Did the evolution of mankind recieve a jumpstart? and if so, might there be tangible evidence? and logical proof?. over 60% of the scientific community believe prrof is allready there inside the human brain.

Chicage illinois, december 2004. researchers at the howard hughs medical institute, at the university of Chicago published the results of a study that claims the sophistication of the human brain was the result of a so called "special event". The results of the study determined mankinds intelligence was not just a result of evolution, and around 50,000 years ago the human genome went through an intense amount of change in a relatively short amount of time. too short to supprt micro evolution (a small change to any item in an observable amount of time.) this observation is reffered to as "the big bang of the brain".

It is very clear that fully modern intellectual function is a very recent aquisition in our lineage. Its not an improvement of what was there before, its a new kind of manipulation of information in the mind. People all the time talk about the missing link. The moment in time that saw our ape ancestors jump from primitive tools and a chimp like community, to clothes, swords, verbal language and construction ability. 50,000 year ago anceint man went were no other animal has ever gone before in the entire history of the earth. over the millions of years worth of dinosaur rule, through countless ice ages and countless other dominant species on earth, suddenly an ape makes the leap to intellignece it brings the thought of an outside intervention.

What was the spark that spured the leap. was it a genetic mutation brought about by the natural selection process? or could it have been a genetic modification produced by extra terrestrial beings? It is said that god created mankind in his image. using clay vessels and clear pipes. English standard version of the Bible: "then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature." (primitive breathing tube just like an oxygen mask at a hospital?) scientists and genetic researchers are constantly altering DNA and molecular structures of living cells all the time. its called genetic research and stem cell research. if mankind now can do all of this, then extra terrestrials over 50,000 years ago could also.

What if as apart of the genetic updates human beings where getting from the extra terrestrials, one of those genetic updates involved a minor glitch. almost like a software download, a biological alteration to differentiate the different hemipheres of the brain to allow human society: tool and weapon making, fire, social organisation, arts and crafts, verbal communication and lots more. and from that it allowed that particular human specias to become what it is today. If an alien race could have the technology to travel across the universe wich would involve cold fusion, anti matter containment, anti gravity, enertial dampeners and so much more (wich science is allready working toward achieving)... then a minor manipulation to human DNA is logically very easy.

Aliens created human beings by genetically altering our primitive ancestors. the various versions of homonid have been the result of experiments to create intelligent life on earth. at different stages in our ancient history our DNA was altered, then altered again, then finally homo sapien was formed. most religous text explains that god gave us a gift of intelligence for us to use at our own free will. its possible we are an experiment.

FOXP2 - is a gene that was found in our nucleotides. this is something that sets us apart from any other animal. that gene alone is responcible for language. only we have it, primitive man did not. the evolution of mankind proves this gene was non existant untill 50,000 years ago. there is no evidence that this gene came from the animal kingdom or from us. it could not have formed on its own.... so where did it miraculously come from? its possible this geneome along with countless other spontaneous mutations was given to early man and grafted into our DNA.foxp2

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  • Haruhiko Yamanouchi 2013/02/15 02:52:10
    wow it all makes sence now
    Haruhiko Yamanouchi
    The prospective of extra-terrestial intervention in the formation of the human specie will be one of the most important ones to stimulates the progress of philosophy, psychology, sociology as well as anthropology in the 21 century. And also it is very probable that extra-terrestials may take decisive approaches to the earth-men, establishing solid method of communication. People of scientific curiosity are already very much excited with this prospective and are drawing out theories, hypothesis, metaphysical views and hints of inventions. People who like to live in the same thought-system will keep saying "no"s, "but"s and "nonsense"s, which doesn't produce any development neither in sciences nor in philosophies. They want to keep playing the same games, and living in the same loop. I like to change my games, finding new ones, always getting out of the loop of experiences. My favorite movie line: "Well, let's get out of here."
  • 2937203 2011/12/23 20:11:29
    please stop.... the world is not ready yet for the truth
    This is hilarious...

    Observation: There is evidence of a sudden change.
    Reasoning: I am uncomfortable with that observation.
    Conclusion: Extraterestrials.

    What BS. This is the same nonsense that early astronomers used to claim that there were dinosaurs on Venus. If stuff like this gets any street cred, its clear that mankind isnt ready for the truth yet.
  • logical... 2937203 2011/12/24 03:02:20
    logical thinker
    The world was claimed to be flat once too then mankind discovered the truth. Through history mankind set in its own beliefs often has its world turned upside down when a realization is discovered. it is only just recently mankind has began to wonder about the possibility of alien life in the infinite universe. so why is the concept of alien interaction and intervention so far fetched?

    genetic scientists are altering DNA molecules all the time in their field of study. us as a race are more than capable of doing an intervention to animal species on earth, so why is it so unbelievable that ET could not do it to early man?

    open your mind. no wonder the world is not ready.
  • misterz 2011/12/23 18:56:18
    please stop.... the world is not ready yet for the truth
  • logical thinker 2011/12/23 18:53:52
    wow it all makes sence now
    logical thinker

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