Sunset or sunrise? Why?

Jack's Pearl 2012/05/06 00:37:51
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  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2012/05/07 21:22:41
    Sunset. I'll sit out and watch a sunset until the sky is pitch black. Sunset means that it will just get darker, and I love the night. Plus I love all of the colors in a sunset.
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  • Larissa Haig 2012/05/07 04:29:26
    Larissa Haig
    sunset because it always so beautiful and has the most amazing colours
  • _Ganjaa 2012/05/06 19:52:53
    Its all the same to me ; i cant decide . . . .
  • BeautifulSoul 2012/05/06 18:53:14
    Sunrise, it means a new day of possibilities :)
  • Thomas Bryant 2012/05/06 17:57:50
    Thomas Bryant
    I just think the sun rising looks cooler.Sunset is cool too though. Sunrise
  • Kyle 2012/05/06 17:39:03
  • Amy Rose The Hedgehog 2012/05/06 17:31:30
    Amy Rose The Hedgehog
    Sunset , its my favorite to watch and its also sweet when a couple is there together
  • animeknight16 2012/05/06 17:23:50
    Both! They are both pretty!
  • Joe61 2012/05/06 14:00:10 (edited)
    I am both......Sunrise for me is about getting on with the manic rush and cram as much work and business into my day as possible. The earlier you rise quicker you get your day under control. I am usually up and about around 5.30am sometimes even earlier.

    Sunset for me is the relaxing period and I can put my day to rest, relax and chill out. Because for me, the evening is the most relaxing period of the day and is the time for pleasure.

    Sun goes down in the East Sun comes up in the west
  • SilveryRow 2012/05/06 11:55:53
    It's more beautiful (generally), and it preceeds my favourite time of day (dusk), not to mention if I'm looking at a sunrise I'm extremely tired.
  • BlackwinterG36C 2012/05/06 07:05:06
    Sunrise!!! Because it offers promise. While sunset means an end.
  • blissful 2012/05/06 06:20:32
    Both are beautiful sights to see. How can I choose?..
  • Lisa 2012/05/06 04:47:26
    Sunset because Sunrise is way too early for me! I am not a morning person. sunset
  • Jerry 2012/05/06 04:44:42
    For the most part, I would say sunset, in retirement now, on most mornings I am sleeping in, and miss Sunrise, many persons do tell me, that some Sunrises, are spectacular, I acknowledge them, but I am still going to sleep in, after all, I am 64, I'm no Spring Chicken anymore........lol.........
  • Tori Childers 2012/05/06 04:04:40
  • Hank 2012/05/06 03:52:44
    Sunrise with a slight edge over sunset. Love the start of a new day and what it may bring.
  • Soup Man 2012/05/06 03:45:35
  • Jack's ... Soup Man 2012/05/06 03:57:03
    Jack's Pearl
    Me too.
  • BlytheSpirit~bn0 2012/05/06 03:00:43
    Sunrise. That means I'm done with work and get to go home for the day!!!!!
  • Jack's ... BlytheS... 2012/05/06 03:30:46
    Jack's Pearl
    Cheers to a days hard work!
    cheers with beers
  • BlytheS... Jack's ... 2012/05/06 03:32:22
    Or hard night's work as the case may be. Cheers!
  • Jack's ... BlytheS... 2012/05/06 03:33:08
    Jack's Pearl
    Yes. you are right. How about mimosas? On your day off. :)
  • BlytheS... Jack's ... 2012/05/07 00:26:51
    Day off??? I'll have one in the morning, thank you. :)
  • Soup Man Jack's ... 2012/05/06 04:59:47
  • Jack's ... Soup Man 2012/05/06 17:29:26
    Jack's Pearl
    That is dreamy! I love it.
  • Soup Man Jack's ... 2012/05/06 22:04:13
    Soup Man
    I was thinking you may like it :D
  • blah 2012/05/06 02:45:14
    Sunset on the Beach! Why, I'll never tell. :-)
  • Me 2012/05/06 02:26:12
    Sunset...Cuz i like the view
  • PoppyAnn 2012/05/06 02:24:48
    Sunset, because it is the time of the day everyone is settling. The time I get to snuggle with my honey!
  • Kay 2012/05/06 02:10:09
  • amy 2012/05/06 01:32:31
    both. (:
  • ♒ßεllεchεvεllε®♒ 2012/05/06 01:32:18
    Sunrise! Everything is so much fresher and alive. For me, everything seems so stale in the evening.
  • Rukasaki ~~ Hawkshadow 2012/05/06 00:57:58
    Rukasaki ~~ Hawkshadow
    sunset. i like night better, and sunrise makes me wake up...
  • nana 2012/05/06 00:54:55
    sunrise its the beginning of a new day to start fresh
  • LADY LIBERTY SILLY WORDSMITH 2012/05/06 00:54:15
  • DoxieDad 2012/05/06 00:52:21
    Sunrise. There is just something fascinating about watching the sun come over the horizon in the still of the morning.
    sunrise nc
  • Beccy 2012/05/06 00:49:35
    Frankly I love both but if I have to pick it would be sunset because I don;t like to get up in the morning.
  • justnotsaying (: 2012/05/06 00:47:59
    justnotsaying (:
    Sunset, because the sky look so beautiful and calming.
  • Pat 2012/05/06 00:45:14
    I can't choose. I used to love watching the sun come over the ocean when I was younger. It was still dark and then the sky would start to lighten ever so slowly and you could see on the horizon a spot that was just a little brighter. Then there was a flash of color and the sun popped up, almost all at once it seemed. In seconds it was bright daylight. It was just spectacular.
    Sunsets are also spectacular, the sky is painted in all the colors of a prism, the clouds seem to float just above and around the sun and then in one swift move, it's gone.
    Both are beautiful.

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