Study Shows Dog Saliva Improves Acne: Are You Heading to the Pound?

Fun 2011/04/01 12:00:00
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Love getting kisses from Fido? We've got good news -- his saliva may help clear up acne and prevent future breakouts.

A study published recently by the Bijan-Frise Skincare Institute found that active components in canine saliva were effective in treating and preventing acne. Even more surprisingly, patients treated with canine saliva solutions saw better results than control groups treated with expensive, celebrity-endorsed acne medications.

While it is a common folk belief in some cultures that dog saliva has curative powers, lead researcher Jean-Luc Chabrol says this is the first time science has demonstrated a concrete relationship between canine saliva and acne healing.

"There are a number of components of saliva that have been shown by scientific research to act against infection or to promote healing, but this is the first evidence that canine saliva, which helps dogs clean and disinfect wounds, can also help humans maintain clear skin."

At least one company has already attempted to capitalize on the study's findings -- last week, French skincare giant Bonpeau launched PawActiv, a line of skincare products that contain varying levels of canine saliva. Despite its cheeky title, a spokesperson for the line maintained that it is a serious product with serious results.

"Our customers are able to see beyond any stigma associated with canine saliva, and realize that as a treatment for acne it is very affective -- and reasonable."

So what's a bottle of PawActiv going to set you back? With products starting at $10 U.S. dollars, it just may give Proactiv a run for it's money -- provided people aren't opposed to washing their face with dog spit.

If nothing else, it makes a great gag gift for APRIL FOOL'S DAY...

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  • Chico 2013/09/05 18:43:38
  • Amanda 2012/11/12 05:10:47
    No, I'll stick with soap
    my dog licks my chin and cheeks and thats where i have acne it didnt start till i got the dog!
  • bECkiE.<3 2011/06/07 20:18:49
    No, I'll stick with soap
    Darn, i hit the wrong button...
  • linzee<3 2011/06/05 23:23:28
    No, I'll stick with soap
  • Mike 2011/05/23 03:38:10
    No, I'll stick with soap
    I think the world is already going to the dogs. I don't need to be licked, to be reminded.
  • RainbowSkittles123 2011/05/20 21:04:12
    No, I'll stick with soap
    Thats Disgusting.
  • Curlz 2011/05/20 18:29:45
    Yes, bring on the PawActiv!
    dog saliva dont bother me one bit. No im not gona sit there and just let my dog lick me everyday. Yes my dog licks me and no i have no acne
  • :) smiley 2011/05/17 04:21:27
    No, I'll stick with soap
    :) smiley
    sorry, but my dog licks his humongous thing everyday along with eating poop and various other things. lol
  • Leyla M... :) smiley 2014/11/09 04:23:08
    Leyla Matta
    Omg... You're making it seem like you never got too drunk, threw up and swallowed your own throw up by accident or licked a girls' vigaegae (If you're a guy)/ went down on a guy (If you're a girl)... Or did both, if bi-
    What kind of dog you have- that eats poop???
  • JB Lover 2011/05/15 01:09:59
    No, I'll stick with soap
    JB Lover
  • meshell 2011/05/06 13:52:07
    No, I'll stick with soap
    i hate dogs licking. apparently their saliva is like an antisetic but no
  • XoxoGlowify 2011/04/29 09:53:49
    No, I'll stick with soap
    lol.. they can lick my hands, but not my face
  • Donna 2011/04/28 10:35:32
  • 80880 2011/04/26 10:56:50
    Yes, bring on the PawActiv!
    I let my Beagle lick me all over each and every morning.
  • Sexuallobster 2011/04/25 05:15:55
  • Peon of the Masses 2011/04/24 19:28:48 (edited)
    No, I'll stick with soap
    Peon of the Masses
    Although an extracted portion of the saliva is antibacterial toward a couple of specific bacteria, their mouths harbor all sorts of other pathogenic organisms that can have numerous adverse effects on human health.
  • The heartless 2011/04/24 11:34:11
    No, I'll stick with soap
    The heartless
  • sketchbone 2011/04/24 05:23:39 (edited)
    No, I'll stick with soap
    Come to think of it, I've never seen acne on a dog's BALLS.
  • emmaboo sketchbone 2014/09/02 23:41:26
    Ohmygod I can't breathe. That comment was fantastic.
  • Imperious Is Not PC 2011/04/23 21:01:52 (edited)
  • mrdog 2011/04/22 08:02:35
    Yes, bring on the PawActiv!
    This is nothing new for me..... I'm a best friend....bark
  • Hopilady 2011/04/22 01:34:09
    Yes, bring on the PawActiv!
    lol too funny, I used to sit around and let my dogs and cats lick my face all up when I was a teen.....come to think of it, I never had an acne problem ;) but if you do...always follow it up with soap, cant have people thinkin thats the only way ya wash up :P
  • Argelia 2011/04/20 17:31:32
    No, I'll stick with soap
    ohhh gosh noo
  • justin bieber 2011/04/18 02:48:30
    No, I'll stick with soap
    justin bieber
    Cool, but I'm good. It's actually a good thing that I don't have acne, so yeah, but Wow!
  • WickedGhost 2011/04/15 12:26:38
    No, I'll stick with soap
    Nope sorry, I wont even dare to try it. It looks gross!
  • . 2011/04/13 03:32:11
  • T 2011/04/11 23:48:11
    No, I'll stick with soap
    I love doggie kisses but I think I'll just stick with washing my face with soap.
  • Unknown 2011/04/11 22:18:45
    No, I'll stick with soap
    In other news dog pounds , pet stores and kennels have been sold out of all puppies and dogs by teenagers who smeared peanut butter on their face.>>>>> Flash weeks later animal service have removed many neglected dogs from homes across the nation. Official are looking into see what has cause this tragic epidemic.
    If you have pimples an bend down ever do close to pet my dog and stick your chin out you might wake up on your back an hour or so later.
  • Jaaaade. 2011/04/11 14:07:42
    No, I'll stick with soap
  • Glen 2011/04/11 01:31:13
    No, I'll stick with soap
    Remember, the dog's tongue is his toilet paper.
  • smemily122 2011/04/10 08:57:08
    Yes, bring on the PawActiv!
    Well, if it helps (and I need all the help I can get with my acne) then I'd be happy to give it a try. Not straight from the dog's mouth though, maybe bottle it first? xD
  • Fresh 2011/04/09 23:05:11
    No, I'll stick with soap
    ummm no thanks ~ way past the acne breakouts thank goodness!
  • ruthannhausman 2011/04/09 19:11:51
    No, I'll stick with soap
    But I'd love to have another dog! Stupid apartment won't allow it. Six months more....
  • Moonie 2011/04/08 08:40:38
    Yes, bring on the PawActiv!
    Its proven that a dogs mouth is one of the most sanitary places. Their saliva can heal wounds/burns. So why not acne?
    The biggest organ on the human body is the skin. In a square inch of human skin there is over 10,000 pores: the clothes that you wear, jewelry, and what you wash with is getting absorbed into every pore when you put it on your skin. I rather have sanitary dog saliva going on my skin, then nasty chemicals that were created in a lab and probably tested on animals.
    A lot of the chemicals in face wash I personally don't know what it is, and how to even pronounce it! So why would I want something being absorbed into my body that I don't even know how to say correctly? At least with dog saliva you know its sanitary and where its coming from...and what it is. wash personally pronounce absorbed body correctly dog saliva sanitary pawactiv
  • Imperio... Moonie 2011/04/23 21:06:14
  • dm 2011/04/08 08:30:02
    No, I'll stick with soap
    I don't have acne.
  • YvetteNoemi 2011/04/07 15:59:25
    Yes, bring on the PawActiv!
    i love my dogg and if she can improve my acne, go for it! lol
  • Thea 2011/04/07 06:32:07
    No, I'll stick with soap
    Even if I wasn't allergic to them.
  • NabilBotros 2011/04/07 00:08:44
    Yes, bring on the PawActiv!
    maybe maybe not
  • blackrings70 2011/04/06 23:05:36
    No, I'll stick with soap
    My dog gets down and all around her business, YES for cleaning, so I'm not too cool with her tongue on my face. Some do say its medicinal but eww no thanks I'll pass.

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