Speedy little 9 year old girl quarterback owns the boys on the football field: yay or nay?

tncdel 2012/11/08 19:21:32
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  • Raphy 2012/11/09 00:57:51
    YAY! [comment as you wish].
    That's good for now. But as she get's older. Her parents need to find something else for her to do.
  • HailScience 2012/11/08 22:52:57
    YAY! [comment as you wish].
    she's got balls
  • tncdel 2012/11/08 19:36:24
    YAY! [comment as you wish].
    Look at her indomitable spirit in the clip, showing her elusively evading tackles, and even dragging a tackler who managed to get a hold on her.

    Almost as impressively in her stats, she has made 65 tackles herself!
  • Kiyomicupcake eaterofsouls 2012/11/08 19:31:52
    YAY! [comment as you wish].
    Kiyomicupcake eaterofsouls
    This is just freaking awesome
  • beachbum 2012/11/08 19:31:48
    YAY! [comment as you wish].
    Good for her - hope she's having a wonderful time.
  • tncdel beachbum 2012/11/08 19:38:10
    If she keeps going like that, there will be talk about a college allowing a female player and offering her a scholarship. Maybe it will open up college football to girls too.
  • beachbum tncdel 2012/11/08 19:51:29
    Maybe so, but there is a world of difference between a 9 year old female, and a 19 female playing in college simply because of the strength of those college defensive linemen.............I sure wouldn't want to get sacked by one..........
  • ConLibFraud 2012/11/08 19:28:05
    YAY! [comment as you wish].
    That was a joy to watch. Thanks for posting tnc.
  • tncdel ConLibF... 2012/11/08 19:30:49

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