SPAM-ming it UP (II)

sglmom 2011/06/26 04:11:25
I'm COOK-ing with Creativity ..
I'm a STARVE-ing Student (it's what I can afford)
SPAM drives me up the Walls (literally!)
I'm CLUELESS .. What's this SPAM, you say?
GOOD GRIEF .. it's FOOD .. when you're HUNGRY it is OK!
SOME of the Above ...
OTHER Thoughts ...
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Let's see .. where do we begin ..
Are we referring here to some MYSTERY meat product (canned) ..
Are we referring to unwanted, unneeded /advertising/?

In this case .. for better (or Worse) as the case may be ..
We are talking about SPAM .. the MYSTERY meat (in the Can).

Are you COOK-ing with Creativity (SPAM-ming your Friends/Family)

Are you STARVE-ing Student (hey, it's what I can afford right now!)

OR .. does the thought of SPAM drive you right up the wall?

Is there a special RECIPE for SPAM success?

or .. are you CLUELESS .. what's this SPAM .. (I don't know I confess!)

Please Feel Free to add your thoughts below ..
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  • Sister Jean 2011/06/26 15:35:33
    SPAM drives me up the Walls (literally!)
    Sister Jean
    why can't it be controlled?? controlled doh
  • Gabhain 2011/06/26 05:38:35
    OTHER Thoughts ...
    I prefer potted meat and deviled ham - especially when I'm potted and up to the devil's work.
    potted meat deviled ham potted devils work potted meat potted meat deviled ham potted devils work deviled ham
  • Freedom Mom 2011/06/26 04:38:55
    OTHER Thoughts ...
    Freedom Mom
    Spam is good fishing Bait if you have any left over.

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