Someone in R.I. won Power-Ball at $300,000.000.00+ what would you do if it was YOU?

Jay0Byrd 2012/02/12 14:15:57
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I'd ..  ....
I might ...
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Likely use the last decades of my life trying to set myself up in Luxury!
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  • EmoMcParland 2012/02/12 23:40:33 (edited)
    I might ...
    I would buy homes for my children & my best friend. Addtionally his son is going to UC Davis for microbiology; I would pay for all of his college so that he could focus on his dreams. I would also buy a new facility for my church.
  • lady blue 2012/02/12 15:48:29
    I'd .. ....
    lady blue
    I'd give a generous amount to charities like Red Cross, World Hunger, cancer research and I'd foster a few needy children around the world. I'd probably adopt a couple
    of children too and sell my house in New York and move to Hawaii and buy a beautiful beachfront property, a Mercedes Benz and a Lexus and live there for the rest of my life.
  • Doug King 2012/02/12 14:30:18
    I'd .. ....
    Doug King
    I would retire and move to a warmer climate.
  • Jay0Byrd Doug King 2012/02/12 14:39:37
    Yeah, I hear that!
  • The River Rat 2012/02/12 14:23:59
    I'd .. ....
    The River Rat
    I would quit my job and then decide what I was going to do after that. I know I would get me an antique car, see that my kids were taken care of, buy something for someone very special and see to it that she was taken care of, give some friends some, then decide what I was going to do with the rest.
  • Jay0Byrd The Riv... 2012/02/12 14:41:32
  • The Riv... Jay0Byrd 2012/02/12 16:27:43
    The River Rat
    Hey, I had a '66 when I was in college.

    1966 pontiac gto
  • Jay0Byrd The Riv... 2012/02/12 16:37:14
    I had a 66` too until the camshaft and lifters went bad from turned cam bearing, a common thing with 389-V8's
  • The Riv... Jay0Byrd 2012/02/12 16:52:47
    The River Rat
    Yea, mine died a sad death years ago too.

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