Solar power supply at risk???

wombat 2011/06/08 16:23:53
Na well....
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solar power supply at risk

eruptions have occurred on the sun for the last time in 2006. A huge cloud of
particles is above the star. Experts expect today from 20 GMT Clock with
geomagnetic storms that could affect our power grids and satellite navigation.

unusually intense solar storm could disrupt the next few days the GPS receiver
and power on Earth. This

is according to the U.S. weather service to the most violent solar

eruption was in 2006, to moderate today and Thursday could cause

problems in the magnetic field of the earth. Might therefore also have to be
diverted flights, the researchers also expect spectacular auroras.

The Solar
Observatory of the U.S.
space agency NASA registered the peak of

the solar eruption on Tuesday evening Central European Time. In

such an outbreak, which is referred to by researchers as "coronal mass

ejection" (KMA), electrically charged particles are hurled into space.


this solar flare is a huge cloud of particles have been released, reported to
NASA. She was then sunk back to the sun and have almost half the Sun's surface
covered. The

eruption was "pretty dramatic" have been the project manager reported

to predict space weather at the U.S. Weather Service NWS, Bill Murtagh. As
"all the material was thrown up by the sun", was "fascinating to
watch" was.

also evaluated the spectacle as "visually impressive". Because the
eruption was not addressed directly to the 150 million kilometers away earth,
the experts believe that the impact will vary on the ground

"fairly low". The U.S. Weather Service NWS classified the solar flare
only in the medium-heavy category, M2.

Earth, the eruption could reportedly lead clock at 20.00 BST to small or moderate geomagnetic storms that last for between 24 and 48 hours. Thus
there might be problems in current networks and in satellite navigation. You
may also need flights will be diverted via the polar regions.

and Shipping affected?

at risk are communications satellites or the 20,000 miles from Earth in

the All orbiting satellites of the GPS navigation system from which the

modern air and waterway transport is largely dependent. Large solar flares and
the resulting solar storms on Earth can have negative effects on electronic

in power systems solar storms can cause interference. Sun 1973, a solar flare
caused a blackout in the Canadian province
of Quebec - six million
people were sitting in the dark.

a result of solar storms, NASA expects today and Thursday with even spectacular
polar lights. They are formed by the deformation of the Earth's magnetic field
during a solar storm. The charged particles of solar wind flow along the field lines cause the Earth's poles, where they light bands or arches in various colors. With
particularly strong solar storms in the past repeatedly been sighted about Germany auroras.

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  • Albannach 2011/06/08 16:45:29
    Na well....
    A solar storm is mostly intense electromagnetic radiation, which has no effect on the generation of solar energy.
  • wombat Albannach 2011/06/08 18:17:31
    No affects is a bit over the top but I dont expect harsh cuts.
  • Albannach wombat 2011/06/08 19:31:38
    Electrical Solar power is produced purely by the the transforming of light (photons) into an electrical current. The other solar energy relies on light also, but to produce heat energy, which can then be used in numerous ways.

    Both are unaffected by solar storms, as the light/heat energy from the sun does not change or diminish when a solar wind happens. It only effects electrical distribution due to EMF surges affecting the electronic devices used to control the distribution of electrical energy.

    Just as much electrical/radiant solar power will be produced during the very worst solar storm as it would without one. The supply may be interrupted by the cutting out of the electrical grid, but that will effect all electrical energy production, and not specifically solar power.
  • wombat Albannach 2011/06/08 19:49:00
    Yes, you are absolutely correct, well explained!!!
    They were talking about GPS and other radio like disturbances and that would be the only problem as usual.
  • ☠Marz555☠ 2011/06/08 16:32:27
    Na well....
    Solar panel are going to be fine, just wipe off all those protons.
  • wombat ☠Marz555☠ 2011/06/08 16:37:49
    Guess what, thats right!!!

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