Sodahead where have you gone!?

Sodahead where have you gone!?

Okay the new changes to sodahead are Very unnecessary! I truly dislike it! Share this group! Thanx=)

URL http://www.sodahead.com/fun/sodahead-where-have-you-gone/group-14607/

Public Fun 182 2009/09/30 02:36:14


Sodahead!!!! Come out, come out, wherever u r!


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The first five things thats making sodahead slip!

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  • danielle gallegos 2010/05/15 05:53:30
    danielle gallegos
    man i hate it i cant even get in my account
  • Miranda Kaye♥ 2009/11/09 20:35:43
    Miranda Kaye♥
    New Sodahead is so screwed up...
    I can't:
    -Upload any new pictures
    -Add media to questions, blogs, etc.
    -Change default picture

    And now it says I have at least 1 friend request and 6 new happenings at ALL times...
    It's SO annoying!!!!
  • julie sossaman 2009/10/26 00:43:35
    julie sossaman
    your right thay should have left it alone.
  • Sailor Dale 2009/10/25 06:47:39
    Sailor Dale
    Every time I come back from a ship, SodaHead has changed AGAIN!!!
    Please leave it alone, It is not broke, & does not need to be "fixed" ship sodahead changed leave broke fixed


  • tuned in
    i want the old sodahead back! every one like me are mad! uhh i dont even understand how to express it! and those people who made sodahead like this are there thinking that they made sodahead really cool but that is not so...
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    tuned in 2009/11/21 13:51:24