SmittenKitten 2011/08/30 01:34:04
As is the usual case, as of 8:15pm, all the politically-related questions on Page 1 of the HOT list were submitted by Conservatives.


Why does the Sodahead Staff hate Liberals?

In fact two of the questions are concerning the same topic.


Why does the Sodahead Staff hate Liberals?

Over the weekend, I had submitted a blog which had more responses than the top question on Page 1 of the HOT list. As the night went on, and I continued to get more responses, my question was moved from Page 2, to page 4. The next time I looked for it, it was on Page 12. In 19 hours, it had more activity than the Number 1 Question on Page 1 of the HOT list, which was going into it's second day and receiving little activity.

Why does the Sodahead Staff hate Liberals?

My blog has over 900 opinions, but never got the exposure that other questions with less activity received. I had to go to other questions and post the link to my question; that's how I got so many responses.

So I ask, why does the Sodahead staff hate Liberals? Do they want us to leave? Is there any shame, at all, in Sodahead staff's obvious attempt to control the agenda on what is described as:

" ... the premier opinion-based community where visitors discover,
debate, and discuss today's hottest issues. They share their unique
views on breaking news, hot topics and controversial issues and a
diverse panel of staff writers provide original and exclusive content

With that many angles, the discussions on SodaHead will open your eyes
to a panoramic view of your world that you won't get anywhere else,
allowing you to see the big picture and discuss it."

Sodahead is not being honest with the public. There is only one angle that is promoted on Sodahead, the agenda of Conservatives.

Why does the Sodahead staff hate Liberals?
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  • SodaHead 2011/08/31 20:50:27

    Some members may feel that SodaHead is the site of an epic battle between left and right, where the only important content is political content from the left and right, and every action taken by SodaHead is influenced by some perceived politlcal "bias" that favors one political party over the other.

    When we make decisions about changes to the site, or decisions on what to feature on the rotating "carousel" pages, politics doesn't enter the picture. Why would we want to alienate an entire political party and drive them away from the site? That wouldn't be good for our traffic.

    The questions you are referring to have worked it's way to the 'Hot' section because of an alorithm that allows fresh/active stories with the most raves, comments, votes, replies, etc. Users voted them to the top -- SodaHead has no control over this. Questions with time stamps of 3-4 days older may not appear on the first page of the Hot section. Content that violates the Code of Conduct may be removed by SodaHead.

    As always, please continue to produce good content and share your views with everyone -- there's room here for everyone's opinion, as long as we respect each other.

    -SodaHead Support

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  • Smitten... Cantus_... 2011/09/02 20:42:43
  • Cantus_... Smitten... 2011/09/02 20:49:21
    No worries! Smitten kitten ...... i have my reasons for choosing to answer the way i did.
  • Smitten... Cantus_... 2011/09/02 22:39:26
  • chgo SodaHead 2011/09/01 17:02:30
    I understand why you think it is your full responsibility to respond with the same rehearsed drivel whenever you get posts like this. We're on to you.
  • Magyarita SodaHead 2011/09/02 04:12:09
  • Smitten... SodaHead 2011/09/02 20:39:43
  • keeper SodaHead 2011/09/03 20:14:24
    I am not trying to suck up, but this was a very good reply...
  • Smitten... keeper 2011/09/04 14:08:00
  • keeper Smitten... 2011/09/04 14:34:05
  • johnqpu... SodaHead 2011/10/16 06:55:44
    God Bless America!!! What a country !!!!
  • bjamnjm SodaHead 2011/11/27 08:27:03
    I wonder if SH isn't as conservative as you think? Seriously, I bet it isn't that SH is a conspiring source of conservatism, as much as it means just not to be a kiss the President's butt liberal operation.

    It seems, especially w/an ear and or eye for the evening news that in most cases liberalism carries the day w/the exception of FNC where it still dominates just not in the way it does at other networks.

    I’m sorry your posts aren’t getting the recognition they deserve or you believe they should earn on SH. Might I encourage you to keep trying & to be patient? Regarding many topics I’m considered conservative, I hate that; 10 years ago such labels didn’t exist & seems clear they are successful dividers of countrymen & women.
  • kingz123 SodaHead 2012/11/09 14:43:14
  • ally 2011/08/31 16:25:54 (edited)
    Intellegent and thought provoking polls was what I was looking for. Then I walked into the SH world.
    intellegent provoking polls walked sh world body snatchers
  • Smitten... ally 2011/08/31 17:56:29
  • ally Smitten... 2011/08/31 18:04:24
    Spot on, Smitten!
  • Smitten... ally 2011/08/31 17:58:58
  • ally Smitten... 2011/08/31 18:30:50
  • sugardaddy 2011/08/31 16:11:10
  • Smitten... sugardaddy 2011/08/31 17:58:39
  • sugardaddy Smitten... 2011/08/31 20:31:24
    It was my civil duty no thanks necessary but still greatly appreciated,
  • C. C. R... sugardaddy 2011/09/01 12:26:23
    C. C. Rider
    EXCELLENT POST!!! How sad to see how cons have torn down America since he was President.
  • sugardaddy C. C. R... 2011/09/01 15:13:37
    Holy smokes she,s still speaking to me i thought i was on the Banned list or something !
  • C. C. R... sugardaddy 2011/09/01 16:53:11
    C. C. Rider
    LOL are you kidding? Where have you been? Banned? NEVER! LOL
  • MO.gal sugardaddy 2011/09/02 02:19:37
  • C. C. Rider 2011/08/31 08:45:45
    C. C. Rider
    This is what I would do...post a commie blog on Obama which of course would get you to the top of the hot list ASAP, but let it be known you are kidding around and really you back Obama. The confusion would be to much for SH and walla, you are still on the hot list. AND the bright side is SH would have on file that you are a commie hating Obamamite and they would never ever again ck any material you post in any blog....just automatically push you to the hot list. Yea, I know I am genius,,BUT make sure somewhere in that blog you say brush or comb or you will blow it.
    Anything to help my man ..... push hot list yea geniusbut blog brush comb blow stand by your  man

    eheheh did you see that little trick there? A country song! WE are on our way to the hot list!!!
  • Smitten... C. C. R... 2011/08/31 14:13:35
  • C. C. R... Smitten... 2011/08/31 15:38:24 (edited)
    C. C. Rider
    yyyiippiiee ....oh oh...wrong song....NO HOT LIST FOR US!!!!! quick brush and comb!!!

  • Smitten... C. C. R... 2011/08/31 15:46:57
  • C. C. R... Smitten... 2011/08/31 15:59:39
    C. C. Rider
    Brush . . . or Comb . . . President Obama is a Marxist

    You coy hot list climber!!!
  • whipnet C. C. R... 2011/09/01 03:19:57
    What's a "walla" genius?

  • C. C. R... whipnet 2011/09/01 12:22:41
    C. C. Rider
    You poor thing!
  • whipnet C. C. R... 2011/09/01 13:03:49
    It means "You poor thing"? Weird.

    I thought you were trying to say "Voilà"

    My bad.

  • C. C. R... whipnet 2011/09/01 13:16:36
    C. C. Rider
    ahh communication,,,it fails the cons every time.
  • whipnet C. C. R... 2011/09/01 13:23:48
    No, I just don't understand lib gibberish using words that do not exist.

  • C. C. R... whipnet 2011/09/01 13:32:47
    C. C. Rider
    "Walla" From Wikipedia, This article is about a sound effect. In American radio, film, television, and video games, walla is a sound effect imitating the murmur of a crowd in the background. A group of actors brought together in the post-production stage of film production to create this murmur is known as a walla group. According to one story, walla received its name during the early days of radio, when it was discovered that having several people repeat the sound walla in the background was sufficient to mimic the indistinct chatter of a crowd. Nowadays, walla actors make use of real words and conversations, often improvised, tailored to the languages, speech patterns, and accents that might be expected of the crowd to be mimicked.

    it is also used by magicians who say this during their act in getting things to disappear ..but I do understand cons seeing and hearing mainstream english as gibberish.....Now, lets try that WALLA on you!! LOL
  • whipnet C. C. R... 2011/09/01 13:40:20
    The actual word is the French word "Voilà" not matter how much you try to quote Wikipedia's incorrect listing.

    Try a real source and learn something today:
  • whipnet C. C. R... 2011/09/01 13:45:20 (edited)
    (I looked up your "Walla" in Wikipedia and I found nothing of the sort you mentioned.)
  • C. C. R... whipnet 2011/09/01 13:50:02
    C. C. Rider
    So you can't use the internet either...Just for the record and to help you thu this...I did not use the word "voila" it was "walla" but tit for tat only you care. More proof cons loves chasing their own tails walla tit tat care proof cons loves chasing tails tail chaisng
  • whipnet C. C. R... 2011/09/01 14:01:01
    By all means continue to use it. You only make yourself look stupid around any educated person. It's not a word in the sense you attempted to use it in. I was only trying to help you so you could keep up that claimed notion that you are a genius. ;)

  • COCO whipnet 2012/02/07 04:04:30

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