SmittenKitten 2011/08/30 01:34:04
As is the usual case, as of 8:15pm, all the politically-related questions on Page 1 of the HOT list were submitted by Conservatives.


Why does the Sodahead Staff hate Liberals?

In fact two of the questions are concerning the same topic.


Why does the Sodahead Staff hate Liberals?

Over the weekend, I had submitted a blog which had more responses than the top question on Page 1 of the HOT list. As the night went on, and I continued to get more responses, my question was moved from Page 2, to page 4. The next time I looked for it, it was on Page 12. In 19 hours, it had more activity than the Number 1 Question on Page 1 of the HOT list, which was going into it's second day and receiving little activity.

Why does the Sodahead Staff hate Liberals?

My blog has over 900 opinions, but never got the exposure that other questions with less activity received. I had to go to other questions and post the link to my question; that's how I got so many responses.

So I ask, why does the Sodahead staff hate Liberals? Do they want us to leave? Is there any shame, at all, in Sodahead staff's obvious attempt to control the agenda on what is described as:

" ... the premier opinion-based community where visitors discover,
debate, and discuss today's hottest issues. They share their unique
views on breaking news, hot topics and controversial issues and a
diverse panel of staff writers provide original and exclusive content

With that many angles, the discussions on SodaHead will open your eyes
to a panoramic view of your world that you won't get anywhere else,
allowing you to see the big picture and discuss it."

Sodahead is not being honest with the public. There is only one angle that is promoted on Sodahead, the agenda of Conservatives.

Why does the Sodahead staff hate Liberals?
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  • SodaHead 2011/08/31 20:50:27

    Some members may feel that SodaHead is the site of an epic battle between left and right, where the only important content is political content from the left and right, and every action taken by SodaHead is influenced by some perceived politlcal "bias" that favors one political party over the other.

    When we make decisions about changes to the site, or decisions on what to feature on the rotating "carousel" pages, politics doesn't enter the picture. Why would we want to alienate an entire political party and drive them away from the site? That wouldn't be good for our traffic.

    The questions you are referring to have worked it's way to the 'Hot' section because of an alorithm that allows fresh/active stories with the most raves, comments, votes, replies, etc. Users voted them to the top -- SodaHead has no control over this. Questions with time stamps of 3-4 days older may not appear on the first page of the Hot section. Content that violates the Code of Conduct may be removed by SodaHead.

    As always, please continue to produce good content and share your views with everyone -- there's room here for everyone's opinion, as long as we respect each other.

    -SodaHead Support

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  • MrsBluE... jmc0780... 2012/05/24 10:01:21
  • MrsBluE... jmc0780... 2012/05/24 09:53:02
    Don't you mean America should NOT be socialist? Nosocialism
  • shawnd19 2011/09/12 02:39:31
    I have to question your conspiracy theory. It would seen that "The Staff" may have better things to do than to keep you down.
  • Smitten... shawnd19 2011/09/12 06:25:01
  • shawnd19 Smitten... 2011/09/13 03:02:15
    Perhaps. I see this kind of thing all the time. On one site it is Liberals who are favored, on another it is Conservatives. Back and forth it goes. Either way it isn't that big of a deal. It is all pretty much entertainment, right?
  • Smitten... shawnd19 2011/09/13 03:07:31
  • shawnd19 Smitten... 2011/09/13 03:09:50
    LOL! A sense of humor. Nice. New found respect, Smitten.
  • Smitten... shawnd19 2011/09/13 14:39:58
  • shawnd19 Smitten... 2011/09/14 01:07:43
    No problem.
  • Annie shawnd19 2012/01/14 17:53:48
  • Radlad Smitten... 2012/03/09 11:11:33
    I'll say it again. It doesn't seem that way a lot of the time, Maybe it's just me...........
  • Katherine 2011/09/04 03:08:30
    This is a predominantly liberal website. But this is probably just like economics, we do better with it in spite of your attempts at trying to make people fail.
  • Smitten... Katherine 2011/09/04 13:44:29
  • Lynn 2011/09/03 22:50:38 (edited)
    Other than enforcing terms of service, SH staff is under no obligation to censor or apply affirmative action to the content POSTED BY USERS.

    IOW, if there's not enough libtard postings here to suit your fancy, POST THEM YOURSELF, STOP WHINING AND STFU!!!

    users iow libtard postings suit fancy post whining stfu crybaby liberals
  • Smitten... Lynn 2011/09/04 13:48:40
  • Lynn Smitten... 2011/09/04 16:11:06
    You're mental and a sorry sore loser. There was not a trace of whining in my post... just a bitchslap to you for YOUR whining. If you'd bothered to read the post made by SH managment (see top comment) you would have seen that my reply was 100% accurate in explaining the situation.

    SH managment does NOT pick and chose hot list items. Its all done by a bot based on activity. If you want to be on the hotlist, make a posting that is interesting, thought provoking, encourages fun and intelligent discussion and not so whiny and bitchy. No one like a whiny, name calling crybaby, thats why you, and the rest of the libtards' postings DONT make it to the hotlist.
  • Smitten... Lynn 2011/09/04 16:14:33
  • Lynn Smitten... 2011/09/04 16:22:36
    You MADE this post to complain and whine about not being on the hot list. I guess SH is just a bunch of meanies picking on poor little you. Its a conspiracy!

    hot list guess sh bunch meanies picking poor conspiracy conspiracy

    Suck it up crybaby.

    guess sh bunch meanies picking poor conspiracy suck crybaby crybaby
  • Smitten... Lynn 2011/09/04 16:35:50
  • Lynn Smitten... 2011/09/05 04:13:35
    God, you're a stupid one....

    god stupid ROFLMAO
  • Smitten... Lynn 2011/09/05 07:14:06
  • \V/ Smitten... 2011/09/05 09:10:07 (edited)
  • Smitten... \V/ 2011/09/05 15:45:20
  • \V/ Smitten... 2011/09/05 16:49:22
  • Smitten... \V/ 2011/09/05 18:08:21
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/09/03 21:23:32
    Lerro DeHazel
    Actually, I don't hate anyone; but still, if someone lies to you then they will steal from you . . .
  • Smitten... Lerro D... 2011/09/04 13:49:47
  • Lerro D... Smitten... 2011/09/05 01:03:59
    Lerro DeHazel
    Well, it's kind of like our own lack of enforcing our other laws . . . The only reason that the criminals do what they do is because they know that here in the United States they can get away with it. If we had eye-for-an-eye and tooth-for-a-tooth type of punishment then we wouldn't see so many criminals running around blind, and without teeth and tongues, etc.; instead, we just wouldn't see so much crime. We need to start enforcing our Laws. [Nancy Pelosi without a tongue? . . . Wow! What did we do, all die and go to Heaven?] Other countries poke fun and laugh at us; knowing that they can export their own criminals here at random; much the same as Castro (Cuba) did during the Carter Administration, and let us deal with the element of their society that they can't control; and then accordingly, we will have to follow up by kissing their immigrating asses, in the most unusual dignified manner.
  • Smitten... Lerro D... 2011/09/05 07:17:17 (edited)
  • Lerro D... Smitten... 2011/09/05 18:05:39
    Lerro DeHazel
    Negative! In Saudi Arabia for instance, there are no thefts, robberies, and burglaries and there are still no people running around without any hands. IT WORKS!!! Living Proof! It does work!!!
  • keeper 2011/09/03 20:11:31
    I agree with the TC from SodaHead...
  • Smitten... keeper 2011/09/04 13:50:17
  • keeper Smitten... 2011/09/04 14:15:41 (edited)
    This may be from before your time on SH, but I posted this about a tear and a half ago... you may find some of the answers interesting...
  • Smitten... keeper 2011/09/04 15:22:42
  • keeper Smitten... 2011/09/04 16:07:48
    Thank you for your explanation. To be honest, I never go to the "Hot List" page, so I do not monitor it. When I made that post, the polls were streaming on the right hand side similar to what they are now, and the proponderance of them were "left leaning". Like I pointed out, SH did have 5 paid left wing bloggers at the time.
    I don't know if it has changed that much, but it seems to me that there are just as many silly liberal and conservative polls floating around now. lol
  • Smitten... keeper 2011/09/04 16:11:27
  • keeper Smitten... 2011/09/04 18:44:02
    Hope you have a nice holiday as well~~
  • Smitten... keeper 2011/09/04 15:47:17
  • keeper Smitten... 2011/09/04 18:48:17
    Pretty weak for "hot topics"!! LOL
  • Smitten... keeper 2011/09/04 15:52:00

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