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my inbox is full of sodahed!

i get a lot of e-mails from sodahead and i was wondering if there was a way to stop some e-mails that i get, because my inbox is full of sodahead related things and it takes me forever to delete them
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  • ☼Cam luvs u all ☼ 2009/08/16 18:09:45
    ☼Cam luvs u all ☼
    usually what I do is flag them and so then they go to my spam inbox
  • ☼Cam lu... ☼Cam lu... 2009/08/16 18:10:16
    ☼Cam luvs u all ☼
    hope that helps :)
  • Fef 2009/06/26 21:03:28
    stop having so many friends :)

    The people below provided good answers. Let us know if you still have probs.
  • GinaHML 2009/06/15 01:24:51
    Are you talking about your PERSONAL email inbox?
    If so, you can click the QUICK FIND or the SEARCH MAIL. Type in the no-re. All of your SH mails will come up on one page. Click the first message. Then, CTRL+A. All of the SH mail will be selected. Click DELETE, if you want them all gone. If you want to keep some of them you will either have to first save those, or you will have to delete them one by one.
    If UR talking about your Inbox on SH, then CornerBlitz and Ugly Taco have the answers for you.
  • crimsonbutterfly 2009/06/15 01:24:11
    Yeah, what they said ----v
  • CornerBlitz 2009/06/15 00:24:30
    Opt Out of emails. It is under "dashboard" then "account settings"
  • Kyra 2009/06/15 00:24:00 (edited)
    account settings is in your dashboard