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New: Auto-Bleep Profanity Filter

At SodaHead, we do our best to quickly moderate abusive language and links that violate our Terms of Service. But as we continue to grow, it's becoming harder to keep up. In an effort to keep SodaHead a clean, safe community for all, tonight we're unrolling a new automatic profanity filter!

About the Profanity Filter

This new tool will catch abusive language immediately and add asterisks into the word, to keep the gist without mucking up the streets of SodaHead.

Some words/phrases will get the bleep-treatment automatically (like the 7 words you can't say on TV, variations of them, dangerous links, etc), while some less offensive words will be bleeped depending on how many are used, based on a point system. Please don't try to score points. Bleeping is not a game.

This tool was built thanks to the requests and comments of users like you. We welcome your continued feedback as we evolve the filter to help keep SodaHead a place to express your opinions in a safe environment!

UPDATE 3/09/10:
This feature was changed to allow people to choose to see profanity or not. You can adjust your settings here under Profanity Settings.
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  • USC Gamecock fan 2011/07/18 16:50:12
    USC Gamecock fan
    I don't use profanity because to me it is a lack of knowledge and only ignorant people use profanity in a conversation, Also they use profanity to abuse fellow sodaheads who do not agree with their opinions which is totally wrong and is part of liberalism.
  • AGAINST OBAMA-MARY 2011/07/16 13:42:20
    Apparantly the bleeper ain't a working cause I was just at a blog where someone was cussing up a storm using the F work. apparantly bleeper working blog cussing storm work Fix it
  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2011/05/03 17:31:06
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    I had a post profanity filtered and removed one time....... and anyone who knows me knows
    I don't use it........ even sh*t etc. I use the asterisk, but once I turned the profanity option off
    I haven't had any deletions. If I find it offensive in other posts, I give them the red flag. If
    they get enough red flags, I think they are deleted.

    Works for me.
  • sglmom 2011/05/03 16:35:28
    Can I make a suggestion here .. There ARE THOSE now .. ones who liberally use PROFANITY that are posting it .. NOT in English .. but OTHER Languages to get around this handy little Profanity Filter built into this site ..

    So what happens in that instance? I've reported some (I actually do speak several languages) .. but I still see another response (with the profanity) from the same violator as the first profane posting ..

    (THESE are folks that violate the TOS Regularly .. have a teensy time out .. but come back and violate TOS again .. )
  • sam 2010/03/13 18:29:11
    Just what this country needs more censorship!
  • kfallslady 2010/03/09 20:10:47
    very good idea ty
  • missnoee 2010/02/12 14:53:07
    Since there really isn't anything I haven't heard before, profanity really doesn't bother me. I'd rather not hear it, but it makes no difference, except to show me what a person is. But in general....it's a good tool for those more sensitive folks out there.
  • Anthony W. Leone 2010/02/12 14:44:00
    Anthony W. Leone
    About bleeping time!
  • lonewolf 2010/02/12 06:53:11
    great idea
  • Sarah BN-0 2010/02/12 04:59:00
    Sarah BN-0
    Bleeping auto bleep.
  • Jim 2010/01/24 14:51:57
    I just had my first encounter with the "Auto-Bleep Profanity Filter" and it is simply a JOKE! I can not believe this would seriously be called any kind of a "filter."

    When I arrived at the comment it was hidden with a message that the profanity filter was "Active." No message and no reply button. There was however a plus mark to the left and upon clicking it there is the entire message displayed with not one word scrambled or bleeped.

    Sorry, SodaHead, either you were taken in, or this message about a new Profanity Filter is simply propaganda. Actually it is an insult to any and all intelligent people and more than a little condescending.

    You can do better!
  • Jim 2010/01/22 15:13:43 (edited)
    Very glad to see this has been implemented. Thank you VERY much SodaHead!

    EDIT 3-10-2010:
    I spoke too soon.
  • TexanInHawaii 2010/01/22 04:53:54
    Wow...this should stir up a hornet's nest! It's much more fun to say the same idea in a more polite manner....use the big words, confuses 'em every time!
  • FBD - 2010/01/22 03:18:57
    FBD  -
    Son of a****, that's pretty ******** cool, I really like this ****in' feature! ;^)
  • Pug For... FBD - 2010/02/12 03:52:15
    Pug For Huck
    No @#$, that's a #@$$%#@ing great idea!!
  • Mark 2010/01/22 02:58:34
    Especially the age of so many of our SHs' .

    little mark
  • ack 2010/01/16 21:35:30
    Son of a bleep !
  • chiglet - Daedric Sigil Mag... 2010/01/15 06:15:27
    chiglet - Daedric Sigil Mage, Smirotiel
    Well, it obviously doesn't work as can bee seen in quite a few of the responses on here. :) I have to agree with misnoee - automatic for those under 19, optional for those 18+. Anyway, people will always find ways around it, sometimes making a perfectly innocent statement completely obscene.
  • Marlow ~ Let There Be Light 2010/01/15 03:34:37 (edited)
    Marlow ~ Let There Be Light
    Good idea! I fucking like it. :))))

    Edit: I thought it would get bleeped out! LOL, it didn't work.
  • Fef Marlow ... 2010/01/22 02:28:17
    Profanity filter doesn't work in groups because people have to agree to join the group and abide by its rules. And group owners/moderators need to keep an eye on content and report it.
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