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  • The Mother ∞ God Loves You 2010/03/24 02:40:00
    The Mother  ∞ God Loves You
    how many "i dont like the "follow" feature" comments does SH need in order to change it back? do they care how SH users feel about it?
  • DragonFilms Productions 2010/03/22 12:04:15
    DragonFilms Productions
    Howmany of us are annoyed with the new prgram where they have you add people as followers? Now, seriously am gettin annoyed over it I went to my edit tool to delete people who I didn't want as friend without having to block in all that however .. Once you do that you still have em as followers rather yet they became your followers so they could tell if you're on and chat with ya for no reason when you didn't want to . I want it off and other things hell I want the older sytem back to this seems more like other sites now and nothing more.
    Matter of fact I told them some ideas that were useful and were something they could have used which is kinda annoying they actually take eyes into actually thinking that this would help stead using somethign that we all never needed put your thoughts into it as in why and what would be great to add into Soda to actually have em read it than ...
  • snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cl... 2010/03/20 01:48:43
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    Just whose brainstorm idea was it to send us all back to junior high - 'followers' instead of FRIENDS! Get a brain SH heads.
  • wpsark 2010/03/16 17:51:16
    I don't like the "follower" thing. Why not change it back to "friend"?
  • MJ 2010/03/16 07:32:28
    Be yourself; not a copycat! You wanna tweet, then tweet. But we DON'T want to tweet in SH and we don't want to follow anyone nor do we want followers. If we did, we'd all leave SH and join Twitter. Can't you get it?!?
  • Dark Demonic™ ★ The Original SodaHead Guru ★
    Feeeeefff! Change it baaaack, do it nooooow!! *stamps feet and throws rattle out of pram* ;o)

    feeeeefff change baaaack nooooow stamps feet throws rattle pram
  • Dinkiedow 2010/03/14 05:55:10
    Fef,You are going to lose a lot of Sodaheads.You have turned everything up side down.and for what? I see the last time people started leaving you put on a campaign the request Friends in order to keep us in your fold.I didn't then and i don't believe it now.you are messing with your gravy.people come to sodahead for to comradery but if you tear it apart your the loser! Friends we will pick and chose,Being stalked we will not adhere to!
  • ♥əmma~*In Padfoot I trust*~♥ 2010/03/13 21:43:13
    ♥əmma~*In Padfoot I trust*~♥
    Are you serious Fef? The majority of Sodahead users don't like the new Following feature. And why did you sign off right when everyone started complaining? Give use some answers here!

    My parents always taught me not to be a follower...
  • texasred 2010/03/13 18:07:50
    Really dislike the "follow" feature. Better use would be an ignore so you don't have to block someone.
  • Marie/M2M2K™-#1Conservative... 2010/03/13 06:46:55
  • Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2010/03/13 06:23:58
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    I loved being able to request and accept my own friends. I don't want to be followed! This makes no sense. I don't want to follow others either. IF I do, I will refer to their SH feed. PLEASE listen to your loyal, devoted SH fans! Give us back OUR friends option!!!!!!!!! And dump the follower idea. PLEASE!
  • Zero Harte~King of Nothing~ 2010/03/13 06:01:55
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    I don't want followers, I want my friends back!!!
  • Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~ 2010/03/13 04:54:57
    Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~
  • lee 2010/03/13 04:02:30
    I do not, I repeat do not like the followers.
  • Huki68 2010/03/13 02:36:16
    I know maybe is the best, yet I don't like it
  • ♥əmma~*In Padfoot I trust*~♥ 2010/03/12 23:12:50
    ♥əmma~*In Padfoot I trust*~♥
    This is messed up! GET RID OF THE STUPID FOLLOWERS!
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2010/03/10 23:28:15
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    Thank you for the invite! Blessings ~ Nana
  • DragonFilms Productions 2010/03/08 11:47:13
    DragonFilms Productions
    I am wondering if there are any other sites I may use to upload my music without using playlist ??? I have far more interesting music than what they have and the system will not let me upload my music towards it and I have to become an member for nothing if I can't even use my music ... I tried looking for the I have in there section but they don't have em or they cut half of it off and so I was. Does anybody in Soda know of an site where I could do what I have asked for ?
  • keeper 2010/03/07 17:00:39
    I have noticed that when you host a rave party for a friend, you are notified when a comment has been posted, but the person whom the party is given does not get a notification. The "Honoree" has to keep checking back to see if anyone else has stopped by. I would think it woule be easy to direct notifications to that person as well... Thank You, Keeper
  • ♥BROKEN♥ 2010/03/06 01:16:52
    IMMAH here lol =]