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  • Fef 2007/06/25 05:39:00
    I appreciate hearing how much you enjoy SodaHead and how you've connected with others. SodaHead allows you to express yourself in a very personal manner - it does allow people who share your interests to learn more about you and connect.

    Thanks for the comments about the other issues you had. We have fixed some of them already.
  • Juli 2007/06/21 20:52:34
    I know you guys are working on SodaHeads. I have a couple problems I want to tell you about. I started a poll, then tried to edit it as I mispelled a word. The error came back and said that it appeared that what I changed was more than a spelling error and wouldn't let me change it. Now I look like an idiot and, with my OCD, I want my poll to look good. :( Also I tried to start a discussion on this Group and an error came up and wouldn't let me. There is one poll that I answered that has a whole new look . In it, you can't see which are new comments and which are old ones unless you look at the day it was written. You can usually tell when someone replies to your comment because it is indented but in this one, there were no indentions. Okay, I'm done complaining...I think! Thanks guys!
  • Juli 2007/06/21 08:52:31
    I just wanted to share my recent blog with the SodaHead Groupies.

    I have to say that since starting on SodaHeads; and purely by accident, I feel like I have become part of a family. I've gotten so many positive remarks from members. I feel as though I have made some truly wonderful friends and I feel so good about that. How wonderful that we can make friends without judgement of race, economic level, gender, religion, etc. Sometimes we can't do that with our life friends or family. I truly thank Fef and the other owners of SodaHeads for bringing this experience to us.
  • chilton~T~ 2007/06/20 18:25:20
    Hey Jester,
    How about New Orleans the week after Mardis Gras? They need the money more than Las Vegas I think . After Fat Tuesday I bet things take a nosedive...lol!
  • Juli 2007/06/20 17:02:38
    Yesterday SodaHeads was VERY slow. Last night I put SodaHeads in my Google search engine like I always do and clicked on Browse SodaHeads. A message came up that said you were currently updating the site. That went on for a couple hours. I finally went on my desktop computer and got on fine. Then, I went back on my laptop and it said the site was being updated. I had to go in through an opinion poll. Now it is doing the same today. What's going on???
  • Juli 2007/06/17 21:16:44
    I would like to be able to put an icon on my desktop that I could just click on and go. It never "remembers me." Do you know why?
  • Cacheman 2007/06/12 18:44:02
    Hey, how goes it

    how about some sort of new rave maybe a different color that everyone starts out with the same amount and you lose one of yours if you choose to rave someone or if you choose to rave down you lose one aswell... a popularity contest if you will
  • JESTER 2007/06/11 05:44:57
    Hey guys, there are a few of us really pushing to have a SODAHEAD gathering in Las Vegas over the Labor day weekend. I hope there is enough interest to pull it off. It would be a hoot! I can't wait to put a face with the people I talk to.
  • Fef 2007/06/11 05:30:44
    If you have a profile of someone listed under your "New Happenings", go to your Mail and click on "SodaHeads" to approve the person. She wants to join your list of SodaHeads. This makes it easier to connect with the person and share your opinions.
  • Juli 2007/06/10 18:34:44
    I have a "new happening" that won't go away. It is from a young girl and it just shows her profile. There is no question, poll...nothing but her profile. How can I get rid of it?
  • chilton~T~ 2007/06/10 18:14:15 (edited)
    Why do some people not fill out profile? If you're protective of your privacy or just plain paranoid make up a name and use a different zipcode. It's very cool to read what people say about themselves!
  • Fef 2007/06/10 00:51:27
    1) New Happenings has a slight bug. It may appear off by -1 for some people. We'll fix that soon.

    2) A widget definition from Wikipedia:
    * A web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation. They are akin to plugins or extensions in desktop applications. Other terms used to describe a web widget include gadget, badge, module, capsule, snippet, mini and flake. Web widgets often but not always use Adobe Flash or JavaScript programming languages.
  • chilton~T~ 2007/06/09 23:35:27
    Is anyone having problems with new happenings? He's blinking his little orange eyes and saying 2 new happenings but when I click on it's showing no activity.
    Also on one of my polls, it's showing answered questions but not on the main page but on the other when you click votes. If they write a comment doesn't that mean they would like people to see it? Did I create the poll inaccurately for this to be happening?
  • chilton~T~ 2007/06/09 23:30:54
    Yay Juli..you posted it before I could!!!!HEEHEE!
  • Juli 2007/06/09 22:58:24
    Okay...am I stupid??? What is a widget???
  • Fef 2007/06/07 23:14:22
    Good point about the "reply" icon -- we will address it!
  • Sally 2007/06/07 20:01:31
    is there a way to find out if I have replied to a mail?
    at first i thought it was the "reply" icon, but now I'm doubting myself.
  • Juli 2007/06/07 18:02:53
    It is fixed...thanks guys! I can't believe how "hooked" on Sodaheads I've become!! I wake up and turn on the computer right away and can't wait to see my "new happenings". I went to bed at 5:00 AM because I kept making comments back and forth on my new group. I also LOVE the groups...nice touch!
  • Adi 2007/06/06 22:31:17
    As of now, the bug for blog create and poll create should be fixed. Please let us know if you run into any more issues.

  • Fef 2007/06/06 07:15:08
    We did find a bug in Blog create. We will fix ASAP (weds). It works for some people (don't use funny characters like copy/pasting from MS Word or web pages for now).