SodaHead Groupies

SodaHead Groupies

SodaHead Groupies is a forum group dedicated to all things SodaHead. Whether you have a question about the site, want to make a suggestion, or just want to connect with other opinion makers, you can do it in Groupies.

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SodaHead Groupies is the main help and feedback group for SodaHead. Come here to ask questions and share feedback about SodaHead.

These forums are searchable, so you can search to see if your question has already been asked and answered. Think of Groupies as a huge repository of knowledge about all things SodaHead.

For general questions, like how to customize your profile, check out the FAQs.

If you have questions about the SodaHead code of conduct, or want information on what sort of activity SodaHead considers abusive, check out the Code Of Conduct

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We've stolen most of our best ideas from YOU, so keep 'em coming!


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  • atomikmom 2014/03/16 02:59:34
    I can no longer add Questions, for the people to answer. I tried to place a question on ASK IT, and it won't let me post it, what could the problem be? i have never had this problem before. What's the reason? and how can i fix it?
  • Werewolf 2014/03/09 02:46:51
    How do you delete a group?
  • Bobby Dale 2014/02/15 06:53:01
    Bobby Dale
  • Jack Henry Kraven 2014/02/04 20:35:16
    Jack Henry Kraven
    How does one put animated images on SodaHead comments?