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Dum Luk 2011/07/19 16:19:36
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  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2011/07/24 03:45:27
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    Yap. Prety much about it.
  • La 2011/07/22 14:22:12
    Lol so true.
  • AssataKnox 2011/07/21 10:47:11
    Wow; this is sadly spot on.
  • Telly Samba 2011/07/20 12:15:12
    Telly Samba
    Damn good analysis. It seems to be like some sort of pseudo intellectual porn for the uneducated masses. It gives the right somewhere to say any idiotic thing they please and feel good about it. If you post the most vile and ignorant attack on President Obama all you have to do is wait a few seconds and surely someone, with even less intellect, will come along and make you look like a genius.
  • Dum Luk Telly S... 2011/07/20 12:36:57
    Dum Luk
    And you'll get 30 or 40 raves for it.
  • oldlady 2011/07/20 11:19:12
    You got it!
  • Kari 2011/07/20 10:10:28
    I like that! Seems so damn true, too. It seems like the most tame questions get turned into something about how Obama is evil, or the Liberals want to eat your soul, or some dumb BS like that.
  • Paul 2011/07/20 09:10:25
    Bashing Obama: well, he does make it so easy to do, doesn't he. and I wouldn't say, from what I've seen, that he's been 'good' for America - more like a saboteur. Of course, this is just my personal opinion.
    For the sake of typing: there are usually other things I could and should be doing, but most of the time this site is fun to read.
    Revolves round the leader board: I've noticed a bit of rivalry
    People who think it's a dating site: I've just found that out.
    Thoughtful, original questions & comments: this is the strange part, as I've see questions which I would have thought would get no or few replies and yet they get loads of relies. My questions are always a damp squib, so I'll have to try and think of some better ones.
    I try to inject a bit of humour, sometimes, but not everyone's humour is the same as mine. Sometimes I post inane answers but who cares, it's not a PHD exam it's an entertainment site. Some people take 'some' things too seriously, on here.
  • Dum Luk Paul 2011/07/20 13:00:09
    Dum Luk
    The typical American probably has no idea what "damp squib" means. I've never heard anyone in the USA use that saying; I only heard when I began talking to British people in earnest, and even many of them don't use it properly, saying "damp squid" instead. :D
  • Paul Dum Luk 2011/07/20 13:08:30
    Am I showing my age? :(
    Squibs were originally made from parchment tubes, or the shaft of a feather, and filled with fine black powder. They were then sealed at the ends with wax. They were sometimes used to ignite the main propellant charge in cannons
    While most modern squibs used by professionals are insulated from moisture, older uninsulated squibs needed to be kept dry in order to ignite, thus a "damp squib" was literally one that failed to perform because it got wet.
  • Dum Luk Paul 2011/07/20 13:28:56
    Dum Luk
    I already checked it out when I first heard it, but thanks for the details. :)

    The American version would just be a "dud," an explosive that fails to detonate for whatever reason. Sometimes the reason is known, and sometimes it's a mystery.

    A number of my questions have been duds also, but don't get discouraged. I just shared one of yours; we'll see if that helps. As a suggestion, people might respond to you better if you had an avatar image. Any avatar is better than the default. ;)
  • Paul Dum Luk 2011/07/20 14:24:35
    OK, thanks for sharing the question and the tip about an avatar.
  • Dum Luk Paul 2011/07/20 14:42:38
    Dum Luk
    All right, now you look like a real person and not a phantom. ;)
  • mewycg 2011/07/20 05:34:49
  • skittlesgirl 2011/07/20 03:48:58
  • wtw 2011/07/20 01:29:33
    That is funny!
  • banjo1234 2011/07/19 23:11:43
    That would be wrong. Seems there are more people here bashing the Christians and those on the right
  • Melizmatic banjo1234 2011/07/20 01:26:08
    You see what you want to see.
  • CMac 2011/07/19 22:50:56
  • Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~ 2011/07/19 21:34:52
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    Yes, I've been verbally pummeled by a few members of the green group....
  • Tom 2011/07/19 21:04:19
    Isnt this the truth
  • Stella Bella 2011/07/19 20:44:08
    Stella Bella
    You forget to add a sliver for people who are trying to hit people up for money or pretend friendship and or penpal. I get a lot of those from people who list Ghana as their location.
  • Dum Luk Stella ... 2011/07/20 00:19:44
    Dum Luk
    I just got a couple of emails from one wanting me to chat with them on Yahoo. ;)

    I added them here just to keep an eye on them, but the Yahoo chat ain't gonna happen.
  • Stella ... Dum Luk 2011/07/20 11:34:12
    Stella Bella
    I wouldn't Yahoo either if I were you. The feel of SodaHead has changed in the last few months.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2011/07/19 20:04:04 (edited)
    The Winter Sodahead
    that's very accurate, I'm happy to be part of the red
  • Dum Luk The Win... 2011/07/20 00:25:24
    Dum Luk
    Order your lunch box yet?
  • HasnaNaqvi 2011/07/19 19:55:06
    I do really enjoy bashing liberals......
  • gkirmani 2011/07/19 19:54:32
    The largest number of the Pie are wasting thier energies. It wont work because anyway, he will complete his term. So Obama bashing is of no useless.

    The second large share holders have nothing else to do

    Third and fourth type of people are also just passing time and enjoying tooooo

    While last categoory are very useful but beacuse they talk sense and that is LOOOOOOONG text sometimes hence thier effort is alos being wasted but SH should honor them for thier persistance

    and I salute them all

    waht about you?
  • tooner259 2011/07/19 19:31:15
  • harry 2011/07/19 19:24:33
    True stats.
    But 50% of the green group, actually promotes for Obama not knowingly.
    Just a reflection of the argument.
  • Lulu's Mom 2011/07/19 19:09:47
  • υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    What about the Harry Potter/Twilight fans?!?!?!?! Lol!!!! There seems to be a ton of them here too, but I guess it just depends on where you post.
  • Dum Luk υяsυℓα ... 2011/07/20 00:30:31
    Dum Luk
    We'll assume they're in the blue section, along with the Bieber and Cyrus fans. ;)
  • υяsυℓα ... Dum Luk 2011/07/20 03:47:28
    υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    Ok, that makes sense xD
  • AnaMancini 2011/07/19 18:58:00
    Damn. I thought it was a dating site.

  • Dum Luk AnaMancini 2011/07/20 01:00:18
    Dum Luk
    For you, it can be whatever you want. :D

    Have you gotten any hate mail here yet?
  • AnaMancini Dum Luk 2011/07/20 17:44:41
    Yes. I think its funny.

    Sad but funny and I will be getting more very soon. Im going to post a question that will ruffle some feathers.


    Im a bad girl.

  • Dum Luk AnaMancini 2011/07/20 20:10:33
    Dum Luk
    Many of the feathers on this site are easily ruffled, so ruffle freely, but don't do anything that will give them a valid excuse to kick you out. ;)
  • AnaMancini Dum Luk 2011/07/21 13:20:19
    I wont. Im not that kind of girl.


  • bebliber99 2011/07/19 18:49:20
    i just type nd who thinks this is a datin site cuz it isnt

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