Soccer Will Lead U.S. Into Socialism? [VIDEO]

OK, first of all I have to say soccer will not lead the U.S. into socialism. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, we can all enjoy this absolutely hilarious video featuring a man who clearly has something against soccer. Honestly, if this isn't a fake video then I am truly terrified. Please, enjoy this man's theory on how soccer will drag America into the death grips of socialism.

Do you think soccer can lead to socialism?
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  • Arty 2010/07/01 00:47:12
    What an absolute idiot .. what letter does STUPID start with ..you got it an "S" in Spanish it is PENDEJO .. i ought to slap your stupid face and maybe your mind will wake up .. you need to eat more tortillas ..AND WHAT A COINCIDENCE THAT underneath the screenthere is an appeal to DONATE REPUBLICAN ..YEP THAT IS WHAT THE grand old party has become how hilarious ..yes the party of Lincoln and Goldwater has become the party of Limbaugh abd Beck AND INTRODUCING BILLIE BOB REDNECK ..

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  • Emma 2012/03/13 00:42:04
    You need to go back to school and guess what that starts with an "s"
  • Robert McColl 2011/08/19 19:39:07
    Robert McColl
    This guy is funny, will watch more. And I am an avid soccer watcher/fan.

    Just want to add two things, as it may enlighten some of the people here.

    1. Soccer players use their arms and hands to block and impede other players, and of course the whole balance thing is important.

    2. You are dumb if you think he is serious, hes a comedian and good at what he does.
  • Taro 2010/07/27 06:15:50
    Oops,do not know much about soccer
  • Dubya 2010/07/22 15:33:18 (edited)
    If this wasn't a joke it would be a bunch of crappy thinking!

    Actually if we continue down the path of buying the corporate controlled media lies, and letting their lobbyist shape the laws to their purposes, things will get so bad for the working people that many of the younger folks will begin thinking that maybe socialism might be a better deal for them, I am already hearing this from my daughter and her friends.

    But truly, pure socialism is all but dead, this socialism fear mongering is a shallow attempt to misdirect attention from all of the lies being spread by the right!
  • death before dishonor 2010/07/20 03:39:15
    death before dishonor
    first thing is first, this is soccer and not football in other countries, i personally do not care for soccer but if you like this sport good for you. that's all i have to say about that.
  • unnatural 2010/07/18 23:55:50
    this is a joke right? Does this mean only words that begin with "s" are evil, or is it if there is in "s" in the word at all, it's evil? cause jesus has two "s" in it. south carolina begins with "s" so that's gotta be evil...oh and "smart" and "school" begin with "s" so you can't do that either or you'll go to hell.

    god gave u feet too. is it ok to use those in soccer? ...I don't think Japan is in any position to invade america...besides...they like baseball too >.>

    soccer = hell? billy, did u take your meds today? how many times have i told you to stop doing off the pill rants?
  • phaily 2010/07/14 19:42:34
    mexicans from central america! yes! africa = european negroes. YES!

    barak osama homo binladin, OFC! and if you play soccer, you're gonna lose your arms.

    finally, someone who really gets it. give this man a dollar.
  • Kadela 2010/07/11 13:11:17
    this man is an ignorant , what does Sport starts with S so baseball, football, tennis are just the same. what an idiot!
  • Braddock 2010/07/06 16:06:04
    OMG! Just when I didn't think the religious could come up with anything else, they prove to me that their originality rivals that of Dave Chappelle! MEXICANS FROM BRAZIL!? This guy is clearly an idiot, HOWEVER, there are tons of people who think just like him. Maybe not as far as the whole soccer thing goes, but there are idiots just like him living next door to you.
  • unnatural Braddock 2010/07/18 23:46:19
    yes it truly makes one despair for the education system doesn't it? then again...perhaps he was never educated? what does this video teach us? send your kids to good schools or they will become ranting lunatics...
  • Bishop 2010/07/06 13:40:16
    What do you got against Socialism?
  • Matt 2010/07/06 07:45:16 (edited)
    oops didnt realise it was a joke video at first - more fool me
  • NatAlex23 2010/07/06 05:03:10
    "You know who plays soccer? Europeans, Negros, Mexicans." You know who uses money? Europeans, Negros, Mexicans. I guess we better stop using money.
    Soccer is played all over because it can be played all over without having any money. All you need is a ball and a few players.
    And I love that he claims it's Obama's fault that we were in the World Cup tournament. We were in it in 1930, 1934, 1950, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, and 2006. I bet all of those were attempts to bring socialism into our country too, weren't they?
  • MaxxaM 2010/07/06 05:00:39
    The formal term for soccer is 'football' not 'soccer'
    typical republican.
  • jacktown kid 2010/07/05 20:23:58
    jacktown kid
    Hell no
  • jacktown kid 2010/07/05 20:23:54
    jacktown kid
    Hell no
  • Tiger99 2010/07/05 18:02:35 (edited)
    This guy's video's always crack me up... The ones he did on Sarah Palin and McCain or Teabagging are equally as hilarious as this one...

    Here is a link to his website - http://billybobneck.com/ have fun!!!!
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/07/05 09:22:48
    Lady Whitewolf
    WHAT does soccer have to do with socialism?
  • Buhbye SodaHead 2010/07/05 08:39:32
    Buhbye SodaHead
    This guy isn't the smallest bit southern. It's just some jackass playing the "hick" southerner. I'd be surprised if his script wasn't written by Seth McFarlane.
  • Discoman 2010/07/05 05:02:32
    oh look, a john deere cap. guess you all now know exactly how smart he is and what to make of his opinions

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