So, who all here has watched Spirit Science? Do you agree with Most of the information that the Youtube series displays? Are you preparing for the coming Shift of Ages into the Aquarian Age? I KNOW I AM! :) <3

Sebastianchocolatebeargiles 2012/07/02 08:02:00
I've seen it. It's ok.
There are some things I agree with and some things I don't agree with.
It's complete B.S.
I have not watched it but I want too!
I have not watched and don't intend too!
I've been preparing for the Aquarian Age!
I dabble in metaphysics and it makes sense from a logical point of view.
I'm trying to share it as much as possible too!!
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Spirit Science is amazing and I try to encourage as many people as I can to watch a couple videos, or if I can, the whole series. Technically it's 19 videos ( 16 lessons and counting!) but, it's more than worth the time! If anything else it will give you some amazing things to talk about. The thing I like most is that this series has put these different topics from metaphysics and the like into such an easy-to-understand format that it can be shown to just about anyone! As you may or may not know I love Spirit Science but I also know there is a vast amount of information out there that I haven't even thought to look up.
spirit science
THE POINT: I'm trying to not only spread this series to more people but also to connect with people who do know about the shift that's coming. I've tried telling others about this but not everyone cares about their spirituality and that's perfectly fine for them. It's just hard not being able to have conversations about this from someone who may be wiser or more knowledgeable about it than I am. Maybe from the point of view of someone who has been preparing for a long time for this shift! This New Age is where we begin to address the non-physicality of things! And we get closer to Unity consciousness!
ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU EVENTUALLY WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS! BUT ABOVE ALL HAVE FUN! If it's not fun for you then don't watch! Simple as that! But if you're ever curious it's all here!! :) Once you start watching these videos and start comprehending it and shifting your perspective on things you become a Shaumbra! Someone who has begun the Awakening process is a shaumbra. Chances are if you watch those videos you will be one too! It's not dogma. Just a name or description and it's not what's important about these videos anyway! I just want to open people's minds to who they are.

HERE'S SPIRIT SCIENCE JUST IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING (yes the whole thing) at least when it comes to the primary lessons:

Lesson 1: Thoughts has to do a little with a lot of topics. If you've ever heard of the Law of Attraction and have even read the book then you should know the concept but here it talks about the details of how this should work and irons out any misunderstandings about how thoughts and emotions control the world around us.
Lesson 2: Chakras This is the most socially spread energy system that most people know about even if they don't know they're called chakras! Opening your chakras is a great way to bring yourself into a higher vibration and to bring inner balance and empowerment!
Lesson 3: Channeling I can hear the voices! Channeling is a way to connect to higher beings! This video Is awesome! Even if your not interested in channeling please watch it! The channeled information in it is really great! It also talks about the Emerald Tablets!
Lesson 4: Male and Female Energy Let me just point out this has nothing to do with gender! Are you an Indigo child or indigo adult? :)

Lessong 5: Keys of our Past This basically puts down a lot about what we know through history classes. But above all this video goes into what 2012 really is about! (and yea it's already started!)
Lesson 6: Flower of Life SACRED GEOMETRY!!! HAHA!! I'm messing with your world view!! IF you ever took Geometry this video is for you! If you haven't this video is for you!! lol
Lesson 7 Dimensions AND a demonstration of harmonics!: It speaks about dimensions in reality and harmonics!!! Not dimensions in mathematics! Our entire universe exists or can be explained using harmonics! PLUS! Do you like Leonardo da Vinci's work? This is a new perspective on that!

And here's the demonstration video!
This is how our universe is at it's core!
Well at least on a vibratory scale!
Lesson 8: Meditation One of my Favorites! :) Just try meditation. For 20 minutes a day and see if your life doesn't improve even the slightest!
Lesson 9: Astral Projection! Another Fave :) Especially the music video at the end! I've had Lucid dreams but i haven't had any luck with astral projection....yet!
Lesson 10: Math of God My math problems are GOD... in my left brain! lol
Lesson 11: Evolution Very important!
LESSON 12: THE HUMAN HISTORY MOVIE! THIS IS A BIG ONE! A WHOLE HOUR!! IT'S AWESOME!! This episode can be skipped but I ask that you come back to it! It's really informative! At the very least it's a lot to think about!! Plus it's a movie! EVERYONE LIKES MOVIES! (Mostly anyway). As you may know our history has been altered constantly! This is a bit closer to the truth. Not the whole truth, obviously, but closer to the general picture than out current text books. HAVE FUN! TAKE WHAT YOU WILL!
Lessong 13: The Crystal Movie For all the crystal healers to be out there! You can literally have a pocket full of sunshine or in this case Awesome vibes!
Lesson 14: Insights of Ascension!
Lesson 15: Power of the Heart For those of you who identify as 90's kids this may sound familiar because we had this whole "The power of the heart" Stuff crammed in us through different types of media. Mostly Anime, cartoons, and movies. But it's a very real and very powerful piece of information!
Lesson 16: The Shift of Ages TO ME THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT EPISODE TO SHARE! I've Shared this video I don't know how many times! This is a great video that explains the coming of a new Era known to some as The Age of Aquarius or to most the New Age! I feel like everyone should know about this! This is my number one favorite video! <3

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  • I am me 2013/07/11 04:42:03
    I am me
    It is amazing. One has to be ready spiritually to understand or believe everything that that video has to offer however once one is ready to swallow the information as truth there really isn't any way that one can't love the series.
  • Sebasti... I am me 2013/08/25 03:45:32
    This question has been up here for a long time. I have grown a little since then. I will say that 9.9 times out of 10 the information is amazing and beautiful. But like all truths you must experience it. It can't just be watched or heard. You have to resonate with it. Move with it. Live with it. I know people who watch this and feel amazing just from that and have changed their lives through the knowledge provided from the series. I admit that when I put this question on here i was a fanatic more than anything but now there's a love in the air no matter what the weather is. Light is just Knowledge and Consciousness. Thanks for the comment! :)
  • Vijay Pawar 2012/07/02 10:14:55
    I have not watched and don't intend too!
    Vijay Pawar
    All living are a form of them, as we have good, bad & ugly..... likewise in spirits as well the same exists, some help, some are just there, And a few are wicked....... They haunt till their desires are fulfilled & depart on their journey.
  • Sebasti... Vijay P... 2012/07/02 15:50:08 (edited)
    Yea that's about right! I don't disagree with that view to be honest! Like I said the point of it was to share these videos and at the very least give people something to talk about and question things they might have other wise just over looked. Thank you for your reply! :)

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