So tell me your Horror neighbor stories? rude nosey neighbors?

☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2011/05/15 18:39:07
So tell me your Horror neighbor stories? rude nosey neighbors?
Ever have any Horror neighbor Stories or rude or nosey ones who just couldnt mind thier own buisness?
nosey neighbors horror neighbor stories rude nosey mind thier buisness

nosey neighbors horror neighbor stories rude nosey mind thier buisness
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  • ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2011/05/15 18:54:57 (edited)
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    one day my neighboor across the street who is extremy nosy found out that im Pagan I guess it was that i put up the best haunted house for samheim ( Halloween )

    and she would call the cops on me for Everything

    call the cops saying i kidnapped children and was holding them prisoner to eat them

    cops come and check find nothing

    call the cops saying i was doing human and then again for animal sacerfice

    i explained to the detectives i was not into Satanism but i was Pagan

    the women would call up saying i had too many flowers in my garden it was causing her allergies

    she called the cops 175 times in 12 months called up the cops for anything and evertyhing

    Finally i had enough and for christmas i put up a huge Pagan xmas sign

    times 12 cops evertyhing christmas huge pagan xmas sign pagan yule sign times 12 cops evertyhing christmas huge pagan xmas sign pagan yule outside lights

    AND she Flipped out

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  • gothicprincess 2011/05/24 22:50:31
    i say sex because i cant sleep with all of that nosey stuff lmao
  • Xerxes 2011/05/17 22:47:30
    neighbours i had lived across from me in the country, satanists had big ceremonies every weekend
  • RebornRepublicanBigot 2011/05/17 22:39:23
    Built a massive three story square shaped McMansion on a small plot of lad that barley fit it. Also it floods and instead of digging deeper in the near by steam to allow for more water to pass by they believe building a wall inside the stream will keep it from flooding...

  • Melicious Kiss of PHAET 2011/05/17 22:32:31
    Melicious Kiss of PHAET
    We do not speak to our neighbors on the left. Over a life jacket. Long story. But it is very awkward walking by them every day.
  • Inge 2011/05/17 16:47:59
    There's this one guy who lives across the street from me, who will get up at seven am in the summer vacation and start doing all kind of work in his garden and make a whole lot of noise. Either that or his kid will be playing and screaming loudly, so anoying! A few years ago he had this big fight with the woman who lives next door to him and they would do anything to get on eachothers nerves. So childish.
  • cruisnsus 2011/05/16 17:59:34
    so this cheesy newscaster channel here in Wa. state went on the news asking which people have the most dreadful neighbors? and a family member called their back neighbor in for Having an unmowed lawn and 2 rottweilers running around and some garBAGGE in the yard,and news reporter came to complainants door with a camera---These people SAY SO AND SO behind them are the WORST neighbors,making family member and neighbor Enemies for life,family ,family member was fine til he married miss (ethnic)princess
  • ty 2011/05/16 14:23:46
  • Kay 2011/05/16 11:02:30
    i have neighbors who blast music all night
  • ELLIE 2011/05/16 09:38:43
    Noisy ,rude neighbours seem to become the norm here in Britain.Doorslamming all day, loud music blaring and every second word has to be replaced by an f-word when they open they rude mouths.There is no talking to them unless you wont to drop down into the gutter with them.I am no snob,but there is no need for behaviour like that,especially when your 2 year and 2 week old grandkids can't get any sleep because this goes on until the early hours in the morning.
  • Myrle Hulme 2011/05/16 09:29:52
    Myrle Hulme
    I stay in a three storey block of flats and except for nodding aquaintances I don't mix with them
  • Cimz 2011/05/16 08:22:19
    Not nosey. But there was, still is, this neighbor who is considered a witch. She lives in an apartment building on the next block. She was said to lock her sick mother in her room for days on end, and people could hear her mother crying, and screaming and begging for water. And the lady was always looking at everyone else with O.O eyes, and muttering stuff.. and had many cats, and well, she looks scary in general. And her windows are always closed and curtained...her mother died...She still freaks me out.
  • Becca 2011/05/16 04:13:03
    i live in apartments and in the one right next to me there is a lady that apparently used to do a lot of drugs and was an alcoholic (she told me this in the stairwell one time) and i think it gave her schizophrenia. once a week she calls the police, and because we live in apartments you can hear everything that is going on in the stairwells i always hear what they are talking about just sitting in my living room watcing TV, and every time she is telling them that there is a guy named Tom stalking her and that he is living in the attic (we dont have an attic) and she is just very weird and i feel bad but there isnt much i can do...
  • Shelby 2011/05/16 03:50:35
    my neighbour was renovating the house he owns to rent out but, sadly for me, this meant doing the work from 7 in the morning. It was not pleasant being woken up to the sound of banging or the cement mixer or even the machine saws he was using. It annoyed me mostly on the weekends I don't work.
  • lalen 2011/05/16 01:58:52
    Himmmmm.... they so noisy specially at night they did not consider other people want to take a rest....
  • MCR 2011/05/16 01:05:14
    My grampas neighbor just turned 84 and is the original GTL. Oh and when he mows his lawn or walks his dog.... He walks around in a Speedo. And by my dads house, i just got my dads jeep cherokee as a present for my liscense and the neighbors kids were walking around the neighborhood with M-16 and handgun airsoft guns shooting the peoples garages and they shot my new jeep and left dents all over it. I took the dog out for her pottytime and we scared them away but they shot my dog and me in the legs with the airsoft guns.
  • Nick Name MCR 2011/05/17 21:19:38
    Nick Name
    Thats a call the police situation.
  • JanHopkins 2011/05/16 00:34:02
    I'm old so I have a vast collection of crazy neighbor stories.Once a neighbor complained because my cow eared neptune statue was frightening her children. Another neighbor complained on Midsummers night eve when I left cakes and ale on the outdoor alter for the fairy folk. A neighbor threatened to call the police when I lit candles on my garden alter. On Yule one year I turned out all the lights and went from room to room reigniting candles and finally the hearth, a neighbor called and demanded to know what I was doing. It amazes me how much time my neighbors have on their hands. I have no clue what they do all day and night besides keep an eye on my house.
  • Nick Name JanHopkins 2011/05/17 21:21:18
    Nick Name
    Those cakes and ale must have been pretty sinister. ☺
  • JanHopkins Nick Name 2011/05/18 06:53:05
    Blueberry muffins and strawberry wine? LOL.
  • Relay 2011/05/16 00:00:11
    lol i had a neighbor who died in the apartment above ours, and i was joking around with my boyfriend at the time because we heard a single loud thump so i said "i bet he died"
    and sure enough they found his body 3 weeks later when his rent didnt get paid...
    yeah we moved out after that happened... i felt so guilty for weeks after that.
  • Nick Name Relay 2011/05/17 21:29:21
    Nick Name
    Few years ago in an apt. complex next to ours a poor man died after a long bout with cancer.
    When his brother showed up to collect his property the apartments had changed the locks. They would NOT let him in.
    They kept saying, "He owes rent." His brother kept saying, "He is dead." And they would say, "He still owes rent."
    Until it became an issue in the local media the apts would not relent.

    A few days later I called that apt complex and asked a lot of questions about price, availability, pets, etc. And then I asked if I got a discount on the rent if I die.
    After a pause the person on the phone let go with a long slow painful groan...... And slammed the phone down.
    You could tell I wasn't the first person to call and give them some sh!t.
  • Relay Nick Name 2011/05/17 22:27:07
    Lol! thats so awesome that you did that but horrible about how the landlord handled it.
  • Nick Name 2011/05/15 23:17:15
    Nick Name
    I got an odd story. We rent a house on a corner in a quiet neighborhood. Almost 3 years ago some people moved into the house next to us, across the street - they're on a corner too.
    Very quiet. Couple of guys and sometimes a woman. Never any commotion. Few people came and went.
    One of the guys would sometimes walk a big German Shepard. Dog was extremely well trained. They could let it loose in the yard and it would never cross the property line.

    Couple days ago a cop and an undercover cop walked over from that house as I came home and was getting out of my car.
    The asked a lot of questions about the people there.

    And then informed me there was a prostitution ring being run out of the house. Specialty seemed to be Asian women.

    Haven't seen ANYONE over there since that conversation.

    Later you worry. What if a dissatisfied customer pulled a gun and started shooting? Stray shots can go anywhere.
  • Steve 2011/05/15 23:01:20
    yeah i have some nosey neighbors that tend to bitch about every little thing they find wrong with my yard. i have two sheds in my back yard and in my town im only allowed to have one so they reported me and i got cited for it.
  • Razzy Ratchets 2011/05/15 22:18:10
    Razzy Ratchets
    More creepy than anything. I had a neighbor who left me roses on my windshield once a week for 6 years.
  • julzzz 2011/05/15 21:49:18
    My ex neighbour would kill my pets and everyone elses in the street and would call the housing department on my neighbours for nothing. Arer I moved from that street I found out that they had been molesting their 4 year old grandchild
  • paramorefan11 2011/05/15 21:09:59
    well where i live we dont have any really close by nieghbors. so yea...
  • wtxwoman 2011/05/15 20:04:33
    My nearest neighbor is a block away. He is single and very quiet.
  • Quiet-is-feared 2011/05/15 19:42:52
    I have a good horror story, its true too :P
    Well, I live beside some party people, they are in their mid 30's id say, and are usually drunk all the time. They dont work either, and theres a bunch of em living in the house. Everyone was drunk, and theres this older like like 60 who lives there, hes a heavy drinker too, he buys the alcohol for everyone I believe.
    Anyways, last summer the poilce came by due to the noise complaints and such, this happened a couple time. Well one evening I heard sirens and everything, and went to go check out what happened, there was an ambulence, a police car and paramedics were rushing into my neighbours house. I didnt understand what happened, but they came out with a body bag O_o
    The next day, my non-drunk neighbour told me (because her friend works with the police) she informed me that the older guy had died, apparently he drank himself to death, yet NONE of the other people living there even noticed?!? Turned out he'd been dead for 2 days, before anyone noticed.....
    My neighbours are terrible people. xP
    I plan on moving soon, hopefully this summer.
  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2011/05/15 19:34:16
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    Well, from time to time, I overhear my neighbors, um.. Grapplings in the dark. *pukes in mouth* our houses are connected and the walls don't absorb sound very well... It's.. Disturbing. :'(
  • Justin.Long 2011/05/15 19:28:49
    I used to have a neighbor with a overly viciuos he attack and killed other dogs luckily the neighborhood stood and had the dog put down though only after I lost two dog :( though I glad no small child was hurt
  • Cptfreakout . 2011/05/15 19:19:51
    Cptfreakout .
    My fist flat was in a ghetto and if you bought anything you had to sneak it in and really cut up the packages so they fit in a bag , if my neighbors knew you bought anything like a new TV you got robbed .
  • Marie-Jacqueline 2011/05/15 19:13:55
  • bad x 2011/05/15 19:13:44
    bad x
    i live in a condo, the clowns 2 doors down threw a party, one gorilla got so wasted, he walked out into the hallway and broke half the lighting. i told the guy next door, who was closer socially to the clown what happened, he went and told the idiot about his vandalous guest, the vandal came out and started towards my door, and the host said "he has guns" (i watched the whole thing through my peep hole, and had a loaded .357 mag waiting) he sorta stopped dead in his tracks 10 feet in front of my door and went back. i reported the damage to the local police department and filed a formal report the next day, it was 2am and i'd rather sleep. needless to say, later that year, the party animal was evicted.
  • darwolf 2011/05/15 19:11:58
    I had some neighbors that are drug heads. One night they had a gun fight.
  • Nick Name darwolf 2011/05/17 21:30:09
    Nick Name
  • jay jones 2011/05/15 19:08:35
    jay jones
    I stay away from mine, Hopefully I will soon be far away from here very shortly.
  • misterz 2011/05/15 19:00:41
    I have never met my neighbors - it also helps that basically I am a nudist and rarely wear clothes when I am home - so I keep the shades down, etc.
  • Jay 2011/05/15 18:58:32
    some neighbour use to follow me and tell my mom wher i went..one day they even insisted that i was into satanism just coz i told here that im gonna get my emo friends to ruff her up..
  • bad x Jay 2011/05/15 19:21:01

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