Should you allow Children to drink any amount of soda?

Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2012/05/10 19:05:04
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  • La 2012/05/11 03:12:43
    No they should be allowed none.
    I honestly think kids should not drink soda, and responsible parents should not let their kids drink soda. Maybe by age 12 on /very/ special occasions, but not otherwise. Definitely not younger.
  • windwolf14 2012/05/11 00:44:55
    They should be allowed :
    but not all the time. i was never a big soda fan even as a kid. i was always drinking either water, milk or teas
  • Atmara 2012/05/10 23:24:53
    No they should be allowed none.
    Thats asking for trouble
  • kcandi 2012/05/10 22:58:18
    Yes they should be allowed on special occasions
    a treat now and then is not going to hurt them
  • EmoMcParland 2012/05/10 22:42:36
    They should be allowed :
    With lunch or dinner; diet Diet pepsi lunch dinner diet diet pepsi
  • Justin.Long 2012/05/10 22:19:33
    They should be allowed :
    Sure limit Thier intake just like all fatty foods
  • ZB 2012/05/10 20:48:05
    Yes they should be allowed on special occasions
    And as an occasional treat. But not on a regular basis.
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/05/10 20:28:50
    Yes they should be allowed on special occasions
    Margaret Jacobson
    for the first 10 yrs of my life I didnot know there was such a thing as a package of soda....my father did all grocery shopping , he never went down that aisle........when we went out and when I asked for one h
    'he picked up ONE NICKEL BOTTLE OF COKE" and bought it....in the summer he came home with a bottle of ORANGE SODA OR A BOTTLE OF "FROSTY ROOT BEER AND A HALF PINT OF VANILLA ICE CREAM OR ORANGE SHERBERT......THAT WAS IT.....I never knew there was such a thing as a multi pack anywhere...
  • Anonymousforobvious 2012/05/10 20:01:07
    No they should be allowed none.
    whenever i see a child drinking soda in public, i smack the bottle out of their hands and spit on the parents. Otherwise they will never learn.
  • La Anonymo... 2012/05/11 03:13:32
  • Willski 2012/05/10 19:55:51
    They should be allowed :
    As much as they like, not just on sepcial occasions. I was practically raised on Colas, and orangeades etc. and i'm fine. maybe a little underweight, but that's about it.
  • ♒ßεllεchεvεllε®♒ 2012/05/10 19:41:40
    Yes they should be allowed on special occasions
    OK...I'm talking about my OWN kids, not everyone else's. I wish I had been more of a fascist where sodas are concerned. My daughter drank them like crazy, and the acid in them has pretty much destroyed the enamel on her teeth. I didn't have to worry about my son because he loved milk. Letting my kid guzzle sodas has turned into a very expensive lesson.
  • Katherine the Renaissance W... 2012/05/10 19:33:13
    Yes they should be allowed on special occasions
    Katherine the Renaissance Woman
    Contrary to popular belief, 99% of the things we consume are absolutely OKAY for a person, as long as they are consumed in moderation. Most people do not understand what "moderation" means, and that's a problem. Too much of anything can kill you. Too much water can kill you, even. I'm not going to deprive my child of soda. I will let them drink it moderately, and sure, it will not be much until they are older, but I'm not going to cut them off from it completely.
  • BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/05/10 19:25:04
    They should be allowed :
    Sure kids should be allowed to have a soft drink once in awhile. It's a lot better than letiing them get stoned all the time
  • Foxylady 2012/05/10 19:18:03
  • MJ 2012/05/10 19:16:03
    Yes they should be allowed on special occasions
    Sure, I will split a pepsi with my grandson occasionally!
  • Shawna 2012/05/10 19:13:01
    Yes they should be allowed on special occasions
    I never kept it in the house; it was for special occasions only. Then my son was allowed to have as much as he wanted.
  • LQ~phaet 2012/05/10 19:12:19
    They should be allowed :
    however much they can afford.

    This will keep consumption way down, especially in the first 10 years. :)
  • ♥K14 2012/05/10 19:11:21 (edited)
    They should be allowed :
    As much as they wont.

    For the first 14 years of my life I drank practically nothing but Coke and Milk - Mostly Coke - and aside from the mental trauma instilled by my parents, I turned out fine.

    Contrary to popular belief, it's actually quite good for you.
  • Cuppajo 2012/05/10 19:10:53
    Yes they should be allowed on special occasions
    And in moderate amounts.
  • AmericanVirus 2012/05/10 19:08:36
    They should be allowed :
    A reasonable amount. I have been drinking pop like it was water since I was little, I'm perfectly healthy and my teeth are great.

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