Should we improve on our mass transit in America?

Smokey 2008/12/30 14:16:43
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I live in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, 20 miles south of Washington D.C. Our gridlock and traffic is one of the worst in the Nation, and to make matters worse, our mass transit system is outdated, not dependable, and over crowded.
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  • ~1seahawksfan~ 2009/01/01 02:45:02
    In Seattle, they have tried all methods and people still love their cars. The movie Singles was not all fiction but other places could be different so I say no here but other places are probably different!
  • THOR 2008/12/31 22:02:29
    ...and they need to plan development better in the first place.

    I also think they need to quit pretending these transit systems are "for profit", when they really are not anyway. They are actually an alternative to having to spend billions a year to widen roads into 5, 6, or even 8 lane money pits that STILL grind to a halt when one accident occurs.
  • Ace~Mr.Giantess~ 2008/12/30 21:12:28
    Because it would help to cut down the car culture and all the problems that come with it.
  • CHER 2008/12/30 14:28:06
    Yes, but they say the cost would be astronomical & there just isn't enough money. They're adding a line where I live (Metro North) but that's just a deal to shuttle people to Yankee stadium. More & more people are riding the subways but they've cut stops on many lines & the prices keep going up. Yeah, and late is the norm.
  • Rebecca 2008/12/30 14:27:12
    Absolutely! There needs to be workable, PRACTICAL public transportation that people will use. At a minimum, if you have the abillity to use it for even just getting to work, you are putting alot less wear and tear on your car.
  • no Kidding 2008/12/30 14:26:18
    no Kidding
    The high speed trains in use in Europe and Japan seem to be an option.
    As a side line, Los Angeles Ca. takes first place for messed up freeways. Just get on the 105 or the 405 at about 5:00pm. I've been stuck on the outer loop (295?) traveling from Germantown to Waldorf and it pales in comparison.
  • LilHulk88 2008/12/30 14:19:27
    All of the above
    It really depends on the location and city. Your situation, yes, we should invest, in Milwaukee, no, not enough traffic no matter what people think that live there.
  • Smokey LilHulk88 2008/12/30 14:24:21
    My parents live in Gurnee, IL. They're retired but when I visit, I hate driving through Chicago during rush hour. Even though Milwaukee is close, I don't get up North much.

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