Should the "Today Show's" annual wedding contest be open to same-sex couples?

PopNews Wire 2010/07/09 17:45:55
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  • Peter Quan 2010/07/09 18:27:17
    No, it's wrong and still illegal.
    Peter Quan
    They shouldn't promote gay marriage.
  • DerekHo... Peter Quan 2010/07/09 18:36:25
    Are they promoting heterosexual marriage?
  • Peter Quan DerekHo... 2010/07/09 18:38:28
    Peter Quan
    They are promoting normal marriage.
  • DerekHo... Peter Quan 2010/07/09 18:39:13
    I don't believe they're promoting anything. Marriage isn't something you can promote.
  • Peter Quan DerekHo... 2010/07/09 18:40:40
    Peter Quan
    Yes you can promote normal marriage its like back then when they had propaganda about the typical American family in the 50's.
  • DerekHo... Peter Quan 2010/07/09 18:42:28 (edited)
    But you cannot promote one type of marriage over another; it is impossible. Either a person will want to marry a woman, or they will want to marry a man. No amount of "promotion" will change that person's decision.
  • Peter Quan DerekHo... 2010/07/09 18:44:18
    Peter Quan
    It will if they are young and not that bright.
  • DerekHo... Peter Quan 2010/07/09 18:49:15
    I don't believe that's true.
  • Peter Quan DerekHo... 2010/07/09 20:18:48
    Peter Quan
    So you are telling me a young man that is gullible can't be tricked into thinking straight marriage is normal marriage?
  • DerekHo... Peter Quan 2010/07/10 05:59:59
    All marriage is normal, as long as all are consenting adults. And even if most people view a certain marriage as "unusual," their opinion has no authority over other people.
  • Peter Quan DerekHo... 2010/07/11 03:27:44
    Peter Quan
    That is your view on Marriage, I seem to think differently.
  • DerekHo... Peter Quan 2010/07/11 04:55:11 (edited)
    Why should your view be forced on those who think differently? I thought we lived in America.
  • Peter Quan DerekHo... 2010/07/11 05:24:08
    Peter Quan
    I'm not forcing my views on you, I'm stating my views on this subject.
  • DerekHo... Peter Quan 2010/07/11 05:29:35 (edited)
    But you are forcing your views on your fellow Americans by attempting to legislate your beliefs on them. You want to control who they can and can't marry.
  • CitizenErased 2010/07/09 18:23:42
    Of course. Love is love.
    Why not?
  • LouOlson 2010/07/09 18:00:39
    Of course. Love is love.

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