Should Native Americans speak English as their first language?

Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ 2010/05/03 23:00:08
Well according to some people the USA is a English speaking country....

people usa english speaking country

I think not, I think everyone in the USA should learn their native tongue.
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  • TheJoker 2010/05/07 16:26:32
    Well, my heritage is Native American & I speak English as my first language. That being said I would like to see the promotion of Native American culture & language. & I deffinately think their language should be the first they learn.
  • Dawn 2010/05/05 01:04:23
    i think native americans are different because they were here first.
  • Charlie 2010/05/04 22:56:21
    If you want to live in the United States you should learn English.I wouldn't move to France and expect people to speak English.
  • xFALLENxISOLATIONx 2010/05/04 22:40:09
    so i should learn German well ....guess what ....i not gonna
  • Vic~*PHAET*~ 2010/05/04 22:18:24
    Thanks a lot, Scott. You're being a smartass is going to make me have to learn Gaelic, Polish, Russian, and Native American.

    Do tell, Tasmania speaks English doesn't it? Because I'm partially that, too >.>

    learn gaelic polish russian native american tasmania speaks english partially
  • Huki68 2010/05/04 19:36:13
    they do speak their language in their own reservations, they do speak english when they go out side of the reservations...
  • Scott ヶ... Huki68 2010/05/04 19:38:29
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    You completely missed the point but never mind.
  • EmoKidBecauseYouThinkIAm 2010/05/04 19:32:55
    No. They should learn the language they want to learn. Which may be English, or it may not be. But i do think they should hold onto their native tongue.
  • crystal'lenVamp 2010/05/04 19:28:06 (edited)
    Thank YOU ive been telling my friends that 4 quiet som time now, yes i agree i agree they should learn their original tongue^_^
  • Fingon Celebrindal 2010/05/04 17:22:38
    Fingon Celebrindal
    Cowboy or Indian. That is the question.
    cowboy indian
  • Lindasmind 2010/05/04 16:48:00
    Being part Native American this is a touchy subject with me. Of course our own language should be our first. Especially Native Americans.

  • jazie 2010/05/04 15:13:16
    english is not my first language...........thats it.
  • runningintriangles 2010/05/04 15:12:57
    You know, I've always said, those Americans who feel one must speak English to live in their country ought to learn it first.

    Honestly, the ones that complain about it are always the ones with a very weak grasp on the language.
  • gfreeman BN-0 2010/05/04 14:49:38
    gfreeman BN-0
    Navajo, Cherokee, Hopi, Creek? etc.
  • Scott ヶ... gfreema... 2010/05/04 16:33:08
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Any you like.
  • .:Ms_Nobody:.Wants_Som1_Here:. 2010/05/04 13:37:23
    I think that as a Native American nation the individual tribes should be able to choose that and make their own decision... I'm learning Cherokee so I can talk to my great grand mother who in her old age refuses to speak anything else so I think it's go so that the nations in their whole form will not lose their heritage...
  • ella is the sex 2010/05/04 12:28:05
    ella is the sex
    Yeah people should be entitled to speak whatever language they want, but it's probably a good idea for them to speak English too if they live in America.
  • Scott ヶ... ella is... 2010/05/04 16:33:36 (edited)
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    It is a good idea...as the majority do. However you can not force them.
  • ella is... Scott ヶ... 2010/05/07 11:00:28
    ella is the sex
    Yeah it's up to them what language they speak, but as in any country, it's more useful to speak the same language as everyone else.
  • mavericky 2010/05/04 11:46:38
    Native Americans should speak English or go back to their own.... Oh, wait. That won't work.
  • Disko P... mavericky 2010/05/04 16:42:12
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/05/04 09:31:34
    Lady Whitewolf
    I agree. I would LOVE to learn Cherokee!
  • tova 2010/05/04 06:43:11
    no i hate english it is pain in the ass
  • Grandma Barb 2010/05/04 04:31:41
    Grandma Barb
    I agree. In fact I think every American should learn to speak another languane, even if they don't have a native language. It actually does something to the brain. It makes it more tollerant.
  • sasquatchette 2010/05/04 04:28:30
    /shrug. As long as they all have sufficient fluency in English. Learning multiple languages is good for the brain.
  • The Albertan 2010/05/04 04:13:05
    The Albertan
    lol i speak french.......native enough to Canada everyone speakes it :) i dislike english anyway it can die for all i care
  • Homunculus The Alb... 2010/05/04 05:07:14
    Everyone doesn't speak French in Canada.... irregardless of a few years of French in primary heyyy. Contrast this to the "fact" very few Quebecers do not speak at least rudimentary English.

    As for your dislike of English...its most likely to your inability to master the language. Many who struggle with the most advanced language on the planet (more descriptive words than any other language on earth) tend to dislike it due to their lack of linguistic skill, or mental capacity.

    And to English dying anytime soon heyyy its the most spoken language on the planet, thats a fact. Again let us compare this fact to French, and that but a few and I mean few dysfunctional backwards goat herding Arab states speak it. The 1/2 of Belgium that refuses to use deodorant speaks it. Other than the later and former there isnt much else in the world than Quebec and frog eating France that polly vous. Swiss hardly counts as the primary French speakers are going extinct. Much I imagine like your beloved language eventually;)
  • The Alb... Homunculus 2010/05/04 05:26:51
    The Albertan
    lol you are an idiot english is my FIRST LANGUAGE. and 48% of the population of Canada is bilingual, while 17% only speak french and 36% only english. and if you think most people in quebec don't know english then you are retarded infact out of the 6 million people that live there one million of them don't even know what bonjour means. and most are bilingual in quebec although yes quebec has the highest concentration of NON english speakers.
  • Homunculus The Alb... 2010/05/04 06:12:39
    For some one who is an English speaker your reading comprehension is terrible. What I said stands. Few Canadians can hold a conversation in French out side Quebec, most all Quebecers can speak at least rudimentary English. Fact. French is a dying language, fact. [...]
  • The Alb... Homunculus 2010/05/04 06:23:34
    The Albertan
    ok tell that to manitoba and new brunswick aswell as the very larg population of french peakers in ontario. have you ever been here? i doubt it. and do you know what bilingual means it means FLUENT in BOTH languages. if quebec is the only place where french is spoken then pm trudeau would have no reason at all to have made us a bilingual country, i'll repeat in french just to prove it ok dis ca a les peuples de Manitoba et Nouveau-Brunswick ainsi que la très grande population de locuteurs du français en Ontario. Avez-vous déjà été ici? J'en doute. et savez-vous ce que signifie bilingue, cela signifie maîtriser les deux langues. si le Québec est le seul endroit où le français est parlé le premier ministre Trudeau aurait aucune raison d'avoir fait de nous un pays bilingue
  • Homunculus The Alb... 2010/05/04 06:55:54
  • The Alb... Homunculus 2010/05/04 07:00:08
    The Albertan
    oh yea thats why 18 000 000 people have been tested by the government and claim to be bilingual. and where did you live in Canada
    Alberta? even alberta has many french people...well the north does. think about it moer people can speak french in canada then there are anglaphones according to statistics Canada
  • King Cnut Homunculus 2010/05/04 12:39:19 (edited)
  • The Alb... King Cnut 2010/05/04 23:45:35
    The Albertan
    hahahahahahahahahahaha thx mate :) i love english too its just that french is better coz french was first in my country lol. some people are idiots and have never been out of their state or province in my case or county in yourse and mine to i guesse lol but i don't really live in a "county" but whats called the capital region......yea thx again
  • Homunculus The Alb... 2010/05/05 06:26:24
    Jack ass 115 countries speak English as the primary language, 35 speak French. Quit playing with yourself, its inappropriate.
  • The Alb... Homunculus 2010/05/05 07:30:25
    The Albertan
    does that mean its more sophisticated, or does it mean simply that the britsh empire ruled 3/5ths of the globe, its not that nationes WANT to use english but have LEARNED to do so out of nessesity beacause they were being ruled by brits CANADA is a CLASSIC example, and same thing with french. and name the 115 countrys that use english as a primary language. and more people do speak mandarin. Chinese is acctually more more sophisticated, with millions of character combinations in their writing and thousands of years to develope VOCABULARY. and over half the population speak french in Canada its a fact, i live here i should know. and youre the jack ass you insulted me first :) have a nice day, everyone hates you hahahaha
  • Homunculus The Alb... 2010/05/05 07:45:28
    Examine the most developed and successful nations on earth against each other...is it language? Or is it race like our grandfathers thought?

    Its language. Language and culture (oops I slipped) present distinct problem solving solutions in contradiction to them selves.

    As for your ignorance...use google idiot. Or are you afraid of the truth? Im tired of bringing light to the darkness (your brain).

    I am a dual citizen fk tard. I have "most likely" as you seem "really puerile", more days in Canuck land then you but wisdom respects not age. I call Bullshit heyyy homo. Over half the population of Canada can ask for directions to the bathroom, thats not fluent. Jackass.

    Ah...everyone? :) I always wanted to be feared over loved, but Ill take hated anyday biiach!.
  • The Alb... Homunculus 2010/05/05 08:26:18
    The Albertan
    its not race or language stupid. and where did you spend your life in Canada?
  • Homunculus The Alb... 2010/05/05 10:42:19
    Poor poor havent a clue heyyy. 1/2 correct retard. Its NOT race. OH...it IS language/culture.

    And ...AK/YKT/NWT/BC and if you dont like it please...vote to secede next election. We will love you for it.
  • Pam King Cnut 2010/05/05 02:16:41
    One zillion raves to you!

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