Should I make the first move, or wait for him?

Venom Valentine 2012/04/11 23:01:20
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I know that this isn't your typical question asked on SH, but I really need some advice! I've been dating my boyfriend Alex for a while now, and we've done all the hugging and holding hands and cudding - which, don't get me wrong, is fantastic, - but I want to take it a step further, meaning kissing. I have no idea how to approach it, what to do, or how the heak he'll react. And I know that it's usually the guy who makes the first move in that kind of thing but I'm seeing him tomorrow and I do not want to back out again. I just need some advice on what to do, and possibly how to do it too. Because I have no idea. At all.
(By the way, Alex is fifteen and I am fourteen, whether that is relevant or not I have no idea).

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  • Megan 2012/04/11 23:27:17 (edited)
    I made the first move with my boyfriend....i just gave him that look and i knew he wanted to kiss too but he was very nervous :] i think if u honestly feel like its right and he wants it to...then you should go for it. maybe a kiss on the cheek real close to his mouth to see how he reacts
  • Venom V... Megan 2012/04/11 23:29:46
    Venom Valentine
    Thank you, that really helps :) I'll definitely keep that in mind for tomorrow.
  • Megan Venom V... 2012/04/11 23:32:07
    just dont miss ;)
  • Venom V... Megan 2012/04/11 23:33:48
    Venom Valentine
    -Shudders- God, that would be embarrassing. I'll be sure to aim carefully xD
  • Megan Venom V... 2012/04/11 23:36:10
    if ur a little worried of missing....then grab the back of his head or the sides of his face and pull him towards you. that way your more likely not going to miss, most guys like girls a little aggressive :]
  • Venom V... Megan 2012/04/11 23:38:01
    Venom Valentine
    Eek! I should probably mention that I'm shy, and not that great at taking chances ... Which is why this whole thing has got me so nervous in the first place!
  • Megan Venom V... 2012/04/11 23:43:27
    dont be nervous....im shy too but if i want something im gonna go for it :D let him be the nervous one :] how long have you guys been together?
  • Venom V... Megan 2012/04/11 23:44:20
    Venom Valentine
    Nearly four months ...
  • Megan Venom V... 2012/04/11 23:46:58
    ive been with my boyfriend 5 months today :] and i kissed him the day we met lol it was a light kiss on the lips and it wasnt the best kiss ever but we werent used to each other yet....we actually went to the same highschool but never knew each other :D so i knew he was a good kid :D ....after the kiss there are so much more things to be nervous about lol
  • Venom V... Megan 2012/04/11 23:50:59
    Venom Valentine
    Aww, congratulations :)
    Yeah, I figure that there are more things out there to be nervous about! Still, I don't have a lot of experience in this area. I mean, my first kiss was my ex-boyfriend Levi, and he did everything for me. Alex, the guy I'm dating now, is just as shy as I am, so that's why I kind of don't really know what to do!
    One of my friends (also named Alex, but she's female), said that her boyfriend Logan is really forward about that kind of thing, he jokes around and says "aw no kiss goodnight?" and things like that. I'm thinking about doing something along those lines.
  • Megan Venom V... 2012/04/11 23:54:09
    that always works too :] i mean its what you feel most comfortable doing....you just dont want to scare him off by doing it and then wanting more and more kisses....once it happens eventually ask him what he thought :]
  • Venom V... Megan 2012/04/11 23:58:38
    Venom Valentine
    Mhm, I definitely will :3
  • boatnectar 2012/04/11 23:10:09

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