Should Hillary Clinton Run for President in 2016?

ABC News U.S. 2012/12/05 12:07:55
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Carried by a new high in personal popularity and broad approval of her work as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton closes out her diplomatic career with majority support as a candidate for president in 2016.

Fifty-seven percent in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll say they’d back a run by Clinton to succeed Barack Obama, vs. 37 percent opposed. That includes a broad gender gap – 66 percent support for Clinton among women, dropping to 49 percent among men.

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  • DeeB 2012/12/05 20:54:32
    The people are so done with the same group of elites and the New World Order which they are all working for. She's just another psychopath and we'll be lucky to even see 2016.

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  • HOMBRE 2013/01/20 01:03:59
    Yeah Hillary's and she brain-dead. Can't remember anything when needed to testify. Well she's got the lying down anyways. Lies almost as good as Obama :-)
  • Jean HOMBRE 2013/02/01 15:22:14
  • HOMBRE Jean 2013/02/02 02:00:04
    talking to yourself?
  • Jean HOMBRE 2013/02/10 19:50:08
  • HOMBRE Jean 2013/02/10 20:23:02
    Still talking yourself so I guess you're a mentally challenged midget. LOL
  • Jean HOMBRE 2013/04/14 05:50:36
  • Abe Lestz HOMBRE 2013/10/28 12:30:49
    Abe Lestz
    you may be right but she can put your brain in a thimble
  • BYRON POTTER 2013/01/15 01:29:45
    Its bad enough that we have a BLACK MAN for President, we sure as hell dont need a woman for that job, running my country.
  • Jean BYRON ... 2013/02/10 19:51:24
  • greyjack Jean 2013/03/26 15:39:07
    Awful joke.
  • Jean Jean 2013/04/14 05:51:35
  • greyjack BYRON ... 2013/03/26 15:38:51
    Awful opinion.
  • Jean BYRON ... 2013/04/14 05:51:20
  • Jean BYRON ... 2013/05/10 05:23:28
  • Abe Lestz Jean 2013/10/28 12:36:28
    Abe Lestz
    Who is ours are you an Indian?
  • Jean Abe Lestz 2013/10/30 18:10:02
  • Abe Lestz BYRON ... 2013/10/28 12:34:36
    Abe Lestz
    You must be a brain dead republican
  • Isabel Perez 2013/01/01 17:08:12
    Isabel Perez
    voted for her in 2008 and I would vote for her again! Boy reading you haters comments still haven't gotten over the republican loss. The person using the AF symbol you should not being doing that. It looks like you speaking for the whole Air Force and your NOT! I servedI under four presidents and you do not speak for me. Besides if your truly AF you not suppose too voice an opinion on politics in uniform, on letterhead or anything which makes it look like your representing all !
  • WinterHawk 2012/12/31 19:20:25
    She's RUNNING FROM BENGAZHI right now.
  • Jean WinterHawk 2013/01/05 15:00:24
  • WinterHawk Jean 2013/01/06 22:34:54
    Stupid is rather a harsh word, you Dumb Bitch. Hillary is in hiding over BENGAZHI. She has been Shuckin' and Jivin' since the first day and will probably go into a COMA next to not have to testify
  • Jean WinterHawk 2013/01/10 13:14:06
  • WinterHawk Jean 2013/01/10 17:47:13
    Wow I musta really hurt your feelings. But I guess the truth hurts, eh?
  • Jean WinterHawk 2013/01/22 16:33:09
  • Jean WinterHawk 2013/04/14 05:53:37
  • Abe Lestz WinterHawk 2013/10/28 12:40:31
    Abe Lestz
    Are you an Arab thinking about BenGAZHI if so g back what she forgot your peabrain will never pickup
  • Jean WinterHawk 2013/02/01 15:22:52
  • Jean WinterHawk 2013/02/10 19:51:44
  • Jean WinterHawk 2013/04/14 05:52:19
  • Jean WinterHawk 2013/10/30 18:10:36
  • winifrbarnes 2012/12/22 23:38:17 (edited)
  • tjr11 2012/12/15 22:13:19
    Actually, I would have voted for her in 2008 (and also this year if obama had done the right thing and stepped down, a.k.a. pulling a Neville Chamberlain.).
  • EL PR! tjr11 2013/01/03 23:24:47
    EL PR!
    I guess you vote for Obama anyway?!!!
  • Stay'na... tjr11 2015/05/08 18:50:41
    Stay'nalive @ 65
    What is the difference between her and Obama? She is just Obama in womens clothing. Wish she would get out of those 1970's pant suits. With all of the money the Clintons have stolen from their foundation she can sure afford to dress better.
  • Alter♠Ego 2012/12/15 03:47:49
    I don't think she'd do worse than all the other presidents did. Why should she suffer from what her husband did?
  • Stay'na... Alter♠Ego 2015/05/08 18:56:08
    Stay'nalive @ 65
    Not from what her husband did, but for all of the money they have both stolen from their foundation.
    Remember when they left the White House all of the items they took then were made to give back.
    They are thiefs and always have been. Too bad she won't get in front of the cameras and answer questions from the press. When you run for President that is what you have to do. But again the Clintons are above the law. She is too old of a woman to be President. She is 7 mos. younger then me and that is too old. We need younger people in there now. Not old men or women. RETIRE HILLARY.....
  • richard.spayd 2012/12/14 18:05:43
    We need to flush the old guard out and get some one with brains and backbone. Too bad Colin Powell isn't and won't run.
  • EL PR! richard... 2013/01/03 23:26:04
    EL PR!
    Colin is the man, I hope he reconsider running!
  • Wolfie 2012/12/14 15:44:59
  • Wolfie Wolfie 2012/12/14 15:54:02
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