Should a student be allowed to wear a hoodie with the hood up inside a school?

Dark Knight 2012/01/08 19:35:41
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  • Rar 2012/02/01 12:55:37
    Maybe in US no but here in Australia yeah sure
  • princess 2012/01/10 09:36:48
    No way, it shouldn't be allowed.
  • Dark Kn... princess 2012/01/10 17:07:37
    Dark Knight
    Agreed - they are hiding something.
  • princess Dark Kn... 2012/01/11 04:07:27
    Exactly....there's no other reason for it.
  • Recruit 2012/01/09 00:41:59
    Only if he or she is hiding a bad acne face problem
  • Dark Kn... Recruit 2012/01/09 00:43:06
    Dark Knight
    Hehe - good one!
  • Doug King 2012/01/08 22:22:18
    Doug King
    No there's no need to in a school.
  • Dark Kn... Doug King 2012/01/08 23:55:59
    Dark Knight
    I agree - it would be only to hide something, I would think.
  • TruBluTopaz 2012/01/08 22:17:16
    No. It's like wearing a hat and often used to cover up headphones or act as a disguise.
  • Dark Kn... TruBluT... 2012/01/08 23:55:24
    Dark Knight
    It's certainly NOT because it's too cold in the school, I'd venture to say.
  • Dr. Sliptinschit 2012/01/08 22:13:50
    Dr. Sliptinschit
    No, not in inner city schools because it's to much of a gang thing.
  • Dark Kn... Dr. Sli... 2012/01/08 23:56:23
    Dark Knight
    Absolutely the right answer.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/01/08 20:48:02
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Need to follow what ever the school rules are - Personally, hood down
  • XXrawwwrXX 2012/01/08 20:46:02
    not with the hood up, but they should be allowed to wear hoodies.
    i say, it should be up to the teacher if they allow the hoods to be up in the class room. or if a student has to go outside, and its cold outside, they should be allowed to have the hood up.
  • thegalnextdoor 2012/01/08 20:41:38
    no hoodies PERIOD! too much room for trouble to brew... sadly the few ruin it for the rest.
  • betz 2012/01/08 20:30:21
    Good heaven's no. All students need to let their lovely faces be seen. It is not permitted in our local school district. No way.
  • Dark Kn... betz 2012/01/08 20:34:41
    Dark Knight
    How about in home school - lol?
    Brit wants to know - hehe.
  • betz Dark Kn... 2012/01/08 20:35:37
    Only the teacher can wear a hoodie. SHE gets to wear a tiara. Gotcha there!!!
  • Dark Kn... betz 2012/01/08 20:47:44
    Dark Knight
    Hehe - good one, teach.
    The only time that I wear a hoodie is when I plow Lin's personal driveway and sidewalks in the winter. Why doesn't she do them, I wonder? Oh, that's right - it conflicts with nail appointments and tanning bed schedules.
    The two "special" occupants of this shack are downtown, today, getting YET ANOTHER pair of pointe shoes from the Russian Pointe Store - wherever the Hell that is. They took the train because I refused to drive them. Let's see now: football with scotch and beer or drive to the Loop with two woman discussing dancing (?) - tough decision for me, but I chose the former.
    P. S. And, there was an added bonus - I got to watch Weird Science with Kelly LeBrock - whoooooooo hoooooooooo! kelly lebrock
  • betz Dark Kn... 2012/01/08 22:32:04
    After putting a little thought into your decision I will have to agree that you did in fact make the right one. BTW...they no more wanted you along on that ride than the man in the moon. Let the ladies talk ballet for crying out loud without you're complaints in the background. Not only that but without you there they can spend more of your money.
    OK call me stooopid but I don't know who the heck Kelly LeBrock is. She does seem to be in good shape though. The jerk.
  • Dark Kn... betz 2012/01/09 00:10:51
    Dark Knight
    ***the jerk - hehe - good one*** She doesn't look that good anymore, I'm betting. The movie was about 1984.
    She was married to Steven Segal for several years and has some kids with him, I think.
    Brit's home (happy as any spoiled 15 year-old brat should be with $80 pointe shoes). It's not that the $80 bothers me so much, it's that they only last about 4-6 weeks. Lin just left for PADS - she worries me.
    I would be happy if someone else reading this would write a note to commisserate* with me over the cost of raising a ballerina - lol.
    God, I thought that it was expensive to pay for all of her tattoos - but, this is crazy - hehe.

    * I had no idea how to spell this word.
  • betz Dark Kn... 2012/01/09 00:32:06
    $80.00 for a pair of shoes that are good for a month. Yeah that's a little steep. Bear with me. Even though I am pretty much a math whiz...I will be thinking out loud as I perform this function.........
    There are twelve months in a year so we will mulitpy 80 times 12 to get the cost of pointe shoes per year for the Poppy family....now hold on I'm thinking.
    0 times 2 is 0.
    0 times 1 is 0.
    2 times 8 is 16..put down the 6 and carry the 1.
    8 times 1 is 8 plus the 1 I carried makes 9.
    000 plus 960 = holy smoke...that's $960.00
    This little princess needs to take up bowling. You can rent those shoes.

    BTW...I am an
    math tutoring available
  • Dark Kn... betz 2012/01/09 00:42:11
    Dark Knight
    Thanks for the annual math - that normally would make me even more upset; but, there's a silver lining. Lin pays all dance fees (and all of our bills, too, fortunately). She saved a bit of the money that she made as a nurse (for the last few years that she worked) so that we would be able to be fairly okay upon retirement. I live off SS and we plan to give nothing to our kids. But, then again, they all have more money than us anyway, the selfish jerks - lol.

    I hate math - Lin's teaching Geometry to Brit, thank God. I did get an "A" in Statistics in college, though (and I didn't even have to sleep with the Christian Brother that taught the course). That was sick, huh? Bye - I'm off to the fridge (and that little cabinet with all of the liquid treats in it).
  • ♥K14 2012/01/08 20:14:07
  • Lobster Man 2012/01/08 20:08:52
    Lobster Man
    Nope !
  • beachbum 2012/01/08 19:57:12
  • Walt 2012/01/08 19:41:35
    Only if they happen to be a Jawa.

  • Shark 2012/01/08 19:38:39

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