Shocking Hidden Video: America’s Voting System is a Complete Farce

Teri- Oregon 2012/04/10 00:40:22
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James O’Keefe, who was single handedly responsible for freezing
millions of dollars of wasted government funds to the ACORN association
of community organizations due to fraudulent and criminal practices, now
demonstrates why it’s patently impossible for the United States to have
a legitimate election.

This time O’keefe’s shocking hidden video records poll workers on
Primary Day in Washington, DC offering US Attorney General Eric H.
Holder’s voting ballot to a complete stranger, while other voting
locations in the district offer to sign for ballots. Eric Holder has
said multiple times there exists no evidence of Voter Fraud…until now.

While the police state control grid tightens all around us,
tracking every email, phone call, retail purchase, and our day-to-day
movements, the one thing no one in government wants to track is who is
actually casting the votes for elected representatives, even though
these very people hold the future of 310 million Americans in their

As it stands now, and as evidenced by O’keefe’s latest video, the
voting system in the United States is a complete farce. Without
identification requirements, candidates looking to solidify their seats
need only determine who has yet to cast a vote (even if that person is
dead), and then provide a body with a heartbeat to assume that person’s

Furthermore, and perhaps even more alarming, is that in a previous video Project Veritas
shows that election law actually allows voters to be created out of
thin air as in the case of Timothy Tebow and Thomas Brady who were
registered to vote in the state of Wisconsin. Once registered, ANYONE
could then cast a vote as that registered voter.

Several states have attempted to implement voter ID laws, but have
been viciously attacked by Eric Holder’s Justice Department at every

This begs the question: What possible purpose, other than for the
ease of executing election and voter fraud, would Attorney General
Holder, federal legislators and election regulators have for not
immediately addressing the issue of identification requirements in

Read More: http://www.infowars.com/shocking-hidden-video-amer...

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  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/04/10 10:06:04
    no its not
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    When Bush won in 2000, the Democrats cried "Fraud!" and the Republicans dismissed them. When Obama won in 2008 (and gets re-elected in 2012), the Republicans switched roles and cried "Fraud!" Neither side in America can handle the simple fact that the other side won anymore.
  • Teri- O... Beat Ma... 2012/04/10 21:07:37
    Teri- Oregon
    except when there is proof not just speculation.

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