Shark saves man's life!

moomoof 2012/09/17 18:36:14

Fisherman adrift for 106 days in Pacific says shark led him to rescuers

By: Pete Thomas, GrindTV.com

A man who survived while adrift in the Pacific for 106 days is crediting a shark for helping to save his life.

Toakai Teitoi, 41, a policeman from the Central Pacific island nation of Kiribati,
had been traveling with his brother-in-law on what was supposed to be a
short voyage, beginning May 27, from the Kiribati capital of Tarawa to
his home island of Maiana.

the mariners decided to fish along the way, and fell asleep during the
night. When they awoke they were far at sea and adrift in their 15-foot
wooden vessel. They soon ran out of fuel, and were short on water.

"We had food, but the problem was we had nothing to drink," Teitoi told Agence France-Presse news service.

was severe. Falaile, the 52-year-old brother-in-law, died on July 4.
That night, Teitoi slept next to him, "like at a funeral," before an
emotional burial at sea the next morning.

Teitoi shared scant details of the ordeal after arriving in Majuro, in the Marshall Islands,
on Saturday. He said he prayed the night Falaile died, and the next day
a storm arrived and, over the next several days, he was able to fill
two five-gallon containers with fresh water.

Days and weeks
passed, however, and Teitoi, a father of six, did not know whether he'd
live or die. He subsided mostly on fish and protected himself against
the searing tropical sun by curling up in a small, covered portion of
the bow.

It was on the afternoon of Sept. 11 that he awoke to the
sound of scratching against his boat. A six-foot shark was circling the
boat and, Teitoi said, bumping against its hull.

"He was guiding
me to a fishing boat," Teitoi said. "I looked up and there was the
stern of a ship and I could see crew with binoculars looking at me."

first thing he asked for after he was plucked from the water was a
cigarette, or "a smoke." He was given food and juice and his rescuers
continued to fish for several days before delivering him to Majuro.

Teitoi, who seemed in good health, said he booked flights back to his home island, adding, "I'll never go by boat again."

record for drifting at sea is believed to be held by two fishermen,
also from Kiribati, who were at sea for 177 days before coming ashore in
Samoa in 1992.

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  • ☆RogueofDoom☆ 2012/09/19 02:28:00
    Wow, that really is something.
  • moomoof ☆Rogueo... 2012/09/19 04:05:00
    Yes it was sweet
    Thanks for answering
  • Transquesta 2012/09/17 18:43:09 (edited)
    OK, so he tossed his brother-in-law overboard thus feeding the shark that ultimately saved him. The shark was doubtless thanking him for the meal. :-\
  • moomoof Transqu... 2012/09/17 18:44:35
    His brother in law was death and having a dead body on board isn't safe to have
    it was days and days after that he was saved by the shark
  • Transqu... moomoof 2012/09/17 19:19:30
    I wasn't complaining about the man's decision, I was just noting that the shark owed him a solid. :-)
  • moomoof Transqu... 2012/09/17 19:21:31
    lol well i guess so
  • Transqu... moomoof 2012/09/17 19:38:20 (edited)
    Of course, I'm assuming the shark 'thinks' pretty much like I would in a situation like this, and yeah, if you threw me a nice, juicy hunk of steak, I'd bump your boat back to safety too.

    There's one other possibility here, but to accept it you'd have to believe in Divine intervention/miracles. :-)
  • moomoof Transqu... 2012/09/17 19:50:33
    Yea and sharks are not evil like the media portrays them out to be
  • Transqu... moomoof 2012/09/17 19:54:47
    Sharks are top-chain feeders same as us. They kill to eat; we kill to eat. If killing to eat is 'evil,' all top-chain feeders are evil.
  • moomoof Transqu... 2012/09/17 20:41:53
    We eat them more than they eat us really
  • Transqu... moomoof 2012/09/17 20:44:48
    So we're more 'evil.' :-\
  • moomoof Transqu... 2012/09/17 20:47:08
    lol i guess

    I can't stand the way we take their fins we cut their fins and drop them back in the ocean still alive....its so cruel
  • Red_Horse Transqu... 2012/09/20 03:33:22

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