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  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/25 02:45:06
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    I know there is a train that goes from the base of a mountain that takes people past a grogeous view. ( i just can't remember the name of it )
  • Ashley 2011/03/18 23:15:48
    for some reason the state of colorado reminds me of weed
  • emily 2011/03/18 21:52:16
    When it snows there they measure it in feet most of the time. I have heard that it is beautiful.
  • Tom 2011/03/18 20:21:43
    Beautiful state with great people. Hospitality is supreme. Majestic mountains, cold nights and cool days. Great hiking and back packing. Camper's paradise.
    If you have never been you must travel there.
  • 69. 2011/03/18 20:08:43
    Robert lives there.
  • FUS RO DAH! 2011/03/18 20:02:03
    south park
  • wicked soda boy 2011/03/18 18:58:24
    wicked soda boy
    I've heard you can get high there :D
    In many ways.
  • Invader... wicked ... 2011/03/18 21:14:08
    Highest elevation in the US :D
  • wicked ... Invader... 2011/03/18 21:25:30
    wicked soda boy
    Rocky Mountain high!
    I was joshing. I've been to CO 3 times. My sister and niece live in Boulder. I visited them a couple years ago and hiked a little - it was lovely!
  • Invader... wicked ... 2011/03/18 21:41:31
    I've been to CO ... A million times :D Cuz I live here ROFL ... Boulder is a nice place. It has it's seedy areas, but then again what town doesn't? I love that we still have a lot of undisturbed wilderness. Now if people would just stop burning it down... >:0 Angry face!
  • wicked ... Invader... 2011/03/18 21:46:46 (edited)
    wicked soda boy
    Yeah, those fires in Boulder last summer were nasty.
    I went to the HUGE art fair two summers ago. Block after block of art, music, fun shops, pubs. That was very cool.
    Back in the late 1990's, I went to the main drag downtown Denver for a computer user conference. That was great too - beautiful street, 16th street if I remember correctly?
  • Dirty Work 2011/03/18 18:04:26
    Dirty Work
    Denver, Boulder, Aspen, Cold.
  • demminger1 2011/03/18 16:11:25
    Mountain State mountain  MOUNTAINS
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2011/03/18 16:03:27
    Just MEH....Piwan
    Stae with the least amount of overweight people, I have heard.
  • xFallingxDownx 2011/03/18 15:31:49
    I don't know very much sorry
  • randy 2011/03/18 15:01:40 (edited)
    Grew up in KS. 11 miles from the border. Visited worlds highest suspension bridge (Royal Gorge), Bents old fort, Climbed Pikes Peak, went to Spanish peaks several times as a boy scout,

    Went fishing a a place called Two Buttes ( 2 small mountains in the middle of the great plains in SE CO), Cheyenne Mountain zoo, and used to go camping at Isabelle lake, and bought fresh produce and honey in La Junta. My favorite place to go visit as a kid.
  • Invader_Xion 2011/03/18 14:44:54
    Awwww JEA! Colorado is the SHIZZ! Born and raised CO native baby! Not a lot of us left. Those Californians keep fleeing their own state to come live here :D. That's coo!

    Stupidly unpredictable weather (literally changes in minutes sometimes), the Rocky Mountains, the best snowboarding slopes in the US, a decent economy, jobs are up in the tech sector, 3 or 4 major military bases ... So many things to list! IMO, best state in the Union.

    sector 3 4 major military bases list imo union Colorado state flag
  • SA 2011/03/18 14:35:32
    Crazy weather, beautiful mountains and home of the
    crazy weather beautiful mountains home broncos
  • ScarletBlood 2011/03/18 14:33:37
    umm..its a beautiful place with its mountains and woods, colorado springs is a nice place to stay..as well as Mona Vista..i have a friend that lives in colorado...

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